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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

No path to 270

The press was on President Trump's case for dumping on Jeff Sessions, speaking to the Boy Scouts, and banning the gender confused from the military. What was the clutch the pearls drama last week?

Oh yeah, his son and his son-in-law met a ROOSHAN in Trump Tower. Wow.

I want you to do yourself a favor. Bookmark this post, because the press will continue to report stupid stuff. It will depress you from time to time. The Republican senators will dump on him. Reports will say there is turmoil in the and White House. And polls will show only 20% job approval.

This post should get you through those times when the Bad Guys get you down.

From the Washington Post on October 25, 2016:
There is no possible way Donald Trump’s team actually believes this is their path to 270
By Philip Bump
It was an inauspicious launch to what’s semi-affectionately become known as Trump TV: The campaign’s nightly broadcast of what’s going on in Trumpland without the “spin” of the lamestream media. Nothing but pure, unfiltered truth from Team Trump, delivered live on Facebook from the bright beige inner sanctum of the campaign’s Trump Tower headquarters. The opening seconds of the broadcast included a boom mic dipping into the shot and a bit of confusion about when, exactly, the hosts were live (about 15 seconds before they realized it). Then the inaugural guest was introduced — Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway — and the real-keeping got underway.
We can jump ahead to the last thing Conway said during her brief segment (before the broadcast went to a sort of commercial, for some reason).
“We will win,” Conway said, looking into the camera with a smile. “Let me just say unequivocally: We will win.”
Ah yes, Trump TV. That was supposed to be the ulterior motive for Trump's ill-fated, doomed, clownish, can't win campaign for the presidency.

Bump mocked Conway's map to a 30-state win for Trump:
I mean, look. Clinton has a 6.2-point lead in Pennsylvania. She’s up 6.5 points in Wisconsin. She’s up 10 in Michigan.
Expert, texpert, choking smokers, don't you think the joker laughs at you?

Still sad?

From New York Magazine on November 1:
No Matter How You Cut It, Trump Is 3 Electoral Votes Short of a Path to Victory
By Ed Kilgore
The most plausible scenario for a Trump win would be to begin with the 206 electoral votes won by Mitt Romney in 2012 and then add four states carried twice by Barack Obama, where Trump’s been leading or behind by less than four points: Iowa (6 electoral votes), Nevada (6 EVs), Ohio (19 EVs), and Florida (29 EVs). That adds up to 266 electoral votes, leaving him just four short. Add in the one electoral vote from the Republican-leaning second congressional district of Maine (Maine and Nebraska award separate EVs for each congressional-district winner), and he’s still three short. That means he needs a breakthrough somewhere else, where the polls have not been so friendly. And that’s assuming he wins North Carolina, where he’s been trailing for most of the cycle, and doesn’t suffer an upset in one of the other Romney states where he’s in some trouble, notably Arizona and Georgia, where Clinton has come close in recent polling; or Utah, where independent conservative candidate Evan McMullin is giving him a run for his money.
Ah, Evan McMuffin. Where is he now? Asking if you want fries with that?

Still sad?

From the New Yorker on October 13, 2016:
The Election May Be Over, but Trump’s Blowup Is Just Starting
By John Cassidy
Is the Presidential election done? On Thursday morning, Donald Trump, facing new sexual-assault accusations, cancelled an interview with one of his most stalwart supporters, Sean Hannity, of Fox News. Other news networks reported that they were having a hard time finding guests willing to defend Trump on air. Some commentators went as far as suggesting that Trump might skip the third Presidential debate, which is scheduled for Wednesday, or maybe even drop out of the race entirely.
On Thursday afternoon, Trump indicated he would fight on. “I take all of these slings and arrows for you,” he said at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida. “I take them for our movement, so that we can have our country back.” Trump dismissed the new allegations against him, declaring, “These claims are all fabricated. They are pure fiction.” He criticized the appearance of one of his female accusers, a reporter for People magazine, telling the crowd, “Look at her. Look at her words. You tell me what you think. I don’t think so.” And he also claimed he was the victim of an organized plot, saying, “This is a conspiracy against you, the American people, and we cannot let this happen.”
With three and a half weeks left until Election Day, Trump’s campaign has blown up in a manner never witnessed before. As a competitive contest, the election almost certainly ended last Friday afternoon, when the Washington Post published its blockbuster article about Trump’s 2005 hot-mic conversation with “Access Hollywood” ’s Billy Bush. Even before the Post story came out, the polls had already turned against the Republican candidate, and he looked to be in serious trouble. After the “Access Hollywood” video, in which Trump could be heard boasting about kissing women unbidden and groping their genitals, was put in front of voters, Trump’s condition deteriorated from serious to critical. Now it is terminal.
Ah yes, the Billy Bush tape. Cost him his job. Billy Bush that is, not Donald Trump.

Still sad?

OK, try one last story from MSNBC:
Donald Trump picks a fight over Medicaid he cannot win |
By Steve Benen
At a White House event yesterday, a reporter asked President Donald Trump to comment on the Medicaid cuts in the Republican health care bill. “It’s going to [be] great,” the president replied. “This will be great for everybody.”
As a rule, “everybody” is a word Trump should probably avoid. He did, after all, promise Americans, “We’re going to have insurance for everybody” – which is a commitment he abandoned soon after taking office.
Nevertheless, Trump’s clumsy comments yesterday about the underlying issue is part of a broader area of concern for Republicans. Their plan intends to gut Medicaid – a popular program that covers more Americans than any other program – by hundreds of billions of dollars. The GOP response so far has been to insist that Medicaid cuts aren’t actually Medicaid cuts. As USA Today noted, Trump joined the chorus last night.
That's right, it is President Donald Trump, and the same mass media that told us in no uncertain terms that there was no path to 270 last year are saying he cannot win as president. That story ran on June 29.

Oh, he is going to win some battles, and he is going to lose a few because that is how a presidency goes. At this point eight years ago, Barack Obama held a beer summit with a cop and a professor to try to salvage a PR catastrophe at his last press conference.

Which battles are won and which lost, I cannot say, but I do know the gloom-and-doom press will always be wrong about the guy because they always have been wrong and they show no capacity to learn from their mistakes.

There will be good days. There will be bad days. Throughout all this, remember four words: No path to 270.

And six more: Never bet against President Donald Trump.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Ah, the enemedia! The foolish, FOOLISH enemedia!
    The Oh-So-WRONG enemedia! Shootin' the Hell outa their feet. Sam SMILES.

  2. To paraphrase a common saying in the 70's:

    Weed will get you thru times of fake news better than fake news will get you thru times of no weed.

  3. Did you see Scott Adams' latest blog where he says he believes President Trump is about to win bigly across the board? Interesting. - Elric

  4. I had one vote and I hired the best I could get with that one vote...for once in my life I'm not disappointed. The media and those that be in D.C. don't get how precious that vote is to me. They just cannot understand any thing outside their bubble of imagined power.

  5. Depending upon how you skew your sample of "voters", etc, you can make polls that show anything. The polsters are back to what they did before the election, over-sampling Liberals/Democrats. That's why there' so phuked up again. Trump can't win, except he has every single time.

  6. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, "It's thrilling to be vindicated in one's lifetime".

    1. I couldn't find that quote attributed to Charlie Brown, or to anyone.
      You can claim that one as your own, I think!
      Well done!