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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Tweets Not Sent

Sometimes it is not what you tweet, it is what you don't tweet.

The biggest regret for many is paying $100,000 for that sheepskin.

Oh such a rebel.

The New York Crimes.

We did our part by electing Trump to end that spike of violence caused by your embrace of the anti-police, Black Liberation Movement.

Oh wait, it's "black lives matter" now.

Isn't it racist and sexist to think Eskimo women are wise and better in tune with nature than the rest of us?

Best thing about anonymous sources is they can never complain they were misquoted.

So build a dike.

Those jobs aren't coming back.

Fly back to England, you sugar-peddling wench.

Yes, because we only have two investigations in Congress and a special prosecutor assigned.

Welcome to Rock Ridge, Nikki.

12. Bill Maher tweet here. Bill Maher tweet there. Here a Bill Maher tweet. There a Bill Maher tweet. Old @Jack had a farm. E-I-E-I-Zzzzz.

Well, they wanted the truth.

Actually it is prison garb, so it is within their culture.

They missed the story: the New York Police Department has a beehive.

Ugh. Another remake of an old TV show.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. 7-One could suggest that the consistent mm/yr rise is owing to 1) accumulation of sludge, 2) an accumulation of old refrigerators/vans/flatscreens, and 3) accumulation of stock brokers/money managers/gangsters/drug dealers.

    9. She ran it up on the coat tails of Christopher Plummer. Wow...what a vita. Hollywood should review the habits of actors like him.

    16. The bees are obviously not using pollen...coke? PCP?

  2. 4-Black lives matter, except when they're taken out by other blacks, which are most of them.

    16--He's now Ms. Ed?

  3. 10 - march of the imbeciles

    4- yes. Wearing orange will not make me aware of gun violence. It will make the deer aware of my violent gun.

  4. Wow, I had forgotten about Manimal.

    What a welcome reminder that many of our idiot betters in the entertainment industry have no right lecturing us about anything if this is the drivel they have green-lighted.

    Impressive memory, Don. I had successfully repressed that until now.

  5. Maybe we should get Bill Clinton on that Manhattan thing. He's been building a dime since the day he got married.