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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Time to end The Resistance

The Resistance is putrid.

Yesterday morning, an activist in The Resistance tried to kill as many Republican congressmen as he could while they practiced for a baseball game.

This is not who we are.

The time has come to end The Resistance.

The movement stands against everything that is decent about America: fair play, good sportsmanship, shaking hands and working together for the good of the country once the election is over.

But Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton failed to do their duty as Americans after the election.

Instead of a peaceful transfer of power, Obama spied on the incoming administration -- and lied about a non-existent Russian connection, as he sowed the seeds of hatred, division, and ruin.

No president -- not even James Buchanan -- was as spiteful, petty, and mean-spirited as he upon departing the White House.

Obama repaid with bitterness the graciousness with which the Bush administration departed the world stage.

Hillary's rhetoric is beyond the pale, as she says she is part of The Resistance.

How dare she? The Resistance stood against Nazis.

How dare she imply that 62 million Americans are Nazis simply because they stopped her election?

This has gone on too long.

The time has come for decent people of all ages, all colors, all religions, and both sexes to rise and say enough is enough.

We the People must shame and shun those who refuse to accept the election results on November 8.

If you do not accept the results of the election, then you cede your place in the public square.

Go home.

People in masks who threaten (or commit) violence are terrorists.

They, their organizations, and their financiers must be brought to justice.

The press needs to do its job and begin holding the Democratic Party accountable for the acts of violence by the Antifa fascists. The Democratic Party has hoodlums in masks stopping the opposition from holding peaceful rallies.

Americans are better than this.

Instead of enabling a civil war, the media should do its job and demand that both Obama and Hilary denounce The Resistance once and for all.

On Wednesday morning, The Resistance fired its first shot.

Let us hope that is its last.

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  1. Pretty obvious now. All of their calls for civility in politics were merely an attempt to shut us up. Now they want to shoot us up.
    The more I think about the shooter and how he's from Illinois, which is sliding inexorably into bankruptcy, I think his personal situation probably had a lot to do with this snap. Unemployed. Believing the world owes him a living; and seeing the cradle to grave social democracy he thought would always be there for him collapsing he was left with only the rage he'd been fed by his political mentors, the mass media and leftists.

  2. Obama and Hillary and their fellow travelers were so busy transforming America they didn't see this election result coming. They refuse to accept reality and have not been able to regain the power they crave by nonviolent means. All indications are that they want a war. - Elric

  3. We didn't start this, but we sure as hell will finish it. The course of human events has led to this place. I would remind the Left that the military reports to Mr. Trump, not to you fick sucks, and that "enemies" are defined as being both foreign and domestic. God and the Constitution are on our side. Your party booed God as it murdered His pre born children. We do not relish what is about to transpire, but you have left us with no other choice. God bless the Republic of the United States.

  4. "Resistance"?

    Given the way they protect and enable Islamofascists, surely the Left are more collaborationist than resistance.

    1. The French Resistance was riddled with collaborators, Communists, and anti-semites.

  5. For everyone's sake Steve Scalise better turn that corner.


  6. This is not who we are.

    I say this with tongue firmly in cheek, but I hope you have a mouse in your pocket, Mr. Surber.

    "They" are not part of "we" anymore. There is a pretty good chance that "they" have never been part of "we."

    The first step to surviving the mayhem these animals are trying to precipitate is to get your head right. If you insist on seeing the enemy as human beings, that is your prerogative, but know that they will take full advantage of your misconception as they have been taking advantage since long before any of us here was born.

    Vermin is as vermin does.

  7. The problem is the Fake News Media is the propaganda arm of the resistance. GOC

  8. Thank God for the incompetence of the Leftists.

    I mean, some fifty rounds, surprise on the gunman's side, a clear field of fire ... and one, count it, ONE serious injury.

    Again, Thank God, that goes without saying ... but any range officer would kick the ass of any clown with such bozo marksmanship.

  9. The Resistance needs to be rolled up by the FBI. Don't think that'll happen, though.

    1. The Resistance needs some Voltage, man. Or is it Amperage? Either way, break out the electrodes.