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Sunday, July 09, 2017

CNN strikes out against free speech

Jeff Reynolds of Media Equalizer has a theory about how CNN found private information to blackmail someone who dared mock them anonymously online. Reynolds posted his theory. This angered CNN.

Unable to doxx Jeff Reynolds -- we know who he is -- CNN's Vice President of Communication Matt Dornic‏ demanded Reynolds destroy the story.

So far, Reynolds is telling the Fake News channel no.

From Jeff Reynolds:
In an attempt to unmask anonymous tipsters, did an embattled CNN reporter use a phishing tactic to gather private information?
Andrew Kaczynski appears to be a serial doxxer.
The former Buzzfeed contributor and current host of CNN’s KFile has been implicated in another attempt to reveal the identity of online sources.
By seeming to plant foreign web bugs into personal emails, a common phishing tactic used to determine IP address, location, and other identifying information, new questions have been raised regarding ethical practices inside the troubled news network.
A recent email exchange with an anonymous conservative group has been obtained by Media Equalizer. In the discussion, Kaczynski feigns interest in a scoop that’s being offered.
At one point, he attempts to sneak a web bug into the conversation, with the apparent goal of luring the recipient into clicking the link. Doing so would give Kaczynski the IP address, location, and other metadata included in the email recipient’s account.
This brought the Wrath of CNN.

From Matt Dornic, a tweet: "Assuming you're going to retract this. A very simple search of the mailtrack site disproves your story."

In response, Reynolds posted Dornoc's tweet, and later added:
Personal note: within five minutes of sending the email to Kaczynski asking for comment, my anti-virus software reported a malicious attack of high severity on my computer that it blocked. I haven’t had that happen in months. I have no idea where this attack originated, but it sure was strange timing.
We shall see how long Reynolds hangs in there.

CNN also apparently tried to get Trump's Twitter account closed because he linked the Wrestlemania video and laughed at them.

Being anti-free speech is not the American Way.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. If the claim is true, is that a cyber crime (attempt at unauthorized entry into another entity's computer) that would make Mr. K a Person of Interest to the FBI?

    1. The FBI?
      they are now known as the FBM, federal bureau of matters.
      They dont do investigations, though they engage in lying, falsifying, and fake news

    2. The FBI is heavily politicized.....they rolled the dice and went with Clinton. There's no way there would be an investigation. Wrong politics, you see. I'm an average deplorable....but I know there's something rotten in the Justice Dept. Sadly, the FBI isn't trustworthy. That's sad.

      Free speech requires vigilance. CNN is part of a larger festering mess. CNN is in a fight for survival. They will do anything.

  2. All K needs to do to disprove this story is to present the public with the precise method he used. If the methods he claimed to use were widely available we would likely already know the identity of the person he doxxed. Chances are he had help from others in this case and the others mentioned.

  3. CNN lashes out like any wounded beast.

    "Finish him!"

    -Mikey NTH

  4. Does anyone here believe CNN?? Anyone?? Buehller?? OK. that's NO all around.


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