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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How CNN got bit by the very Fake News scare it created

CNN Brian Stelter was hysterical on October 31. In a video worthy of "Reefer Madness," Stelter warned viewers:
The plague of fake news is getting worse -- here's how to protect yourself

And your kids.

He left out protecting your kids, which is bad because it is all about the children -- our future.

From Brian Stelter:
It's time for a new rule on the web: Double, no, triple check before you share. Especially if it seems too good to be true.
Of course, that is an old rule in journalism.

A rule CNN repeatedly broke throughout the campaign, the transition, and the presidency.

One person told them Anthony Scaramucci was involved with a Russian bank -- ONE unchecked source -- and CNN went with it, and had to retract a story.

Then to add Fake News to injury, CNN pretended to fire those involved.

Instead, CNN merely bought out their contracts.

CNN is now Fake News.

From lying about Nancy Sinatra not wanting Trump to use "My Way" at the inauguration (which led to her "Why do you lie, CNN?" tweet) to lying about Comey refuting Trump (his actual testimony confirmed what the president said) and every lie in between (CNN lied about the Martin Luther King bust; CNN lied about Ivanka getting $100 million from the Saudis; CNN lied about Ivanka getting booed; CNN lied about rape being a pre-existing condition) CNN has become the World Leader in Fake News.

And conservatives are calling them out.

That Fake News label they tried to tag on us because a few on the fringe made things up is now Crazy Glued to CNN.

And they don't like it.

Chris Cuomo called being called Fake News is like being called the N-word.

Is it?

So Chris Cuomo is saying that Brian Stelter called conservatives the N-word.

What is good for the Internet is good for CNN.

But I do not consider Fake News the N-word.

I consider it the truth. We all make mistakes, but CNN has shown a pattern of irresponsibility aimed at belittling and ridiculing conservatives, a pattern that shows malicious intent. Sign me up if anyone has the audacity to file a class action libel suit.

In the meantime, Brian Stelter went on a comical tirade against conservatives on Sunday:
STELTER: "The solution to poor journalism is more journalism."
What a maroon.

The solution to poor journalism is to hold journalists accountable for their lies, libels, and slanders.

But he was just warming up.
STELTER: "But some people want less of it or none of it. They want to stamp out journalism altogether. Now, do you think I'm exaggerating? I don't think I am. We need to see this for what it is, and describe it clearly. 
"There's a big difference between well-meaning people who are skeptical of the press -- I count myself among them -- and then those people who want to tear down the press, who don't want it to exist. 
"Those anti-journalism voices are getting louder these days, partly because they are being amplified by some pretty powerful politicians. Amid so many shouts of Fake News, media companies producing real news need to speak loudly.
"Here's how I see it. Skepticism is healthy. Constructive criticism makes newsrooms better. We need it. This is the pro-journalism point of view. 
"When I make a mistake, or I don't challenge a guest enough, or I cut somebody off, your e-mails, I get them, and they help me improve.
"But it's not constructive, it's not pro-journalism to promote resentment and hatred of journalists."
But critics have been shouting for years -- and CNN has refused to listen. This is an industrywide failure. His old newspaper, the New York Times called for junking objectivity last summer because Republicans dared nominate Donald John Trump.

Where was Stelter's rage against the New York Times call for anti-journalism?

CNN and other news organizations have abandoned journalism.

We call them out on their Fake News.

They whine. They call it the N-word. They say it promotes violence. They say those who call them Fake News are extremists.

The danger of Fake News by CNN and the rest of the Marxists journo crowd is that millions believe it. Millions now believe the president is a fascist strongman puppet of Putin who is crazy and treasonous and deserves to be overthrown.

The press used to be vital to the nation.

Now it is a poison.

I thank Stelter and his masters at CNN for helping coin the phrase Fake News.

Now could they please stop shoveling it?

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Journalism used to be considered a profession, now it's what used-car salesmen call somebody they think sucks.

    And as I tell me kids all the time, no crying or complaining about self-inflicted wounds (figurative or otherwise). Stelter's dad needs to tell him the same.

  2. I believe that I can turn on CNN at any time of day and within 15 seconds, I will hear the word "Russia".

    To me, I translate "Russia" to "FAKE NEWS".

  3. Stelter needs to understand that “stamping-out” him, his buddies, and the FSM has absolutely nothing to do w/journalism.

    We just can't abide liars!

    And the serial malicious kind is so repugnant to us that it strongly bestirs even the easygoing among us.

    – mfm

  4. The newsreaders and "reporters" have run up the JOURNALISM flag and shot it to threads.

  5. The presstitutes forget that we have the right not to listen to or pay for the diarrhea of propaganda, hatred, filth and lies they spew forth.

    They would do well to remember what happened to their hero Joseph Goebbels. He poisoned his children then he and his wife poisoned themselves. They wanted their bodies to be burned to ashes but they ran out of gasoline leaving charred, half burnt, corpses. Goebbels did this because he was afraid. He wasn't afraid of what the allies would do to him. He was afraid of what the German people would do to him for the lies he fed them as the truth.

  6. That spoiled rich brat cut a corrupt secret deal with Russia's leader, endangering America's national security and stabbing NATO in the back. He committed treason just to win an election.

    But enough about Ted Kennedy.

  7. I don't for a second believe the well-earned criticism of the Fake News peddled by CNN and others endangers the lives of individual journalists, but even if it did, at this point, what difference does it make?

  8. When the civil war breaks out because they try to take down OUR president they may be the first to go.

    1. I'm with you, Jim. If it's a year or 18 months from now and this Russia bullshit is still being peddled by the enemedia, this WV boy is going to get very restless. I'm already way past sick of seeing shops looted and destroyed by Antifa goons. say, turn the tables on these f---ers. Go full Hamburg on the NYT & WaPo buildings. Trash em. Take everything of value and break the rest. You say you want a revolution? We'd be more than happy to show you how it's done, courtesy of Sam Adams and the boys.

    2. Note that they have to go where there are no people like us in order to pull their shenanigans now. Germany has a right wing. I'm wondering why they don't fight. Maybe they are waiting for a collapse, or maybe they realize that they'd be the only ones arrested or prosecuted.

    3. Damn good question, Doc. I'd pick B but was befuddled by that as well as the stand downs ordered here. Of course, they happen in HippieDippieVille cities but that's no excuse. Welcome to The Baltimore Dilemma - nobody wants to be a cop in that town.

  9. I believe when all is said and done you will find out that the only real fake news comes from the worst news station in north America. Fox(idiots) cartoon news.

  10. CNN just staged a fake protest at the london attack. CNN excuse was that the muslims were protesting somewhere else. Why? Why not show the size of the protestors? Why take them away from the crowds and why did CNN give them signs? I don't doubt the attack but CNN vertainly is spreading propoganda.