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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trump doesn't lie about Muslims. Lefties upset

President Trump skipped hosting an end-of-Ramadan dinner. The Left is alarmed.

From Huffington Post:
Trump’s decision to skip hosting the dinner comes after he released a controversial statement meant to mark the beginning of Ramadan. Many members of the Muslim community condemned the message, which largely focused on terrorism.
“This year, the holiday begins as the world mourns the innocent victims of barbaric terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom and Egypt, acts of depravity that are directly contrary to the spirit of Ramadan,” read a White House statement issued in May. “Such acts only steel our resolve to defeat the terrorists and their perverted ideology.”
Trump’s remarks starkly contrast with those by then-President Barack Obama during Ramadan last year. In June 2016, Obama and then-first lady Michelle announced plans to host an Eid celebration in the White House and praised American Muslims for their contributions to the U.S.
“Muslim Americans have been part of our American family since its founding,” the Obamas wrote in a statement roughly five times longer than Trump’s Ramadan message. “We look forward to welcoming Americans from around the country to celebrate the holiday.”
Obama lied.

Flat out lied.

No Muslim had anything to do with the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.

The first mosque in the USA was built in Ross, North Dakota, in 1929.

This is a Christian nation, founded by Christians. This is the largest Christian nation in the world. We tolerate other religions, as well as agnostics, atheists, and Al Gore.

As far as a tradition dating to Jefferson, he held one such dinner in 1805, then I believe Clinton was the next in 1996. (Note: May not be true.)

Jefferson got us in our first overseas war.

The Barbary Wars.

With Muslims.

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  1. Jefferson did not hold such a dinner, ever. He never would have done so. He and Adams met with a barbary ambassador in London who shockingly told them that islam and allah authorized him to make war on American merchant shipping and enslave the survivors. Jefferson would never have honored such a religion. If Jefferson later as president moved the arriving muslim ambassador's dinner to evening, it was not a religious dinner but merely an accommodation so the man who would not eat during daytime
    could eat at their first meeting.

    1. @Don: Can you fix the unbounded ignorance of Andrea Mitchell? I know, I know, it's too big a task for one man.

  2. Jefferson did not even host an Iftar dinner. Another lefty lie. He hosted Muslims at dinner at the time of Iftar where they asked to postpone dinner from late afternoon to evening. Jefferson agreed to do it as a courtesy.

    Jefferson didn't do it as a celebration, he didn't make any announcement, etc. He was in a war situation with the Barbary States and certainly wasn't doing some respectful celebration. It was just a courtesy at the time. Because they wouldn't eat otherwise.

    That somehow Jefferson's dinner was a pre-cursor and analgoue to what Obama did as a celebration is a misrepresentation.


    1. The story of Islamists in America, as told by Leftists, is at times completely disingenuous, and most often entirely fabricated.
      You have to go back to history to find a true description of Mohammedan character. And it hasn't changed in 1400 years. They are the same raiders who came out of the desert and infected the world, only now they have guns and bombs.

  3. Perhaps Mitchell really meant William JEFFERSON Clinton was the first to hold such a dinner. [/sarc]

  4. Let the Left be alarmed. It's GOOD for them. It's great for us.

  5. No one hates Muslims more than other Muslims, and many die during their "holy days". Trump was right to say what he did about Ramadan. The feigned outrage by the left is only a false flag to help keep Muslims in the left voting camp. In fact, this is hardly necessary, since they will never vote any other way. Obama opened the immigration doors wide to create another reliable voting cadre for his corrupt party to manipulate, which they fully intend to do.
    I have been going to the UK and France for 50 years in a continuous fashion. The unquestioning indulgence of Islam by their politicians has made their citizens in the big cities hostages to its wilful nature, and they now cannot escape. Too late, they tell me.
    The left here cares not about a real past, only a fabrication useful to their ends. A few years before he died following a series of strokes, an unusually pleasant picture of Lenin sitting alone on a park bench was taken by a court photographer and disseminated widely. After his death Stalin had an image of himself inserted next to Lenin in that photograph to bolster his own popularity as he struggled with political enemies, all of whom he eventually killed or exiled, or in the case of Trotsky, both.
    Obama was photoshopping history in a similar way pretending himself to be the moral heir to a far greater man than he and whose seat he had,unfortunately, assumed long after his death. Orwell called such fabrication the memory hole, and that it would be except for the likes of many better informed about history, on this blog at least.

  6. I certainly hope Jefferson served the excellent Virginia Ham.

  7. According to Infogalactic, Hillary Clinton started that "tradition": "On 20 February 1996, Hillary Clinton welcomed Muslims in a reception dinner at the Old Executive Office Building. Clinton described it as an historic event, saying that: "Eid Mubarak. I want to welcome you all to the White House as you and Muslims all over the world celebrate the end of Ramadan. I am honored so many of you could take the time to share part of this holy month with us. This is a historic occasion–the first Eid Celebration ever at the White House...."