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Friday, June 09, 2017

Trump's role in the Trump administration

President Trump had another winning week

Which means you did too.

His formula is simple: hire the best, let them do their thing, and sell it to the public.

Donald Trump has done that for 45 years as a chief executive officer. His architects, project managers, contractors, concierges, ghostwriters, et cetera, are always the best. He gives them great leeway.

But his role is that of the salesman. Always Be Closing, right?

General Mattis is a fine example. Trump said annihilate the Islamic State. OK. Next thing you know, MOABs are dropping on their headquarters in Afghanistan. Suddenly the sphincters of the evil-doers of the world shrank two sizes too small.

The stock market gets Trump. He's a CEO -- a particular kind -- an Iaccoca or a Jack Welch. Investors get it, which is why stocks are bubbling.

From the Washington Free Beacon:
In the first quarter of 2017, Americans’ net worth hit $94.8 trillion, which was up 1.4 percent, the Associated Press reported.
According to the Federal Reserve, stock and mutual fund portfolios increased by $1.3 trillion in value and home values were up $499 billion.
Before the recession, which began in December 2007, household net worth stood at about $66.5 trillion.
Household net worth has greatly increased since then.
“Record-high stock prices are the primary driver of greater household wealth,” the article states. “The Dow Jones industrial average has more than tripled from its recession-era low of 6,547 to 21,174 on Wednesday.”
My 401-k grows and I am happy.

America is getting back closer to where we should be -- up almost 50 percent in the last 10 years.

President Trump has little more to do with this than sign the documents. Congress passed 14 resolutions rolling back a few of the draconian Obama administration fiats. Trump's Cabinet is doing the rest. Jeff Sessions is cracking down on crime. EPA's Scott Pruitt is undoing Obama's damage. Ryan Zinke at Interior is doing his thing.

Everyone has a role.

And Trump's main role is to be the flack and the flak-catcher of his own administration. Oh, he calls the shots. Sure. But he lets the experts do their job.

Those who suck get canned. Comey was the first, but not the last, to go.

Trump caught hell for it, but as we saw this week, Trump made the right call.

He won't always be right, of course, but his tirades against the press have done enough damage to blunt the impact of a bad call, bad move, or actual scandal.

The dummies never let up -- and made major mistakes.

Golden showers?


President Trump 40-plus years of experience dealing with the press. He's vanquished the press. They did all they could to stop him. He won.

This is an incredible time in America. We are getting back to where we should be. Trump's way is entertaining, sure, but it also is sensible and professional. The only person I think could be a better Commerce secretary than Wilbur Ross is Carl Icahn.

And no, I cannot think of a living person who would make a better president today. He's like Drano® for swamps.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. The media: All unforced errors, all the time. Dems, too. I'm lovin' it.

  2. To go off topic: Why I am Copacetic About Donald Trump Tweeting

    I am surprised that people do not realize that a 70 year old billionaire real estate developer may have had a lot of interaction with very expensive and very sharp lawyers; and that he may be very considerate on how he speaks and writes (or Tweets) so that it looks natural on the surface, but underneath it is something else. I would absolutely fear taking his deposition, because I am sure he has been deposed many, many times; and if he had been made a fool of during a deposition I am certain I would have heard of it.

    Or to put it in an analogy: He isn't a clown and this isn't his first rodeo.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. The Dems and their captive media minions just can't get their heads around the fact that Trump is smart in ways they cannot comprehend.

    2. Mikey NTH gets it. The hound that does not bark. We know he is the cleanest president possible because the deep state gave him a colonoscopy.

    3. How many international sites have his companies developed, and how have his USA companies worked with the US State Department and the Foreign Offices and Commerce Offices of those countries?

      Sam L. - you are correct. He has already been there, he has seen assessments crossing his desk - he has been in close communication with the US State Department, the US Department of Commerce, and every other trade agency of the US government. For years.

      He isn't a clown; and this isn't his first rodeo. But if the Ivy League dimwits want to believe that, go right ahead.

      -Mikey NTH

    4. I said it here before. There are three families that control real estate in Manila and nothing gets done without their say so. When I saw a Trump Tower and Trump Casino being built there I could only mutter, "How the Hell did he do that?" I think people have been saying that about him for a long time in a lot of places.

    5. Certainly not his first show, this is his last, and whether it is a four year show, an eight year show, or four with a four year encore, when he steps down, the stage will be empty no matter how many actors crowd it.
      America made him great, and now he is repaying that debt by making America great.
      The politicians don't get it because he is playing them for fools. The press don't get it because he figured them out twenty years ago and they have yet to even try to understand him.
      What is more amazing is how he is working the establishment from the inside. He has taken people like Rancid Pribus and Nikki Haley, broken hammers, and driven deep stakes right into the heart of the beast.
      I looked at those choices and was shocked. Sessions or Mad Dog they are not! Were they the best choices? Maybe so and maybe not, but he is using them effectively. As Don has said, let Trump be Trump. He fought his way to the top in the worst political swamp in America, Mastering Washington will be a walk in the park even if the animals slithering about look bigger and meaner.
      GOD, Bless President Trump and make us a nation worthy of the gifts you have given us.

  3. I love Trump bashing the rope a dope media myself. But he needs some real legislation to make his efforts stick. Obama did this and we still have Obamacare, rotten as it is. Obama had a heavy Senate majority All devoted PC servants on his Subsidy plantation eager to bring him a mint julep on call, put in office by many citizens still alive and needy today. Trump does not and probably never will have such power. He will never be able to say oderint dum metuant, as much as he and his own fans, including me, would like it to be so.
    In my opinion he has to make the Senate and the House his constituents as much as the miners. Repealing the Obama dictatorship executive orders is not enough. He needs laws. Since he is a constitutional minded president, and unlike his predecessor, not seen as a cradle to grave advocate, he will have a harder time. The Senate is composed of willful men who never do anyone a favor unless they get one in return. The weaker he looks the less they fear, the more they can demand, wait longer, not the other way around. Politicians in general are fearful people dependent on local political issues only. They would have a hard time out in the private cold whereas Trump is rich and to them cares not as much about their jobs as they do. The R feel this. Resentment is not always rational. I'm sure some have wistful thoughts :How much better to have been a capo in the Clinton Famiglia than a waiter in Mar a Lago.
    Sure the press are swine but he has a habit of feeding them, and indeed they get rich oinking loudly as people come to look and throw them advertising turnips. He could make them poorer and thinner by toning down his dealings with them, make the nation rich in a permanent way by getting very difficult legislation passed. He will be remembered more for that, as Reagan has been all these many years, than his tweets, well maybe not, but it should be that way. He can do it.

    1. Got a few more years until 2020; we'll see if he sandpapers a few rears before that and gets things done.

      The problem with modern politics is expectations move at the speed of a *click* while the reality moves...much more...slowly.

      -Mikey NTH

    2. To get Congress to move on his agenda, Trump has two options: he can make Congressional Rethuglicans like him; or he can make them fear him. Fear is the more powerful of the two emotions, by far. For now, at least until the end of the summer, I think Trump should schmooze the Congressional power structure to try to persuade them to move his agenda forward. Come fall, however, he should start to apply pressure. He should put the awesome fear of The Donald into them. When it comes time for them to gear up their re-election campaigns in the spring of 2018, do they want DJT to be out front, standing on their side? Or do want him to be working behind the scenes against them? What's the surest road to re-election...and the hardest road to political unemployment? Do the calculus, my friends. Together Trump and Congressional Republicans can accomplish wonderful things. Don't blow it!

    3. If they don't get their butts in gear, they are going to get primaried and then beaten whether they survive the primary or not. Trump didn't win the election because he had an R behind his name.

    4. In 2018, 24 Democratic Senators are up for re-election, as opposed to 8 Republicans. Some of them are from states won by Trump. If McConnell has not stripped the filibuster by then, the GOP may have a super majority and will no longer have an excuse not to pass the President's proposed legislation.

      Of course, this presumes that they will have found a spine by then -- a bet only a fool would take.

  4. The original post and the comments are excellent. Thanks.

  5. An excellent pep talk, Big D, full of passion and facts. I'm not ready to start sending flowers to our R legislators just yet - Doc's comment above ends with true wisdom - but maybe they'll come around and go all-in for The Train. Although Ryan's comment about DJT being "new to this" pissed me off on several levels...

    Still, it's almost too easy to see this through the prism of athletics and understand that Mr. T has already created a Culture of Winning as the new head coach. Every game is a road game for us, with the MSM/pop culture/corrupted education system now openly rooting for the Proggies. But we're winners. We can point to significant achievements in our lives, won fairly and squarely, and thank God for them. What it took was a man to remind us of that, rally us, and fight. The louder the boos and profanity, the more we know they be skeered. As Herb Brooks kept exhorting during the 3rd period at Lake Placid versus the Rooskies: Play Your Game. We were good enough to win. And we did.

    We got this. Big D's killer close gets a hearty HEAR HEAR from this old athlete. This is our time. It's not their time. Their time is DONE. I'm getting sick and tired of hearing what a powerful party the Democrats have. Screw' em. This is OUR time. Now let's get out there and TAKE IT.

  6. Trump as Chairman of the Board -- my take.

  7. While I am leased with Trump's​ performance overall, I am very disappointed on my main issue of immigration. He said that he would repeal DACA "on day one"; instead, he now is singing a different song bout letting them stay. THAT is a major deal breaker for me and will influence both my support on other issues and my vote in 2020.

  8. The media: All unforced errors, all the time. Dems, too. I'm lovin' it.


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