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Monday, June 19, 2017

We have them on the run -- which makes them dangerous

Fear not, readers. This morning brings good news that rises above the stench of the swamp and the howls of creatures protesting the sudden dehydration of their turf.

From up north, Conrad Black paused from counting his billions to advise us on the Russians-Are-Coming hysteria.

From Black:
The collusion canard was fabricated by Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager to explain her defeat. It addressed the inability of the great bipartisan Washington political sleaze factory to accept that it had been defeated, and serves the Democrats’ righteous desire to immobilize the administration and the Republican congressional majorities with a false scandal propagated by fake news, in order to avoid the imposition of Trump’s radically sensible program.
The criminalization of policy differences, in Watergate, Iran-Contra (Reagan) and Monica Lewinski (Clinton) is a terrible and dangerous practice. And it is especially so now when there is no evidence of serious wrongdoing. If the Democrats push this much further, instead of getting Trump’s flamboyantly coiffed scalp, they will get Lynch, Comey, the Clintons and Obama before grand juries.
They are all a good deal more vulnerable legally than Trump is, and they are out of power. Andrew Coyne and other normally intelligent people should not allow their distaste for Trump to make them credulous dupes of the corrupt post-Reagan Washington pay-to-play circus, now in its death-throes.
Death throes, Jethro.

I love it.

Ross Douthat at the New York Times was disturbing, however, and not just because he equated Hannity with Kathy Griffin.

From Douthat:
The first thing to say about the attempted massacre of congressional Republicans on a baseball field in suburban Virginia is that the motivations of the shooter were unusual. By which I mean that, based on what we know, James Hodgkinson had surprisingly normal political beliefs. He hated Donald Trump, he liked Bernie Sanders, he wanted higher taxes on the wealthy. He was not a Communist or a paranoid knight on a shadowy crusade, but an ordinary Midwestern Democrat with far more rage but the same frustrations as many decent liberals.
Hunting Republican congressmen now is normal.

The New York Times said so, through one of its raft of columnists.

But the rest of his column assured us that gee, no one will be harmed if only the right would calm down:
There’s a great deal wrong on the right in the age of Donald Trump, and the scrutiny directed rightward is not at all misplaced. But as Trump proves more hapless than dangerous — or only dangerous because he’s hapless — the derangement that he inspires or amplifies among his critics also matters. And if America slides toward a rendezvous with 1968, the tendency of the establishment to only see one side’s dangers — to treat Marine Le Pen as uniquely terrifying but Jeremy Corbyn as merely dotty, to “remember” that Loughner was a Palin fan or that right-wing hate killed J.F.K. — will make things more dangerous overall.
What Douthat won't admit is that violence is strictly left-wing.

Hillary needs to renounce The Resistance.

Pelosi needs to renounce The Resistance.

Schumer needs to renounce The Resistance.

Obama needs to renounce The Resistance.

But they will not, because they believe there only hope now is The Resistance.

Americans fired these incompetent, selfish, grand-standing losers for a reason.

Rather than learn a lesson, Democrats are normalizing terror.

James Hodgkinson was just some guy in the neighborhood. So was Bill Ayers. So was Che. So was Stalin.

We have the Washington Establishment on the run -- which makes them dangerous.

The glorification of violence comes with a price.

They intend to have President Trump and his supporters pay that price.

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  1. Snakes slither. Otherwise, great article.
    (lets face it, We have them on the slither doesn't sound right.)

  2. I was reminded this weekend of Thomas Sowell's truism:

    "It's amazing how much panic one honest man can spread among a multitude of hypocrites."

    And Diogenes can rest easy - Trump is that rarity - an honest man.

  3. Mr. Black has a way with words. I like that!
    Mr. Douthat (and the NYT) has the "weasel" way with words.

  4. A good start would be to declare the Anti First Amendment (antiFA) masked thugs as Outlaws, beyond protection of the law. Then let the people sort it out...

    1. The Republicans had better start somewhere and get prepared for a full-on attack by Democrats later this summer. Taking a page from the play book of "progressive" college students, who suppress any opinion that deviates from their own, Democrat groups are planning to disrupt the townhall meetings that will be held by elected Republican officials around the country during Congress' usual summer recess. This could get very nasty, even violent....which is of course the goal. The idea is to use the implied (or actual) threat of violence to freeze out Republicans, to make their civic lives so difficult and stress-filled they cannot even hold community meetings.


  5. Hodgkinson is in the grand tradition of Lefties like William Ayers.

    Face it.

  6. Hodgkinson was a bit further on the left side of the distribution, so to speak, than our progressive writers would suggest. One daughter self-immolated in her car with a can of gasoline, he was separated from the wife, and there's a pile of abuse charges out there on the other (foster) child. Firing his SKS at the feet of the daughter's boyfriend should have lit that neon sign up real good for the LEOs/social services people, but it didn't. Prove to me that the guy didn't have an EtOH problem or hard/soft drug abuse because you just don't walk away from a home inspector license/business for no bad reason.

    Dear friends, 30-40% of the population fall close to that left side, if not squarely in the middle of it.

    They'll stay there because the left allows it.

    Kurt is right--they want chaos because they are all gamers in the basement.