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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Obamacare is dead despite the media reports

No their hair is not on fire. They just run around like it is. This running around is a crazy Washington dance ritual. Something like the Chicken Dance, only not as refined. Call it the Chicken Little Dance.

The media is celebrating the end of ending Obamacare because there was no vote to repeal by the 51 surviving Republican senators (John McCain just had brain surgery.

Eight years ago, they said Obamacare was dead.

Charles Krauthammer, the dean of Washington surly conservative commentators, said it was so on July 31, 2009. Thus it was so, correct?

From Krauthammer:
Reforming the health-care system is dead. Cause of death? Blunt trauma administered not by Republicans, not even by Blue Dog Democrats, but by the green eyeshades at the Congressional Budget Office.
Three blows:
-- On June 16, the CBO determined that the Senate Finance Committee bill would cost $1.6 trillion over 10 years, delivering a sticker shock that was near fatal.
-- Five weeks later, the CBO gave its verdict on the Independent Medicare Advisory Council, Dr. Obama's latest miracle cure, conjured up at the last minute to save Obamacare from fiscal ruin, and consisting of a committee of medical experts highly empowered to make Medicare cuts.
The CBO said that IMAC would do nothing, trimming costs by perhaps 0.2 percent. A 0.2 percent cut is not a solution; it's a punch line.
-- The final blow came last Sunday when the CBO euthanized the Obama "out years" myth. The administration's argument had been: Sure, Obamacare will initially increase costs and deficits. But it pays for itself in the long run because it bends the curve downward in coming decades.
And nine months later, Obamacare was the law of the land.

That came even after Massachusetts was so angry at Democrats that it elected a Republican senator just to show them. He was gone three years later.

The game is longer than the one these commentators are saying it is. They have short attention spans and shorter memories.

Yesterday, Krauthammer went on Fox News to call the repeal effort an "epic fail," and blamed Donald Trump because blaming 51 Republican senators for reneging on their campaign promises would have been honest.

It's over?

As future Senator John Blutarsky said in college, "Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!"

I used to watch these commentators on TV get everything wrong and ask myself, "How do they keep their jobs?"

Now I realize that is their job: to get everything wrong all the time. It's an uncanny power they possess.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Whatever happened to "Trump is Hitler?" Old Adolf wouldn't put up with this crap. He'd have the Senators that voted "no" rounded up and shot.

    1. No he just invites them over for dinner and subtly threatens their political career.

  2. We in Kansas need to primary Jerry Moron back to Great Bend Over.
    We got rid of Fool'scamp, we can send this turd down the river as well.

  3. And let me remind Senator Smelly Whore Capitulate (sort of R, WV) that she won by 28 in '14 and Mr. T won by 42 in '16. In other words, Smelly, a lot more people like him than you. Think about it and vote accordingly next time, Smelly.

  4. Isn't there a Home Depot in Washington D.C.?

    They've got lampposts, I've seen them; some rope, and some simple assembly, is all that's needed to straighten out our lying Congressional neer-do-wells.

    Why, I'd bet many backbones would miraculously straighten out, as soon as the toads saw a noose!

    There is another remedy, but the EPA doesn't like tar, feathers are so messy, and rails are generally plastic these days; still, we have ingenuity!

  5. I don't care what happens to Obama Care.Trump himself said he should have done taxes first. He was right and still is. The senators who voted against health reform were elected by people who want free stuff and perhaps need it. No politican is duty bound to become unemployed for abstract principles. Here in NY freestuff has become a way of life. This will never be changed except perhaps by Kim Jong un and the fresh start he has promised us all.
    But increasing economic action with tax reform especially lowering them will do more to help the inhabitants of the freestuff states than any actual free stuff. The Democrats fear there is palpable.
    As for Krauthammer we no longer pay attention here in OReillyville. We were watching mostly to hear our enemies euthanized by its Death Panels, but without Ailes and the rise of DT this no longer happens so why bother. Fox had a good thing going but no more. As Don predicted, the Murdoch boys are partying away their father's patrimony.
    Kraut is a very intelligent guy but I can tell he hates DT and wants him to fail. DT is uncouth, not a nuanced DC philosopher, doesn't listen to Charles, shows no respect to him or perhaps worse his boss the dark lord of Wapo. He wants DT to be gulaged away.
    But Who can listen now to such lamenting from within? Not me, no more.

  6. Health care is not Federal business. Neither is health insurance.

  7. Trump seems to get what he wants, so I'll keep mu money on him.