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Friday, July 28, 2017

McCain embodies what is wrong with DC

Two weeks ago, John McCain underwent minor eye surgery. Remember? That is what the media said it was.

Then it was brain surgery to remove a tumor.

Then it was McCain rising from his death bed to fly to Washington to salvage the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Then he cast the vote to kill the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Dare I suggest that we are being fed a line of bull about John McCain? Again.

The initial report seems the most likely scenario for his health issues:
PHOENIX — U.S. Sen. John McCain on Friday underwent a "minimally invasive" medical procedure at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix to remove a blood clot from above his left eye, the 80-year-old Arizona Republican's office announced Saturday afternoon.
Mayo Clinic surgeons took out the 5-centimeter blood clot during "a minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision," according to a Mayo Clinic Hospital statement released by McCain's office. The surgery followed a routine yearly physical. Tissue pathology reports are pending, it said.
A craniotomy involves a surgical opening into the skull.
But now they are saying it was a tumor.

While I wish him good health, I wonder why Arizona just gave an 80-year-old man a six-year term. In my life, Strom Thurmond, Bob Byrd, and Ted Kennedy won re-election long past their best-used dates.

Bob Dole had the decency to leave at 73. He's 94 and may God continue to bless him.

He had left Kansas in 1961 for the House. I would think that by the time he left office 36 years later, Dole no longer was in touch with Kansans. Indeed, he stayed in Washington and his wife was elected to the Senate to serve North Carolina.

I left Ohio 36 years ago. Is anyone fool enough to think I should represent the Buckeye State in the Senate? After all, I have kept up with the sports teams.

Dole and McCain are good people,but to say they represent the people back home is a bit of a stretch. The people re-elect them out of habit. The money brokers in DC back them and make them nearly invulnerable at the polls.

We call this a representative democracy.

Obamacare is symbolic of the gulf between those in Washington, and the Forgotten America outside its walls of freeway (the Beltway).

They say we need it.

We don't.

We see it as a way of giving control of our health to the John McCains in Washington -- who become animatronic senators of their staffs and their donors.

Megan McArdle outlined what the future holds under Obamacare:
Everyone who has been touched by the case of Charlie Gard is in a terrible position. This 11-month-old British boy, born with an extremely rare mitochondrial DNA disorder that has damaged his brain and left him unable to move his limbs, has been in a hospital for months. Now it appears he will never go home again, not even to die. His parents lost their fight in the British courts to bring him to the U.S. for an experimental treatment, and now they have been denied their request to let his family have his last hours at home.
It is all too common, and sad, to see desperate patients submitted to agonizing and useless treatments just to grasp some tiny, unlikely hope at life. And yet for adult patients, that is their right -- to choose the benefit of tiny hope, even knowing the high cost. For children, it is the right of parents to make that choice, not because the parents will always make the best decision, but because no one else cares so passionately for the welfare of a child. Even if you think that Charlie’s parents would be making a terrible mistake by taking him for experimental treatment, you should be troubled by the implications of government abrogating their right to make that mistake.


The only people who should be troubled are those who did this to Charlie Gard.

While Congress voted to give Charlie Gard a meaningless U.S. residency, they just voted to keep a system that will segue into the National Health Service, which is the British government's way of deciding who lives and who dies.

To recap, the taxpayers just moved heaven on Earth to fund minor eye surgery/brain surgery/cranial transplant for John McCain, then spared no expense to fly him back to Washington so that Obamacare can live until it devolves into the National Health Service.

It is easy to blame voters in Arizona for this mess, but 50 other senators enabled him to do this, didn't they?

It's not just McCain and every Democratic senator and a few RINOs.

Age limits and term limits might help, but there is an ample supply of replacements out there who are even worse. Barbara Boxerbot gave way to Kamala Harrisbot.

Vote them out?

We did that with Donald Trump.

He isn't our last chance. He is theirs. They either shape up under President Trump, or they may really see trouble next time.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Oh I'm all on board for holding the creep John McCain accountable for his role in this debacle, but as you wrote recently there wasn't much hope they'd fix O'care. He may be the one out in front taking the flak for it (well deserved, no doubt) but he is not alone in his confederacy.

    The Leadership (32 years of experience) McConnell put forward a bill for a vote that had very little support, and orchestrated a failure in the middle of the night so they wouldn't miss any vacay time after the President exposed them for not even trying.

    This was fish rotting from the head and John McCain will leave his legacy of revolting behavior intact. A win/win for the do-nothing party.

    Sorry to say it Don, and you are prolly sorry to hear it, but you were right.

  2. As I understood it the surgery to remove the blood clot revealed the brain tumor, which is very aggressive and inoperable. There are some treatments available but basically it's just a matter of time. The blood clot could have been causing some of McCain's strange behavior of late. Similarly, the brain tumor could be affecting his reasoning and judgement.

    That being said, the bills put forward in the Senate have all been stinkers, whether they were heading for a conference committee or not. They campaigned and were elected on the repeal of Obamacare, period. The U.S. Constitution does not delegate the power to the federal government to regulate or provide health care or healthcare insurance. It only gives them the power to regulate commerce between states. All fifty states have insurance commissions and are fully capable of taking up the slack. If a state has a good system let the other states emulate it. Congress has only made things worse by usurping powers they were not delegated. Get the federal government out of the healthcare insurance and healthcare industries.

    - Elric

    1. No, McCain's been a bitter, spiteful, old man ever since Bush beat him in the 2000 primaries, then won the presidency. His own defeat in 2008 only made it worse.

      That the base would then elect someone like Trump after rejecting him has sent him over the edge.

  3. I'm not worried at all -- Trump is going to eventually get what he wants on this. Dems & NeverTrumps can crow but just like when he won the nomination and the GE, Trump will do what he says.

  4. Senators like McCain and Murkowski are only "Republicans" because that's what their states usually elect. Had they come from blue states, they would be solidly Democrat.

    1. I think McCain is a Republican because a large majority of pro-military/pro-defense are (but not sure). Murkowski, the incumbent, lost the GOP primary (I believe to someone Palin pushed). And, because the Democrats despise Palin so much, they encouraged Murkowski to run as a write-in candidate and then abandoned their own candidate to vote for her in hope of embarrassing Palin. With her own support in her own party and the Democrats voting for her, she won. You can find this online (in case I got some details wrong in the telling).

      Why did Murkowski and McCain vote against any Obamacare repeal? Murkowski caucuses with the GOP and is moderate, but do not think she usually votes with the Dems -- so I have no clue about her. I kind of suspect McCain just hates Trump so much that he'll do anything to embarrass him.

    2. The GOP and the Alaskan Rep. Party also fought against Miller and for Murkowski. Collusion between the Murkowski campaign, media, ARP and democrats in the state. I left the republican party almost 30 years ago because it was so corrupt here in AK, but now it is even worse.
      Reuben J

    3. "I left the republican party almost 30 years ago..."--Anonymous (Reuben J)

      How's the Libertarian Party workin' out for ya? Or do you swing to the Green Party persuasion?

  5. It was McCain's "Turn" to be President when he ran - and HE blew it.

    So now, in a fit of personal pique, he's leaving his "Legacy":

    "Don't elect me? ---- SUFFER!"

  6. It was McCain's "Turn" to be President when he ran - and HE blew it.

    So now, in a fit of personal pique, he's leaving his "Legacy":

    "Don't elect me? ---- SUFFER!"

    1. I think he was saying something to Trump, and maybe McConnell, by his vote, namely FU.
      McCain served, and suffered greatly, for his country in Vietnam. His political career was mostly a failure from my point of view. Perhaps he had good intentions but he always seemed angry, arbitrary, without focus, banging a drum without rhythm or a following. He seemed to love attention, especially from the press, and never shied away from reminding people of his service and his wounds.
      Trump made a political mistake by insulting him given his party's thin margin in the Senate but McCain's contempt for him was deep, primary, and of long standing.
      Perhaps M did DT an inadvertent favor by sinking a bad bill. The game isn't over yet.
      It is the Titans of business who want someone other than them to pay for health Care, no matter the consequence to availability or quality. Their own and that of their families will always be the best available, paid by personal check.

    2. I've always said that the two most dangerous places on Earth to be are between John McCain or Chuck Schumer and a TV camera. There aren't two bigger attention-whores on this planet.

  7. Licensing. This creates the monopoly which is then manipulated for profit by those involved and enables the oligarchical insurance industry, which then writes the laws passed by the cowards.
    It needs to be abolished.
    Wait, you say. I would never go to or take advice from a doctor without a license. You do it every day. You take medical advice from friends and look your ailments up on the interwebs and self treat all the time. You find out you need an operation. Do you find out who is the best at it in the world and go there? No. You compromise and go to the best you know with a degree of convenience and who your fiends or family doc says is good. Does he know? Has he been in the OR with the surgeon? Has he managed the surgeon's post op complications? Hell, I've worked with doctors and surgeons all my life. I can tell you who I think is smart, but I can't tell you who has the best results, only who has the worst.
    The point is: if you decide that a piece of paper from a government bureaucracy is not the be all and end all of medicine-- Which you do every day in your private life and lie to yourself that you don't-- These doctors and nurses and med schools will not disappear overnight. They will still exist. Only that existence will be one where their numbers and reimbursements won't be manipulable by guilds and conspiracies of businessmen.
    Oh, that will create a race to the bottom, you say. What do you call having to go to a nurse practitioner before you can be seen by a physician? Yes, the NP will still exist in a system without licenses, but you can pay her without having to pay the doctor, too, which is what you do in most states.
    During the time of the National Assembly after the French Revolution they passed what was called LeChappellier's Law, which abolished guilds and associations. The guilds were known to be strangling commerce in France. We have a giant guild in America right now that is strangling our economy and causing artificial scarcity. It is called the AMA.

    1. Wrong

      A supermajority of physicians do not belong to the AMA

      Thanks to the accountable care act and a patchwork of anti-competitive state laws such as certificate of need requirements physicians little role in actual healthcare delivery

      Their salaries are going down, their work requirements are going up and they are killing themselves in unprecedented numbers

      Big medicine, for profit or masquerading as "churches" are sucking the bottomless resources put toward healthcare in our nation

      Just look at the parking lots at hospitals and clinics at 8 pm-- the Mercedes driven by the sociopathic executives and administrators are long gone, the fords driven by the FPs are still their-- they're still completing their medical records

      Single payer like Medicare for all will simplify my pour more fuel on this dumpster fire--to the detriment of us all.

  8. "Dole and McCain are good people"

    If McCain were good people he would effing resign.

    1. If you were "good people" you would keep control of your tongue, no "effing" anything would pop out of your mouth or your hands on a keyboard.

      Maybe you got what you earned, ever considered that?

    2. I must have missed the memo about Micha being appointed Ombudsman of Big D's site. So, Mr. Elyi, listen up: We effing say whatever we want to effing say here. You copy?

  9. Replies
    1. Likely you never bought in.
      Ever walked a precinct for your GOP candidate?

      Think about that. Now think about this, maybe you got what you earned.

    2. Sheesh. Lemme fix you some coffee and hopefully sober you up. Here's the deal: We Trumpkins want POWER MOVED AWAY FROM WASHINGTON. And we expect - not request, EXPECT - GOP elected es to vote that way. You got a problem with that? If so, lace up the gloves. If not, then what's this shit about "got what you deserved"? I worked on a Sauerbrey campaign in the People's Republic of MD. I've given money to Saira Blair, Mooney, and Capito. THEY WORK FOR US if they win. They should DO WHAT WE WANT DONE. Is this making sense to you yet? You need a second cup?

  10. Linked at Instapundit at 10:22PM

  11. "...really see trouble next time...". What exactly do you mean? Voting out gope pols? Splitting conservatives and handing the country to the Dems? A 2008 abandonment of the GOP.
    Or is this the tired phoney threat of violence I hear at the barbershop?

    1. History. I go by history.
      I believe none of the doomsday (overpopulation, global cooling, nuclear winter, global warming) and all of the optimism (Green Revolution, heart surgery, fracking).
      But I also know elitism is the death of all civilizations.
      America will fight that.

  12. I hope perfidious Republicans won't be looking for too many votes from Trumpsters. The GOPe stuck us with McCain here in Arizona. Flake will not get my vote.

    I will never vote for a Dem, but the GOPe is just as bad.

    1. "The GOPe" (whoever she is) never "stuck" you "with McCain... in Arizona." You didn't do your duty as a free citizen of a republic to put forward a superior candidate then go all-in to work to elect your candidate. Simple as that.

      In all the years McCain has been in political office, how many people have you seriously tried to persuade to drop McCain for your better candidate? How many times have you succeeded?

      Ever wondered if the problem isn't really Sen. McCain but the voters of Arizona?

  13. You suck, Surber.

  14. Surber: as bad a doctor as he is a writer.