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Friday, June 02, 2017

Tweets Not Sent

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Someday, liberals will say that about Tweets Not Sent!

December 9, 2016.

So much for the value of liberal apologies.

Make everyone a protected class. You're going to get a protected class. And you. And you. And everyone in the studio audience is going to get a protected class! Yeah!

Less relevant than Hillary or Al Gore.

As a child, one of my elderly neighbors complained about "black people smell," too.

I can give you 62 million reasons why :)

To be fair, they are being consistent, decade after decade after decade.

Thank goodness. It got us Goldwater's anti-Civil Rights presidential nomination, purges of Ayn Rand and other isolationists, a host of Great Society programs, four decades of Democratic control of the House, and Goldwater facilitating the Democrats in shoving Nixon out of the White House.

But he did threaten to punch Gore Vidal in the nose, so there's that.

The Committee to Re-Elect Trump thanks him.

If they doubled their efforts, they would more than make up for our absence from the hysteria.

There you go. Problem solved. Next!

Communities of color? Why does the ACLU support segregation?

It went right pasta them.

Can't eat them. Donuts make my brown eyes blu-ue.

Isn't impersonating Hillary a crime?

This would work better if the people who murdered children wore orange.

Mike Lukovich goes Full Kathy Griffin.

He's lucky only the tweets were deleted.

The White House has yet to ask Twitter to shut down this parody account.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. #2: ALWAYS negative.
    #4: I just LOOOOOOVE that "former" designation.
    #10: How twoo, how twoo. Sure, Bette didn't say that, she wasn't in that movie, but it seems so appropriate.
    #12: White's a color, too!
    #16: And so many weren't blacks killing blacks and black moms-to-be aborting their children-to-be.
    #19: They'd be fools to shut down that Twit acct.

    1. #16 me too. Wondering how many abortions between the two. Reminds me of going over the xrays of a twentiyish black girl once and noticed some soft tissue changes you ordinarily only see with pregnancy, which she hadn't reported on her history. I asked her if she'd ever been pregnant. Yes, but she had an abortion. Those kinds of changes don't happen without a big baby in there. Must have been a late term abortion and traumatic at that. A wonder she survived depending on what kind of clinic it had been done in. I didn't push the issue. Medical etiquette.

  2. #19 Whomever writes this could give a bunch of comedians lesson on how to be funny.

    1. agreed.

      #13 - love the pun, love the pastafarian even more.

  3. I keep seeing people couching the Paris agreement pull out in the frame of "we're against pollution" and "It wouldn't have solved global warming anyway."

    Co2 is not a pollutant. There is no such thing as global warming.
    The only harm possible has always been taking the warmers seriously. Wasting money on their psychosis.
    Ask Bear Stearns or Lehman Brothers what the harm from global warming is. Their former employees know.

    Spending money to mitigate CO2 in the atmosphere is like building a border wall between British Columbia and Washington to keep out Big Foot.

    1. Yup, that is just plain stoopid. If Mooch decides she is going to Canada, she will simply smash through any wall. Hopefully she takes her ugly brats and retarded husband with her.

  4. Look at that picture of Clinton.

    She's sitting ... but doesn't it, somehow, appear as if she's lying on a couch?

  5. So, Bette, what you're saying is, Trump is more powerful than the entire Planet Earth.

    Why are you back some backing some loser mudball then?