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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tweets not sent

A reader asked me to number these. So I am.

Enjoy, and remember, use Twitter only to retweet because Twitter hates conservatives and wants us all fired.

Not that I do. I still give them tweets occasionally, but never these 27.

Even Browns fans cheer.

See, that's what they want you to do!

Good. Now get us out of FIFA because soccer ain't a sport.

The International Brotherhood of Buggy Whip Makers, Telegram Deliverers, and Newspaper Writers just filed its protest.

North Korea? Don't you have to have lights to turn them off?

The birther stuff will never go away, Barry. You should have never said you were born in Kenya.

What can I say? He spells as well as I do. Meanwhile, Scott Adams is drafting a piece on how this is more eighth dimensional chess underwater in outer space for Trump.

How about a less testosterone-challenged anchor this time? Say, Connie Chung.


In her case, no, I don't.

She had no career to ruin.

Great, they are going to do to Poca's schools what they did to Cleveland's.

Can we forgive him for Souter now?

Trump deserved it, says man whose panelists said the beheading fantasy was not worth discussing.

When they say this isn't your grandfather's Republican Party, I say, Damned Straight!

He wrote despite, but meant because.

Reporter fails to note DNC rigged the nomination for her.


She doesn't look alive.

The Donald ain't our only troll in this rodeo.

Did he include his panties and pacifier in the package?

Story didn't mention the 51 men who died on April 27, 1978, building it.

While we close ours down.

Thank you, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, D-Mylan, and your Fake Degree daughter.

Climate change must mean going back to the Ice Age.

Unless you're General Mattis. Then you keep Clint up at night.

And yet Marcotte supported as president the man treated Hillary Clinton like a dog and publicly humiliated her.

Cue Smash Mouth.

So, media, willing to go to jail rather than tell us who the traitor is?

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

Now read the book that explains how and why the press missed this historic election.

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  1. #4: Excellent!
    #5: NorKs got no heat, except in Pyongyang and military HQs.
    #7: Covfefe: Confuse the hell out of them.
    #9: She gonna be a sacrifice on Game of Thrones.
    #14: YAY!!
    #17: She sure don't.
    #24: EXcellent!!
    #27: Doubtful.

  2. Re Number 20: The Willow Island Power Plant that is out of service is an older, smaller one. The men died building the Pleasants Power Station, often but erroneously referred to as the Willow Island Power Plant. Pleasants is still in operation.

  3. Eastwood don't kick the asses of right-thinking folks, he buys 'em a drink instead.

  4. 5 - LOL. Also, who would dare verify Nork's compliance with anything other than a 100% grade? Dennis Rodman maybe.
    12 - no forgiveness for Souter
    22 - Mrs. Manchin's is also complicit for conspiring to have the pens put in all schools.

  5. Kathy Griffin would have made a helluva Stuka pilot.

    If their mission had've been to not release their bombs, to fail to pull out of their dive, and to crash on their own infantry.

  6. Long shot: the leaker-in-chief is Michael Hayden.

  7. 5. The one in his closet full of skeletons?
    7. I think Cofveve means whining, kinda like my wife's new puppy does, All. Night. Long.(if they are too dumb to figger out he meant COVERAGE, they should go back to school. Diaper school.)
    9. Come now Don, her making a sex tape might be the cure for porn addiction. Lets face it, after you gouge your eyes out, Playboy loses most of it's appeal.
    12. No.Just NO... I mean Oh H*LL NO!
    14. Looks like the Trump train was only one on a very long line.
    16. It was that or a communist who admits he is a communist.
    19. Hasn't for a few decades.
    21. And our worst polute less than their best. Once again proving that Globull Whoring is just that.
    24. The only way Mad Dog is keeping him up at night is if he's dealing off the bottom. Two good Americans, two more than the entire communist party err democrats has.
    25. I bet he treated his dog better. The dog certainly deserved it.
    26. Can we make Barry and Illary honorary Asstronauts?
    27. They aint serving THIS nation.

  8. Thanks for the numbering, an equal to your score board.

  9. 9--Scott Adam's insomnia periscope on the "tale of two movies" was interesting if you missed it (and don't understand American Balkanization).

    20--Holy Cow, I think there only 11 or so that died on the Golden State Bridge...That could be 30's #fakenews, though. I don't think they counted the Irish and Okies then.

    Andrew Malcom's details you RT'd on 26 is beyond the gold snark level.

  10. 19. "The Road Not Taken."

    21. West Virginia will sell them the coal.

    22. It's what Democrats do.

    24. Ah, the Man with No Name. Classic.

    26. Pink Floyd: "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun."

    27. No jail time for traitors. Execute them. After the first execution the media leakers and their enablers will be singing like a choir.

    - Elric

    1. #27- I would agree if there was a traitor somewhere. As I often write about these calls of treason, "Treason is a constitutionally defined crime, the only one in our Constitution. Per the Constitution in Article 3, Section 3: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court." So who did these actions in concert with an enemy; and who is the enemy? The Constitution defines enemies based on a Congressional Declaration of War. So who have we declared war on since WWII. Words have meaning. Seditious actions, yes, maybe. Violations of Nation Security? They really, really didn't mean to violate it just like HRC, some would claim. And she was not prosecuted. Ha, what rule of law anymore!