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Friday, July 28, 2017

Politico story explains why Trump's tweets kick butt

President Trump mastered the diversion. While some may say that his tweets distract from his positive news, I say the press will never ever praise him but only continue to try to bury him. His tweets and other tricks instead dictate what the press will blast him on.

Meanwhile, the erasure of the Obama administration continues unabated by any political discussion.

This is great.

Let us look at the five things he did this week that drove Politico reported mad:
1. Trump targets Obama’s fuel economy standards
On January 13, Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency attempted to lock in its 2022-2025 fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks, issuing a finding that wasn’t due for another 15 months. The goal was clear: block Trump from weakening the standards. But this week, the Trump administration made clear that those standards aren’t going to last.

An energy independent nation need not drive around in Smart cars. We'll have a V-8!

2. DOJ takes another swing at sanctuary cities
For Sessions, the week was dominated by Trump’s repeated attacks on his job performance and questions about whether the president was setting the gears in motion to fire him. But at the Department of Justice, he was busy implementing Trump’s immigration agenda, imposing new restrictions on so-called sanctuary cities—states and localities that refuse to help the feds enforce immigration laws.
I wrote about that earlier.
3. Obama’s overtime rule is in trouble
In May 2016, Vice President Joe Biden announced a huge expansion of the Department of Labor’s overtime rule, which requires employers to pay employees time-and-a-half their regular wages for more than 40 hours of work. The revised rule expanded the definition for who qualified for overtime pay and raised the salary threshold under which most workers are required to receive overtime, from $23,660 to $47,476. The effort represented a top second-term priority for Obama—a unilateral attempt to give American workers a raise.
Unilaterally give a raise?

How many journalists get paid overtime for all their after hours work?
4. Repealing Obama’s fracking rule
In March 2015, the Interior Department released a high-profile rule governing hydraulic fracturing on public lands. The process, known as “fracking,” involves pumping millions of gallons of water into the earth to release oil and gas; it has helped make the U.S. one of the world’s leading oil and gas producers, but environmentalists have criticized it for worsening climate change, polluting groundwater and causing earthquakes. The rule was intended to impose stronger safety measures on fracking on public lands, requiring producers to safely store waste fluids and disclose what chemicals they use.
Causing earthquakes?

Please, J-schools, start requiring basic science already.
5. Ending an Obama retirement program
In 2014, the Treasury Department created a new way for Americans to save for retirement, allowing people without access to a workplace retirement plan to open a starter account, known as a “myRA.” It was designed to encourage all Americans to save for retirement — without fees — and participants could contribute up to $5,500 a year from pre-tax earnings, a savings account or a federal tax refund.
America already has a retirement program.

It is called Social Security.

It runs out of money in 15 years.

Meanwhile, CNN reported: "Donald Trump's manic, fantastical and utterly disastrous week."

There are two realities in America. What is happening. What the media reports is happening.

Maybe that has always been the case,but President Trump sure has awoken me.

(I was going to say "woke" so I could seem hip,but decided I did not want to appear to be ignorant.)

Oh and yes, that is my ride. Pretty wet day today. Maybe I'll cruise this evening,

UPDATE: Mission accomplished. All is well in Poca and the greater Rock Branch-northwest Nitro area (Zones R and S).

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  1. Substituting "awoken" for "woke", that there's Hip Replacement Editing.

  2. The Donald, driving the "Drive-The-Enemedia-Crazy-mobile", goes out for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong drive in the sun, top-down, Melania by his side,
    with a humongus, ginormous smile on his face, his hair waving in the breeze.

  3. This column is why I've started coming to you for NEWS not commentary, Don. You've got your finger on the pulse!

    1. Thanks. :)
      Remember: This is not a news site.

  4. The firing of COS has completely diverted the media and the DC scum from the "victory" and bravery of John McCain. A weekend of hosannas for McCain and the Never-Trumps just got dumped by a few tweets.

    1. Yes, and Priebus has McCain to thank that he got the axe. When it became apparent that Trump's COS had no influence or failed to use it effectively to get Obamacare off the backs of America, he had to go. McCain simply proved the President is right. He's going to need to go OVER the R Congress to get anything done, and he can't have RP telegraphing his tactics to Ryan.

    2. McCain had to have promised Priebus his vote or McConnell would have pulled the bill. Nothing else makes sense.