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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Leave Britney alone, Russian hackers

Russians could not hack the election for Hillary (which is why she is angry).

Was it deliberate or incompetence?

My gut instinct was the latter. Criminals are rather stupid, and I figured the hackers were just people who could not make it as programmers.

But a new scandal shows that maybe they had the power to fix the election for her, but after hearing her screeching cackle laugh decided, oh hell no.

And the deal was off.

Because they can do things.

From Yahoo News: "Britney Spears’s Instagram Was the Target of Russian Hackers."

The key paragraph: "Engadget revealed that Britney’s Instagram account was the target of Russian hackers. According to a report from Slovakian IT security firm ESET, a group of hackers with alleged ties to Russia posted a comment under one of Spears’s photos that looked like a spam message, but the message actually hid secret codes that were a test run for a more targeted attack."

The Russian hackers -- who are the 21st century Gremlins who used to destroy equipment in World War II -- went after Britney before! From the story: "In 2016, Spears was the target of a public hoax after hackers gained access to the Twitter accounts of Sony Music and Bob Dylan and claimed she had died."

Meanwhile, Warriors fans blamed last night's playoff loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Russian hack---

No, it was NBA refs. They are so stuck in the '90s.

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