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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Trump the Civil Rights Commission

President Trump needs to disband the U.S. Civil Rights Commission after the agency went one step beyond the Twilight Zone, and smack dab into the outer limits on Friday.

From Breitbart:
The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights says it is launching a two-year “comprehensive assessment” into the Trump administration, in light of proposed budget cuts and staff eliminations that it says will cause the civil rights of people of color, the LGBT community, and other “marginalized” groups to be at risk.
According to a press release, the commission, which was created in 1957 as an independent agency that advises Congress and the president on civil rights matters, unanimously approved the investigation.
The press statement says the commission is especially concerned with what it perceives as the Department of Justice “minimizing its civil rights efforts” by placing ICE officers in courthouses and by not emphasizing the need for protection for the LGBT community or the disabled.
Washington created the group to advise on the civil rights of African-Americans.

Within a decade, those goals were achieved.

Now a half-century later, the commission is a Star Chamber.

If a president created it, a president can abolish it.

If not, Congress can and Congress must. We elected Trump president, not a secretive agency that sees itself as the overseer of all federal agencies.

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  1. I recall an instance 40 years ago in New Mexico when a government member of some of some commission sent a letter of resignation to Gov. Dave Cargo. HE returned it, saying it wasn't a governor's commission. The man then sent it to the legislature, which did the same. The man stopped attending meetings.

    So, let Trump get with Congress and both disestablish the commission

  2. OK, it was nigh-on 50 years ago (how quickly we forget). And sometime later, I read that "Mickey Mouse wears a Dave Cargo watch."

  3. In 1994 the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 was abolished but we got the USDA’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS) which "administers programs that provide much-needed infrastructure or infrastructure improvements to rural communities. These include water and waste treatment, electric power and telecommunications services. All of these services play a critical role in helping to expand economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for rural residents.:
    It never dies, just finds a new venture to oversee.

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  5. Don, I keep saying that Donald Trump is the greatest cockroach exterminator ever. There is something about the man that makes all these cockroaches rush out of their hiding places and hurl themselves into the sunlight. They all have a terrible need to talk, even Comey. I read a retired detectives comment once saying that all criminals have an ego and most simply have to talk and that's how they get caught. CDM

  6. "Protection FOR the LGBT community"? Don't make me f---ing laugh. The Pride March morphing into an anti-Trump hate fest? Forced transgender bathrooms? Antifa Butch dykes with baseball bats? Silly pieces of sh--. What I see is that we need protection FROM the LGBT community.

  7. DC isn't a swamp. It's a malignancy.

  8. Cut off the money. De-Fund it. How many will do this "work" on their own time and dime. No one.

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