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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Wrestling's newest villain: Progressive Liberal

In my youth, pro wrestling had great villains. Nikolai Volkoff.  Sgt. Slaughter. The Sheik. And my favorite of all, The Iron Sheik, Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, the 1983 WWF World Heavyweight Champion.

So welcome the latest wrestling heel -- the Pajama Boy from Paducah -- Progressive Liberal.

Dan Richards adopted the name. He wrestles in the Kentucky-based Appalachian Mountain Wrestling circuit.

Samer Kalaf of Dead Spin said the I'm With Her Worm had good game.

From Samer Kalaf:
The Progressive Liberal is a solid character. He strikes the right level of condescension and punchable smugness. His line delivery’s a little suspect and his actual wrestling leaves something to be desired, but those can be remedied. At its root, this is a good gimmick. If you’re in Kentucky and free on Friday, watch Richards against some guy in a sleeveless shirt in a “Crybaby Match,” where the loser “will have to wear a diaper and suck on a bottle.”
Others picked up on the story.

From Death and Taxes:
It’s not so much that the Kentucky audience is completely conservative — in one of the promo videos below, the crowd starts chanting “feel the Bern” when Richards steps up to the mic — it’s that the Progressive Liberal perfectly embodies the smug elitism Democrats on the coasts are stereotyped with. His interviews pretty much consist of him correcting people’s pronunciation and grammar, or questioning the intelligence of the “hill-jacks” who showed up to watch the match. He insults country music, saying fans only like it because it’s “slow and simple… just like you are.”
The problem is Richards lacks muscle tone. And technique. Say what you will about his dirty tactics and the like, but The Iron Sheik was big, menacing, and knew how to wrestle.

Unlike Little Antifa Annie.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback

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  1. In my younger days I always preferred roller derby to wrestling. - Elric

  2. Wrasslin is almost as funny as politics. We had Dory Funk and later his sons putting the wup ass on the bad guys. That Sheik was one evildoer.

  3. That is a pretty funny persona. I go back to the days of handsome harley race and mr perfect.

  4. Anyone remember Kamala, the Ugandan giant?

    1. James "Kamala" Harris from Senatobia, Mississippi was the Ugandan Giant!!!! LOL

      I can't resist calling Kamala Harris, democrat senator from ca "the Ugandan Giant" either.

  5. I loved me some George The Animal Steele - originally a high school science teacher by trade.

  6. Pajama Boy may not be much a of a villain now, but give him time.

  7. Can't have done too much wrestling. He still has a straight nose. (:-) CM