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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Penalize Fake News? buried the real news in its report on a poll of the public's approval of the media and President Trump.

A third of the public are willing to have courts fine the news media for biased or inaccurate reporting; somewhat fewer would let the courts shut down media outlets. Republicans are more likely than the public overall to favor such options. More than half of Republicans are in favor of fining news outlets for biased or wrong reporting, and 45% approve of allowing them to be shut down. But there is a general sense that doing either of these things – especially shutting down a news media outlet – would be a violation of the First Amendment. Republicans are closely divided on the implications for the First Amendment. A plurality of Republicans say fines would not violate the First Amendment, while a plurality think closing a news outlet would.
That was the story's last paragraph.

If being a doctor is not an indemnity from medical malpractice, then why should the First Amendment protect news organizations from product liability suits?

It is not as if news organizations exist for the public good. They are there to make money for their owner.

Time-Warner has CNN bailing on the news just like MTV began bailing on music videos 20 years ago. Oh, MTV may show some music videos here and there, but not in prime time and never after noon on weekdays.

So it goes with the news on CNN. Nothing but a few minutes of crazy reports on President Trump followed endless panels condemning Trump.

Why not fine CNN a day's worth of revenue every time it libels?

That would get the message home that we expect the news to be reported accurately.

By the way, the poll found 37% find CNN trustworthy, and 36% say untrustworthy.

But the way we set up cable, everyone has to pay tribute to CNN each month regardless.

We need to end that.

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  1. Nah. The Founders thought that Free Speech was so important that it should even extend to the Professional Liars and partisan hacks in the Media, even those taking dictation from Putin at GPS Fusion.

    Just quit calling it "journalism". It's prostitution.

    1. Presstitutes, difference is they are screwing US.

      It is sort of a skewered version of porn. With prostitution, you pay and get screwed. With porn, you pay and some one else gets screwed. With presstitution, some one is paying them to screw you, but without your consent.
      Would that make it a form of rape?

  2. Opinion makes money, not news. CNN and everyone else figured this out 20 years ago. However they were careful not to toss the trappings of news organizations to maintain their federal protection from liable as they willfully became propaganda outlets. In a way this was not hard to do because most of the ownership of these outlets was always liberal and Democrat, being almost all New York City based. Turner was an exception but his choice of a spouse gave away his real feeling.
    Friday night we traveled back to the 50s by watching OAN for 20 minutes after watching Fox for 5 minutes. On Fox Preibus and his resignation was the topic. On OAN a finely dressed woman revealed the worlds events in a kind of mostly unbiased monologue but sort of Trump friendly too. The fight for Raqqua, the riots in Venezuela, Korean rockets falling within site of Japanese coastal dwellers, testimony about Fusion, etc. Back to Fox, still on Preibus. Fox is making billions OAN not much. It was nice to be back in the 50s for awhile though.

  3. 37-36 on trust? The poll must have been taken on Martha's Vineyard. Good grief...

    1. I would love to see what poll results were for liberals. It might be necessary to skewer the questions, ask if Faux news should be fined for fake news, ask if faux news should be taken off the air for fake news etc. I'd bet we would see the over all numbers reach close to 60%.

  4. In The Old Regime and the Revolution Tocqueville talks about how the press is always at its most shrill moments before it is silenced. In his case he was thinking about how despite official censorship the press in France was actually quite free as those put in charge of the censorship tended to be liberal (Malesherbes, for instance) and how all one needed to do was claim to be published in Switzerland to get them to look the other way oftentimes. Consider the pamphlets claiming the queen to be a whore, etc. Then things got even more free after the initial stages of the revolution. When did the papers and opposition clubs actually get shut down? In the Jacobin dictatorship. Then more liberal after Thermidor; then shut down again under Napoleon.
    What I see shutting them down in the near future is not a new dictatorship, but a preference cascade pushed along by cable cutting and people on the right closing their minds and eyes to everything the left and their propaganda organs do.

    Most of us wouldn't even know what those Bozos were up to if we didn't hear it from you, or checking headlines on Drudge, because we don't even want to push their numbers up one iota by giving them a click.

  5. "Why not fine CNN a day's worth of revenue every time it libels?"

    Because you can't be sure that whoever decides what is fake to do it correctly. They might let CNN off and fine you for your blog.

  6. The best way to go after them is their advertising. Lots of conservatives pulled the plug on Kelloggs. Even with all that, this past election season was a bumper crop for the enimedia, All the campaign dollars flowed from conservative pockets to conservative causes to liberal "news" outlets to liberal pockets.
    When you support your chosen candidate, do it in your neighborhood or close by applying shoe leather. $100 in shoes would cover a big neighborhood, and do wonders for the physique. You might even save on your club membership.

  7. A day's worth of revenue? Ain't there no salt that needs mining?