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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Will Comey Toast stop impeachment?

The worst situation in the world is to be an innocent man accused of a bizarre crime.

The absurdity of the situation lulls a person into a false sense of security, which means he delays preparing his defense until it is almost to late. Think of Woody Allen blind-sided by Mia Farrow's allegations of child abuse. Little did he realize how easily she could brainwash his kids.
The Russia connection blind-sided President Trump.

The Russian fabrication by Obama (to hide his unconstitutional spying on Trump's campaign) is so ridiculous that Trump never took it serious.

Golden showers?

Come on.

But the absurdity of that falsehood allowed his enemies -- our enemies -- those who seek to overturn the last election -- to weave their lies and set their traps.

Byron York thinks the Comey testimony made matters worse by taking the crime out of the criminal investigation, which frees the Washington Establishment to make any rash charges it wants with impunity.

From Byron York:
It's not about collusion anymore
Fired FBI Director James Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee marked the full shift of the Trump-Russia investigation from a probe dedicated to discovering collusion to a probe dedicated to proving the president obstructed justice. (See "At this rate, it won't matter if Trump colluded with Russia.")
Democrats at the Comey hearing barely touched on collusion, which appears to have turned out to be a dry hole. When it did come up in Comey's appearance, it was during questioning from Republicans, who wanted to highlight their point that collusion -- the core of the case and the reason everybody got so excited in the first place -- has so far turned out to be nothing.
To Democrats, that no longer matters. Now, it's all about obstruction of justice, or alleged obstruction of justice, or fantasized obstruction of justice, depending on your partisan perspective. Senate Democrats focused almost exclusively on obstruction in their questioning of Comey, and their House counterparts are sure to do the same.
As far as the Justice Department investigation of the president is concerned, we know that as of the time Comey was fired on May 9, there was no investigation of the president concerning collusion, which strongly suggests that after 10 months of probing, authorities had nothing against him on that issue. Now, however, after the Comey memos and the Comey firing, it seems safe to predict that special counsel Robert Mueller will investigate Trump for obstruction. So it is a new game, even if Republicans keep trying to play the old one.
York made four other points, including waiting too long to take this serious.

The first point, though, is the most important one, one i admit I had not thought before.

But this battle will not be over for at least the next eight years. In fact, once he is out of office, they will still go after him and his family,

Thank goodness, God is on his side.

I really doubt the Almighty gave us America just to have some atheists and fat-cats turn it into North Mexico-istan.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Unfortunately, this ongoing distraction also keeps Trump from pursuing his legislative agenda. That is also why it will not stop. The Demo-RATS want to distract through the midterms and beyond.

    1. Part and parcel to their whole plan and that's why , evidently, the GOPe are all too happy to sit on their hands. Presidents get a VERY small window to get stuff done. All this crap has cost 6 months already. This is all deliberate. No worries.. Trump and Bannon are up to the challenge and circle will get the square soon enough.

    2. It seems to me that President Trump is implementing his agenda - despite the foot-dragging of congress. While the media erupts, POTUS Trump is making things happen.

  2. "I really doubt the Almighty gave us America just to have some atheists and fat-cats turn it into North Mexico-istan"

    I think He is giving the US time to turn the tide of this country back onto the right track. With Theresa May's barely-there win, He is warning England that not much stands behind them and a corbyn-led muslim takeover, if they don't take strong measures quickly.

  3. "Now, however, after the Comey memos and the Comey firing, it seems safe to predict that special counsel Robert Mueller will investigate Trump for obstruction"

    This is exactly why I've been writing that Jeff Sessions deserved to be fired (or allowed to resign) for his bonehead decision to recuse himself and ask for a special counsel. This sham investigation will follow the same track as the fake, politically motivated Valerie Plame "investigation" by Patrick FitzGerald (whose real target was VP Dick Cheney, not the eventual fall guy Scooter Libby). Sessions should have thought this thing through and seen it coming. And he should have discussed the implications with Trump before making his public announcement. And of all people to have chosen for the job! Comey's closest buddy in arms. Why? Why? Why? Mueller cannot be fired, he refuses to be constrained, he will pick and pick and pick at the scab on Trump's presidency until the country is exhausted. At some point, Trump may have to fire Sessions and somehow replace him (only God knows how) with someone who has the courage to tell Mueller to wrap up his endless investigation and hand in his office keys.

    1. Don't be so hard on Sessions. He's been in DC for 20 years as a Senator! He had no deputy when he recused... his senior staff , at the time were all compromised and he was forced to work with a very dubious DOJ. Had he NOT recused, there would have been a HUGE effort , from within the DOJ to leak and undermine HIM... and there is a lot of good work to be done there if they can get their feet under them and get some more people brought in that they can trust.

      It is what it is. The swamp critters won that round, but it was only one round. Comey has been destroyed in the process. A very new rationale can be made to open up the Lynch/Comey/Hillary connections AND Obama spying during election. Time will tell just how brutal this will be, but I seriously doubt the Trump folks are just going to play the DC game of forget and move on... we'll see.

    2. @RobM: "A very new rationale can be made to open up the Lynch/Comey/Hillary connections AND Obama spying during election."

      I agree with you there, that there have been enough NEW revelations coming out of the Judicial Watch lawsuits to merit a re-opening of the case involving Clinton's email server, Lynch's possible role in obstructing that sham investigation, and even Comey's too-clumsy-to-be-believed handling of the case. Plus, we are getting a lot more insight into the scope of the Obama administration's spying on Americans, including his and Clinton's political opponents. Perhaps the best defense for Trump is a strong offense. The Dems will be encouraged to maintain an all court press on Trump as long as they think Clinton can see some daylight to run again in 2020 (not that they will want HER to run again, but their chances at victory with any candidate are better if they think Clinton has been vindicated). If Clinton were instead set back on her heals by an indictment, well, that would certainly change the entire election landscape, wouldn't it?

    3. NSA whistle blower, Dennis Montgomery, has 47 discs of information supposedly documenting the Obama surveillance program. Nothing about it in the MSM that I could find.

  4. The worst situation in the world is to be an innocent man accused of a bizarre crime.

  5. "Thank goodness God is on his side". I hope he doesn't take any solace in that because that could cause him to be too complacent. He has to be as strong as he possibly can, with or without God, in order to defeat the evil that is coming after him. I have always felt that Christians are too complacent, thinking God will make everything right. Sorry folks, doesn't work that way. If you don't come out swinging, you will get mowed down by your enemies.

  6. England will rediscover the Church Militant within the next couple three decades.

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