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Friday, June 16, 2017

Trump: Liberate Cuba

Obama unilaterally threw away more than a half-century of Cuban policy. He did so to appease his professors at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard. He is indoctrinated, not educated.

President Trump today unilaterally changed Cuban policy back to what it was under Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43.

Trump realizes he is not smarter than nine presidents.

Obama? Well, like I said, he is indoctrinated, not educated.

In a speech in Little Havana in Miami today, President Trump did those nine presidents proud by calling for "the return of the cop-killer Joanne Chesimard."


For a fellow who is supposed to not know what he is doing, President Trump keeps making all the right moves.

From Reuters:
As Trump laid out his new Cuba policy in a speech in Miami, the White House announced plans to roll back parts of former President Barack Obama’s historic opening to the communist-ruled country after a 2014 diplomatic breakthrough between the two former Cold War foes.
But Trump was leaving many of Obama’s changes, including the reopened U.S. embassy in Havana, in place even as he sought to show he was making good on a campaign promise to take a tougher line against Cuba.
"We will not be silent in the face of communist oppression any longer," Trump told a cheering crowd in Miami’s Cuban-American enclave of Little Havana, including Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who helped forge the new restrictions on Cuba.
President Trump said: "We will not be silent in the face of communist oppression any longer."

The Cold War with Cuba and with North Korea have not ended, and will not end until those we sweep those communist regimes into the dustbin of history.

Reuters reported Americans with business interests in Cuba oppose standing up for freedom.

Too damned bad.

Need I remind my readers that Castro confiscated American property in Cuba?

Cuba did nothing to get the United States to ease its restrictions.

And guess what?

The people are still poor.

Let's go back to a policy that nine out of ten previous presidents endorsed.

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  1. I moved to SoFla 20 years ago. I've been saying since then that Cuba can be freed in five years. Step one, lift embargo. Step two, put it back after five years. Only then would it hurt. Cubans don't know what they are missing. The vast majority know nothing but living under the embargo and Castro.
    Maybe this small taste will be enough to create some change. But it probably won't be enough.

  2. In the Iran deal (aka the Iran steal), iranian assets siezed while the peanut farmer was president (no offense to farmers) were returned.
    But, how much of the assets of Americans owned in Iran were returned?
    Similarly, in Obambi's steal with the Cubans, how much compensation has been paid for asset theft in Cuba from Americans or others?

  3. "Cuba did nothing to get the United States to ease its restrictions.
    And guess what?
    The people are still poor."
    Cuba was prosperous up to 1958. Batista was a dictator. Fidel was a Communist dictator.

  4. The Cuban Revolution should serve as a warning for all would-be revolutionaries.

    Bautista was bad, but Castro was worse.

  5. As we are so often told (lectured, actually), the rest of the world doesn't have an embargo, so we shouldn't either.

    So, if the rest of the world doesn't embargo, why is Cuba still so poor?

  6. When I was working in a research lab in Boston in 1971 our glass washer was a Cuban. He had owned a record store in Havana and had been earnings 5000 a month before his business was sized by Castro. When I met him, He and his wife had 4 jobs between them. He worked for us, then went to clean planes at Logan, then had yet another job. His wife cleaned the houses of the Boston Rich 12 hrs a day. While most of our aquaintences, including me, were renting dumps to live in, he and his wife owned their own home. He hated Kennedy and the left. He didn't consider himself a "Latino" but a Cuban.
    Castro was a piece of Communist shit then, and later so were Obama and his supporters. They were in perfect synch. They despised the middle class. If they were Rich,corrupt leftists pretending to be men of the people with Che posters above the toilet, they did so because the middle class was not only boring to them but unfortunately necessary for the taxes needed to pay their own servants.. If they were poor, because they envied those who had more than them.
    Trump is hated because he has the moral values they both despise but pretend to admire.

  7. Yesterday, Trump did nothing for or against Cuba. No executive order, no details no nothing. He simply fired off a threat toward Raul Castro - just as he did with Kim Jong-Un.

    As best as can be determined, the only thing that supposedly stops is direct flights to Havana by Americans, from America - unless Cuban travel involves group flights (I presume that Donald has friends in the tourism business). Rush was happy that he can still get Cuban cigars and rum.

    So I guess it is not really true that Trump changed our Cuban policy back to be as it has been since the Missiles of October.

  8. Actually, I think Trump is smarter, but only because some Presidents weren't as bright as the media wanted people to believe.