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Monday, July 17, 2017

Here comes feminist science

When I see a story from the Washington Post online, I think of the line from the "X Files" TV show: "The truth is out there," and I add, "but not here." Still I read anyway, as I would rubberneck any trainwreck.

So it went with the story below the headline:
Why these professors are warning against promoting the work of straight, white men

The Kristine Phillips bylined piece was a humorless regurgitation of a daft idea that white men deliberately discovered and developed electricity to oppress women and people of other colors.

A good example is Sir Isaac Newton whose Law of Gravity literally kept all other genders and races down. White privilege and male privilege allowed the Wright Brothers, Chuck Yeager, and Buzz Aldrin to defy gravity.

From the story:
Academics and scholars must be mindful about using research done by only straight, white men, according to two scientists who argued that it oppresses diverse voices and bolsters the status of already privileged and established white male scholars.
Geographers Carrie Mott and Daniel Cockayne argued in a recent paper that doing so also perpetuates what they call "white heteromasculinism," which they defined as a "system of oppression" that benefits only those who are "white, male, able-bodied, economically privileged, heterosexual, and cisgendered." (Cisgendered describes people whose gender identity matches their birth sex.)
I like that parenthetical explanation of the new name for normal.

Now I don't know much about geography, but it strikes me as not being as heavy lifting discipline as say physics. Mott's undergraduate degree is in religious studies and a masters in near Eastern studies.

I get that geography was dominated by white men who explored the oceans from the 15th through 20th centuries, and gave arbitrary names to the new lands they discovered.
Yeoman: What are we gonna call this?
Captain: Let's see. What day is this?
Yeoman: December 25.
Captain: Christmas Island it is.
That many of these places already had people living there did not matter. The white males linked these desolate lands to the rest of the world under a new name. Some of the lands have renamed themselves. Rhodesia is Zimbabwe, just as Constantinople is Istanbul.

But no matter what you call an island, it is still an island.

No matter what you call gravity, it is what keeps you down -- not the white man.

How Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Feynman tilted physics to keep women and people of other races down is unexplained.

But the prejudices they face in the afterlife mirror the anti-Semitic prejudice they faced in their day. Columbia University turned down Feynman because it already reached its quota of Jews that year.

Just as the complaint of Cockayne and Mott was not science, the story by Kristine Phillips was not journalism. She never talked to them.
Mott and Cockayne did not immediately respond to questions from the Washington Post, but Mott told Campus Reform last week that they decided to write about citation practices after observing that research done by white men are relied upon more heavily than those done by experts from other backgrounds.
Work done by women and other minorities have often been overlooked by their peers, hindering their professional advancement and depriving disciplines of diverse perspectives, she argued.
When citations are predominantly those of the work of white, straight males, "this means that the views and knowledge that are represented do not reflect the experience of people from other backgrounds," she told Campus Reform. "When scholars continue to cite only white men on a given topic, they ignore the broader diversity of voices and researchers that are also doing important work on that topic."
Marxists want to make the normal abnormal and the abnormal normal. Judging scientific papers on the color of the people cited instead of quality of the science assures us that those judging pursue racism, not science.

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  1. An attempt by someone who wasted $2000,000 majoring in "studies" to be relevant.

  2. Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Feynman-Giants who these mere "Geographers." are not worthy of polishing their slide rules...
    Klowns,evil, klowns...
    TG McCoy

  3. Also discussed here:
    in the most recent post today.

    TGM, you left out Idjits. Great bloomin' IDJITS.

  4. If you look at the history of so-called "Second Wave Feminism," what you find is a bunch of poorly educated, over-privileged white girls who grabbed onto a dead movement and redesigned it to suit their needs. Their need of the time was to get their Communist boyfriends and/or lesbian lovers to pay more attention to them.

    The actual feminism of the 19th Century had already succeeded in its goals and was finished by 1921.

    The girls calling themselves feminists today are just making it all up as they go along, and have been for decades. They are still every bit as poorly educated and over-privileged as they ever were.

  5. They tell the story about the British explorer who, wanting to put the native name for a mountain range on his chart, points towards it and looks enquiringly at some nearby natives. Neither speaks the other's language, but the natives just look at each, shrug, and say a complicated string of syllables, which the explorer reproduces phonetically.

    Which is why that mountain range to this day bears a name which means "Doesn't this white idiot know a bunch of hills when he sees them?"

  6. Geography as a discipline used to revolve around agriculture production systems, soils, climate, water and river systems, urbanization, third world development, and the production and use of maps in helping explain such phenomena. In the past 25 years the field has been demolished by the postmodern feminist deconstruction marxist lunatics, and any intellectual or analytical rigor has been squeezed out of it. White males have been put on notice and there is a quest to run them out of the discipline. The same is happening to all liberal arts, social sciences, history, humanities, etc. disciplines and illustrates the implosion of academia in the US and West. It is sickening. These freaks are a textbook example of the field's demise.

    1. Thanks. I suspected there was more to it than maps. I should have done more research

  7. They're just wanting to normalize gobbledygook bullshit from the SJW agenda; really get some of the academically rigorous stuff from the "liberal arts" like women's and ethnic studies mainstreamed. Pass. You folks can get taken seriously when you start doing some serious work.

  8. Just leave psychobabble nonsense out of science.

  9. The ultimate end stage of "Progressivism" is not a pinnacle of human society but an abyss. The Victory of "Progressivism" will usher in a new Dark Ages until a new Enlightenment breaks out from the stifling institutions of the Progressive State.

  10. Math rules money in the US and everywhere else. They can't do math so they will never achieve anything outside of their world. If this is the future of the liberal arts, there won't be any in 50 years. Perhaps they want this since old white males built the whole thing as it stands now.

  11. Jordan Peterson has some excellent videos about the postmodern left and their quest for power and leverage in academia and elsewhere. It helps to remember that principles are just windowdressing for the SJWS who profess them. They cannot withstand a moment's scrutiny.

  12. Darn it Big D...tune playback activated...

    Ev'ry gal in Constantinople
    Lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople
    So if you've a date in Constantinople
    She'll be waiting in Istanbul

    Great song by They Might Be Giants. White guys. Come up with something as good as that, "ladies," and then maybe we can talk. Meanwhile, you need to tell your parents that they won't be seeing any grandkids via you.

  13. I suppose the discovery of penicillin wasn't on their list.