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Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Battle of London II

The German chancellor capitulated and France fell. Both are now police states where citizens dare not speak against the foreign invaders who rape their women and otherwise terrorize them. Most of Europe is like that now as the old white people try to play nice with the Muslim horde that wants to convert the cathedrals into mosques.

The Muslims have turned back the clock a thousand years.

The modern Constantinoples are about to become Istanbul. Capitulation is happening quickly, for the liberals - Marxists, really -- have opened the gates of city after city while demanding silence from their terrified citizenry.

Germany, France, and most of the original NATO Europe have capitulated. The Dutch want to crucify Geert Wilders for daring to speak out. The French attacked Bridgette Bardot -- a symbol of French post-war freedom - for speaking out against the invasion.

London, where residents foolishly elected a Muslim as mayor, is next. His election was not a victory for multicultural diversity.

This was a win for Satan. The Lord Mayor of Londonistan wants people to accept terrorism by Muslims. Terrorism happens, he says. He opposes President Trump, who has been 100 percent correct on Muslim terrorism.

The attacks last night were the latest in a string of such attacks designed to frighten the populace into submission. This attack was a professional paramilitary attack planned to consolidate progress already made by Muslims in bullying the British.

Westminster in March, Manchester in May, London Bridge in June -- there is a plan to scare Britain into submission.

This is not happenstance.

This is not spontaneous.

This is an insurgency.

Part of their plan is co-opting the media into talking make believe nonsense about lone wolves and Islamophobia.

Did Churchill ever warn us about Naziphobia?

Jesus Christ!

And that is exactly what the problem is in England and Europe. They have abandoned Christ in favor of some post-Christian a-religious mess of agnosticism, atheism, and neo-paganism.

Believe in Christ or Judaism and be saved. Otherwise, get out your prayer rug. You and your children and their progeny are about to enter the seventh century A.D.

The American reaction - which is all I really care about -- was typical of these events that are becoming too common. NBC News refused to report that Trump called it terrorism because NBC could not verify his statement.

President Trump's credibility is far higher than the news media. This is why. NBC misled -- again. It was a terrorist attack by Muslims against infidels designed to frighten us into submission.

Not only did NBC with its Fake News about the president -- implying he lied -- aid and abet this terrorism, so did all those "good" Muslims who are silently going along with the program.

In the 16 years since 9/11 we have attacked waged a half-hearted war against terrorists that has been costly in lives, treasure, and prestige but has not seemed to have slowed the plague. (I believe it has slowed it, by the way.)

NATO leaders knew in 2001 they had to fight the terrorists in Afghanistan. And they did. And I am grateful for that.

But now they have forgotten to fight terrorists in Berlin, Paris, and London. They want to change the subject to carbon dioxide. It is as if Merkel, Macron, and May were bought off by rich Muslims.

However, the lesson in Constantinople's collapse is that those who helped the Muslims were also raped and murdered in that two day carnage in the city which saw the Hagia Sophia "convert" from being a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica to an imperial mosque.

None will be spared this time either.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Let us take courage. Let us never give up. Press on everybody.

    1. No, press on the Left. Gutenberg style.

      The neutralization of the Left is a necessary prerequisite to the saving of our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

  2. There must be retribution for judges who delayed the travel bans if a terrorist attack occurs in the US that can be attributed to the delay.

    1. Just remove their security detail.

      Whatever could happen to such as they, beloved by all?

  3. Nailed it, Don has. Jim, too.

  4. One must hope May has at least a bit of Maggie in her. If not, all is lost.

    1. She has 2 X chromosomes but that is it.
      Today she plunged immediately to he lowest level of moral degradation to blame an inanimate object, the internet, for Britain's problem while saying at the​ same time no amount of government military or police work could solve the problem. She didn't mention changing laws that govern her now feckless society​. The fearless values of Western equity the Brits always promoted themselves as creating will now only exist in the small country towns where mosques are hard to find and people still mostly work for a living.

    2. May- and the other quislings like her- will blame the Internet because then they can call for more censorship.

      The censorship won't be of moslems advocating murder, or of islamists circulating videos of their bloody terrorism of course; it will be censorship of anyone who wants to point out who the instigators of the violence are. The hammer will come down hard on those on the Right.
      It's similar to the Kabuki theater in airports, where muslims in burkas go through without inspection while elderly nuns get strip-searched.

      It's a one-way street, and that won't change- until some politicians get the fear of God put into them!

    3. May's a political opportunist.

      But even the dumbest hound can follow the scent once it's shown to them.

    4. Don't blame it on ISIS
      Don't blame it on Al Qaeda
      Don't blame it on the Taliban
      Blame it on the internet

      Michael Jackson, we need you back!

  5. The last time we were subject to suicide attacks we solved the problem by dropping a couple of atomic bombs. Just sayin'.

  6. I thought Britain had got its ball$ back with the Brexit vote, but it's pretty clear to me that is not the case. It will prove a lot harder for the Brits to give the finger to the "Asian" Jihadists the way they did to the white Europeans in Brussels. As one commenter presciently wrote here the other day, the countryside folk may recognize the danger the country faces, but how will they overcome the city dwellers---now mostly foreigners---who show no interest in preserving the heart and soul of British culture and history that made it the great Empire that once strode the world?

    1. Can you spell: Civil War? :-(

    2. When worms finally turn, they tend to overcompensate for their previous lack of strength and resolve.

      Just look at "The Terror" of Revolutionary France.

      England's Muslims may yet come to regret clustering close together in the inner city areas, that can be relatively easily be surrounded by electric fences.

    3. I was thinking of walling the city too - to keep them IN, along with those that enabled their conquest of the city(s) in the first place. I'm sure they'd enjoy each other' respective company.

  7. The problem is the elites and globalist do not pay any price for their destructive agenda being forced upon the masses. They still have their power, elite status and money. Until the masses find a way to take that away from them, we are destine to suffer at their (elites) hands. Islam is not the problem; It's globalism and elitism that has created this in the Western world.

    1. I'd argue the Islam (at least the militant forms if it) are taking advantage of the situation that the elites have foisted upon us... Anyone for chaining a few of those elites to the outside of the city gates?

    2. "Anyone for chaining..."

      What by? "Thumbs" would be an unsatisfactory option.

  8. In his 2008 book "Caliphate", Tom Kratman predicted a Europe in the state it is now ... and beyond.

    In his book, London suffers a terrorist nuclear explosion which takes out the Government and the monarch, but the grandson of the Queen survives and joins with the military to head a new emergency government. They drag all the old car hovercraft out of mothballs, round up their "problem citizens" and progressively dump them on French beaches.

    1. Sounds like a job for Prince Harry. That guy is badass.

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  10. Well, if you were a globalist and did not want the focus to be on your centralization of power, what kind of 'distraction' would you cause?

    Terrorism has its very useful purposes to them. They can also use it to justify invasion of privacy and increasing the police state. And behind their walls, they never suffer for it.

  11. The only way to get rid of Islamic terrorism is to get rid of all Muslims. Period. No excuses. No exceptions. Send them back to Muslim countries. - Elric