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Sunday, July 16, 2017

In reply to Thomas W. Schaller

Thomas W. Schaller left a comment on Friday that deserves a response because he is an intelligent man who raises a frequent criticism of the president.

From Thomas W. Schaller:
No one needs the MSM to be deeply concerned as an American by the actual words and actions of this president and his out of touch, unqualified, and entitled family. 
Other than trying to enrich themselves, they seem to have no idea what they are doing. I don't have to rely on the media to tell me what I hear and see for myself. I listen to his words -- not those of the media -- to form my opinions.
And I see no evidence that he is even capable of the leadership or the help that the people of this beautiful country need and deserve. He takes no personal responsibility for his own words, actions. And no -- pointing fingers of blame at others is not leadership.
Endlessly lying and blaming others for his own lack of awareness, competency, and effectiveness is childish and unprofessional at best. And it gets older and more shameful by the minute. We all deserve better. 
We all need to wake up and face reality. And he needs to grow up, and get to work.
I agree that one can criticize without being in the mainstream media. Indeed, there is more validity to complaints from outside because the continual stream of Fake News about the president tells me they have no case.

Judging a president by his actions as well as his words, as Mister Schaller said, is commendable. That sadly is unusual among his critics. Words do matter. Actions matter more.

Mister Schaller said the president has an "out of touch, unqualified, and entitled family." I will grant him the first -- being out of touch -- as a pre-existing condition of being raised rich, but I challenge the later notions.

Two of the four adult children graduated from Penn, the other two from Georgetown. The eldest three apprenticed under their father in his development and branding business. Their qualifications are impeccable.

As for entitled, Eric said he and his brother are the only sons of a billionaire who can operate a D-10 Caterpillar. Ivanka spent her teen summers working at the office in Coney Island. They seem humble and hard-working, but I am a fan.

I also remember the Kennedy family running thee White House under JFK. Bush 41 did not engage in making the White House a family operation. But Trump's efforts do have a precedent.

As for enriching themselves, Trump will easily forfeit a billion dollars in income by foregoing business ventures. Economists call that opportunity cost.

His children do not seem to be using their father's office for personal gain. The Trump International in D.C. was a long-time hope of Washington to convert the Old Post Office into a luxury hotel. The demand for such accommodations has nothing to do with his presidency. D.C. is now a rich and powerful city thanks to an expansion of federal government that accelerated under Bush 43 and Obama. With wealth comes resorts.

The final three paragraphs in his comment do not deliver on Mister Schaller's promise to judge Trump's actions. I get that he does not like Trump's words.

We can do a whole he-started-it thing going back to how the media manhandled him when he announced his intention to run. The clown face cover of the New York Daily News is a classic example of how low our media goes.

Should a president go as low? Maybe not. From Lincoln to Bush 43, Republican presidents avoided being crude.

But he also is turning around the ship.

Trump's actions include signing 14 Congressional Review Act resolutions that overturned last-minute bureaucratic overreach under Obama. Trump's 37 executive orders have pushed his promises. We have a new more muscular foreign policy.

Looks like the Islamic State is now really a JV squad. For all his bluster, Trump gets things done.

His legislative agenda is stuck in neutral. But blame Congress. We have a balance of powers. Congress passes laws and budgets, not presidents.

Trump has put in 12-hour days since he was 16 and 55 years later he continues to do so. We have not had as hard working a president since James Polk. Trump golfs? Let's dock his pay then.

Do I wish he spoke nicer and turned the other cheek? Of course. But I also like that he fights back.

Trump is doing his job. You may not like what he does, but I do. Is it worth the noise? We would have the noise anyway. It is entertaining to watch Trump fight back.

As for evidence of leadership, look at the men who follow him: General Mattis, Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson... They do not march in lock-step. Not a single one of these three men needed the job. Yet there they are,and they are doing a fine job.

But I am partisan.

I trust Mister Schaller shall honor us with a response. I like to read intelligent discourse about Trump.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. You nailed it.

    Name a President since Eisenhower (maybe Nixon) whose kids worked like regular Joes and Janes.

    Trump will donate his first quarter salary to the Antietam battlefield. He says and follows through on his pledge he's America's President, not the world's (which I think is Schaller's real objection, along with not letting the Lefties bully him).

    Great piece, truly.

  2. "Do I wish he spoke nicer and turned the other cheek? Of course. But I also like that he fights back." My position exactly with the he fights back the more important to me.

  3. "Do I wish he spoke nicer and turned the other cheek? Of course. But I also like that he fights back." My position exactly with the he fights back the more important to me.

  4. I love the reference to Polk.

    He served one term because he got everything he promised done in one-term. Beyond the big stuff like the Oregon territory and Texas annexation expansions, he was hard-working.

    He was good for the country, put America first, spoke at length on putting its financial state order in his final state of the union, vetoed pork barrel politics when he thought it was the states jobs to do something.

    My 12-year son did a paper on him and not only did I learn about a forgotten president, but when the teacher asked if he could get elected today,
    my son said yes, his platform and policies seemed a lot like Trump's. So why not?

    Polk was not a colorful character, but he got things done.

  5. Our friend Schaller sounds like one of the effete National Review pseudo-intellectuals, his main complaint boils down to: "Trump talks like a real person, not a self-styled 'intellectual' like ME."

    So far - even with all the ankle-biters trying to bring him down, Donald Trump has resolutely gone ahead with saving the country.

    Saving the country that the sniping MSM & "Elites" are willing to sacrifice to their bent-out of-shape nose snit.

    Trump may well be the last, best, hope for civilization.

    (( had to delete & re-post to correct an error ))

  6. Considering American governance of the last 25 years I wonder what Schaller would have to say about its legacy

  7. As Lincoln said about Grant, I say about Trump: He fights.

  8. Excellent. One of the signs of a great leader is seeing who follows him. Check out all of the alpha males that are following PDJT.

  9. I think President Trump speaks just fine. You know exactly what he says, and you don't have to parse his words. He's honest and refreshing. GO TRUMP! MAGA!

  10. "And I see no evidence that he is even capable of the leadership or the help that the people of this beautiful country need and deserve."

    Then you are blinded by your bias, Mr. Schaller.

  11. "His children do not seem to be using their father's office for personal gain."

    Infra dig. Those who would not stoop to take will sometimes dodge through traffic across the street for an opportunity to give.

  12. Mr. Scaller accuses, but gives no examples or proof. He, like all the anti-Trumpers, just assume it is soo obvious that non need be given.

    At least NR did give some reasoning behind their opposition even though most of it was superficial.

    It is an old accusation that Republican party does not fight back.

    I like the fact he fights back. Buckley was remorseful that he responded in kind to Vidal. That allowed Vidal to claim a win not just in the debate where he said pretty much any derogatory against Republicans that he could think of.

    When your opposition is allowed to define you, you have lost. Think W's administration.

    Moreover, Trump is unabashed pro-American, so much so, he is willing to try to put the interests of average Americans first instead of selling them put like many a Dem and Repub alike.

    Trump gives life to a party that appears to prefer to play 2nd Chair.

  13. Because of the constant propaganda during the election, I almost did not vote for the 'boorish, uncouth, in your face' candidate.
    A few months later I can proudly say I ignored the bien pensants and trusted my gut (and voted for him)
    I enjoy reading Don Surber's and Scott Addams' analyses of our president and can agree that EVERYTHING he does is intentional: the verbal sleigh-of-hand, baiting the histerical people, etc. Those tactics allows him to do his job while the little-IQ people in DC and the media run like headless chickens.
    As far as his brawler attitude, I believe it's a reflection of our times and society. PDT would have behaved much more civilized as a president 20 yrs ago, however Idiocracy times require a President Camacho...

  14. I like this man. I cannot spare him. He fights.

  15. The comment had no argument. Drive by character assassination. He wasn't afraid of using his name because he is PC and not talking to us but virtue signalling to his friends, who are probably as pretentious as he is. It should have gotten no notice. I had no idea who the crank was. Had to look him up. He makes a living doing finger painting or some such that we all learned in kindergarten and went on to more important things. He can go stuff himself.

  16. I have listened to many of Pres Trump's speeches since being elected, his weekly video message, and watched many of candidate Trump's rallies. I have never seen or heard anything untoward. Mr. Scaller's essay is similar to many others I have read by Never Trumpers. It is not original, it is remarkably uninformed about Pres Trump's achievements, and basically is just a boilerplate "drive by". Yesterday while interviewing Dr Gorka, Judge Jeanine Pirro remarked that Pres Trump worked 20 out of 24 hours and Gorka nodded in agreement so perhaps you should update the 12 hour workday. CM

  17. PDT has done so much good for the Country, it's caused John McCain's head to almost explode.

    1. LOL, I see what you did there. Well done!

  18. I don't care.

    The same could be said of 99.9% of Congress and the administrative state. After all, it wasn't Trump who ran up the debt or opened the door for millions of illegal aliens or destroyed the manufacturing, etc., sectors of the economy or botched the Middle East or....
    The list of their foul ups runs from here to Albuquerque.

    The difference between Trump and them is that he's on MY side and I'll overlook a helluva lot to finally have someone in DC fighting for me.

    So the elites can bring it on because... I don't care