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Thursday, June 01, 2017

The attempted coup continues

From the Sun:
Nigel Farage ‘named as a person of interest in massive FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia’
The headline shows the press, Democrats, Republicans, and the federal government not only want to destroy President Trump, but any and all associated with him.

That is the real story.

The FBI has no business investigating Farage.


His only crime was standing up to the globalists who want to concentrate all European political power in Brussels.

But daily, the message from Washington is that they are going to destroy Trump so you had better not go near him.

Why are my tax dollars paying for these Nazis to wreck the duly elected president?

President Trump should find out who is investigating him and fire them all for wasting the time and money of Americans for this political witch hunt.

Guess what? The only people who believe this Russia nonsense are 9/11 truthers.

In America, Trump supporters tuned out the media not last week, not last week, not last month, but long before last year.

We do not buy the Fake News about golden showers and the like.

We tuned out the media when George Will insisted in December 2015 that Trump was running to help get Hillary elected.

Later, Will voted for Hillary.

Our moral and intellectual leaders have spoken.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Now wait a minute, Mr. Surber. Let's be honest. The Donald himself flirted with 911 trutherism during the campaign.

    And did Will (whom I loathe) really say, in so many words, that he was voting for Hillary?

    Mark S.

  2. Imagine fighting WWII with the media leaking all our military secrets on a daily basis.

    1. They'd only do it once.

      Because the relatives of those in harm's way ... basically EVERYONE in those days ... would tear them to pieces. Then they'd tear the pieces into pieces.

      And the cops wouldn't stop them, because they'd be joining in.

    2. They did leak information during WWII.

      The Chicago Tribune was one of the biggest leaders.

  3. If anyone had a lick of sense they'd know that there is no such thing as an official "person of interest" with the FBI.

    But, it sounds soooooo good, no?

    "...not only want to destroy President Trump, but any and all associated with him."


    They're also piling on because May's party has lost a few points from her ineptitude at handling the UK security. With good right. She squanders conservatism and sovereignty at every turn.

    It almost Sounds like: "Marxists Died in a Bloody Car Crash" if you play it backwards real slow.

    1. Hahaha Russell...good one! Turn me on dead men, turn me on dead men...

  4. Hillary Clinton's descent into madness (Macedonians?!) rather refutes the MSM's claim that Trump was the whackadoodle candidate.

  5. Those who CLAIM to be "Our moral and intellectual leaders have spoken." FIFY.

  6. Be prepared for massive rioting on July 2nd by the traitorous leftard orcs of Soros and the rest of his ilk.

    They are not going to stop until they are forced to.

  7. I would regard being named as a person of interest as an honor. - Elric

  8. I wonder whether Michael Hayden is a "leaker."