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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Keep giving Democrats bad advice, media

The media erased any doubts about a media bias this morning in its coverage of the two special elections for Congress. One race they ignored completely. In the other, they ignored the result.

The media's concentrated on the Georgia congressional race, in which big corporations and rich people from the Left Coast poured in $40 million or so on behalf of Democrat Jon Ossoff. Kellyanne Conway tweeted last night: "laughing my Ossoff."

From the National Journal:
Handel’s Victory Shows Limits of Trump Card
To recapture the House, Democrats need to win over Republican voters skeptical of the president. Despite all of Trump’s problems, that hasn’t happened yet.
The Washington journalists are concerned about the Democrats.

Keep it up.


This was a proxy battle for November 6, 2018. Both sides will make adjustments.

But the media does not.

The rich and powerful elites in the media and their underpaid, starry-eyed flunkies on their staffs that the only people do not realize that the only people who listen to them now are Democrats.

How did that work last year? Not only in the presidential race, but in the Senate. Democrats had 24 opportunities to flip a Republican seat and picked up only two.

How did things work out in those state races? County commissioner? County surveyor?

The media's adulation of Obama came at a heavy price for Democrats and the media. Both were destroyed on November 8.

No White House. No Senate. No House. No Supreme Court.

Not quite yet in Cleveland Browns territory, Democrats nevertheless keep making bad draft choices.

I know it is legal, but why did they run someone who did not live in the district?

But the Washington Post claimed victory:
Republicans held on in Tuesday's special election in Georgia, securing a big victory in a much-watched race.
But as I argued Tuesday, it's easy to overstate the significance of a special election in one out of 435 congressional districts — especially a highly unique one that shifted so bigly between the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections. And the totality of special elections this year is still painting an increasingly clear picture: Democrats are over-performing, even if they aren't winning the big ones.
Call it “moral victories” or whatever you want; it's still a form of clear progress.
It's been true in a strong majority of special elections so far this year (except Georgia), from Kansas to Montana to a lower-profile congressional race Tuesday in South Carolina to a slate of state legislative races.
Except Georgia.

That was where Democrats spent all their money. They spent $40 million or so on Georgia and got 48.1% of the vote. They turned 20 bottles in for deposit and spent that money in South Carolina and got 47.9% of vote.

Am I missing something?

Moral victories. Clear progress.

The media is out of touch. If the media were in touch, it would realize how far out in left field the Democratic Party is. Instead, the media sees the Democratic Party as mainstream.

So we wind up with thousands of stories that say Russia rigged the election. How does this convince Trump voters of anything except the accusers are crazy? Trump voters know two things: they elected him, and they are not Russian.

Who is the media talking to? The diehard Democrats?

If the media did its job right, the political conversation would be about Trump's triumphs, contrasting them with Obama's at this point.

The stock markets soared since we elected Trump. Without spending a dime on a stimulus, Trump has watched the unemployment figure drop, and employment hit an all-time high.

Obama spent $787 billion dollars -- nearly a million million bucks -- on a stimulus that did nothing.

Instead we get stories about this week's batch of anonymous leaks that nobody cares about except maybe half the Beltway. There are diminishing returns on this nuttiness. Look for post-election depression finally kicking in after Georgia.

From that National Journal story:
Here’s why their math is more daunt­ing today. Demo­crats need to net 24 House seats next year to gain a ma­jor­ity. Han­del’s dis­trict is the 28th-most Demo­crat­ic dis­trict that Re­pub­lic­ans hold (based on Clin­ton’s vote per­cent­age in 2016).
The big tell that the race wasn’t as fa­vor­able for Demo­crats as the early con­ven­tion­al wis­dom was when Os­soff’s paid mes­saging nev­er men­tioned Pres­id­ent Trump, and barely men­tioned the GOP’s health care ef­forts — des­pite the up­roar against both in Wash­ing­ton. Demo­crats saw polling, con­firmed by good shoe-leath­er re­port­ing, that the dis­trict’s skep­ti­cism of Trump was not nearly as red-hot as most people ex­pec­ted, based on cable news cov­er­age.

The daily deluge of stories against Trump are not working.

The propaganda is not flipping Trump voters.

The propaganda is not suppressing their votes.

The propaganda is doing one thing: annealing his voters to President Trump.

When you corner the bear, he is at his most dangerous.

Eight years ago, at this point, the media praised Barack Obama to the point of "get a room."

In the next election, voters shellacked his party as his voters stayed home, and the tea party stayed angry.

The National Journal piece ended:
One fi­nal note: The Paul Ry­an-aligned Con­gres­sion­al Lead­er­ship Fund su­per PAC played a pivotal role in lead­ing the op­pos­i­tion against Os­soff, set­ting the stage for a GOP mes­sage that from the out­set por­trayed the Demo­crat as a not ready-for-prime­time Pelosi aco­lyte. All told, the su­per PAC spent over $7 mil­lion on the race. More im­port­antly, it showed that an out­side group can run a soph­ist­ic­ated ground game, identi­fy­ing tens of thou­sands of Re­pub­lic­an voters who didn’t par­ti­cip­ate in the first round but turned out en masse Tues­day night.
The group’s ag­gress­ive play­book is be­ing rep­lic­ated in nu­mer­ous swing dis­tricts across the coun­try, and will be a force to reck­on with next Novem­ber.
Paul Ryan is 47.

Nancy Pelosi is 77.

Steny Hoyer is 78.

If the media wants to help Democrats, it had better start age-shaming them. They are ossified. And Kellyanne Conway is laughing her Ossoff.

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  1. Today the leftists favorite philosophers said the lesson from Ossoffoffing was moderation and "kindness" are worthless for the Democrats: to go complete commie and wear the Bandiera Rossa is the only correct path to victory. Which is what I hope they do. 1968 all over again, or so I hope

  2. "If the media were in touch, it would realize how far out in left field the Democratic Party is."

    There is a large hole in the left field wall where the Democrat Party and media crashed through it. I don't think they'll ever be able to find their way back into the ballpark. - Elric

    1. Yep! The Dems and their media minions are outside the park waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
      beyond the left-field beachers, out in Looney Tuneville. Without the LT humor and music.

    The people listening to the victory speech get it.

  4. You might not want to visit one of the sites below if you're co-dependent on safespaces, but facts are facts--even if no one talks about them. If you look at DecisiondeskHQ's county election map here:

    And compare it to the race demographic here:

    You have a high enough correlation to get what you get in GA06 last night. If you look at a welfare/benefit map, something similar to the above pops up. ATL is no different than any entitlement enclave in the US. They just happen to be bicoastal.

    Not a word about that.

    To quote the media's set-up, prior to the atomic sledge hammer last night: "The most highly educated and affluent district (prepares to destroy the Trump mandate)." Hmmmm...sounds like a potential bitch slap to the trailer trash beer swilling redneck open carry heathens.


    The Party of Welfare Platform still works, depending on where you look and how much gerrymandering you pull can off under the Obama courts and how much cheating they get away with. Ask Scott Walker.

    One soccer mom interviewed by a local ATL Fox station in GA06 yesterday said just that--"I don't want to be in the welfare party." Some still do.

  5. GA 6 was recently redistricted to include some of DeKalb County to give the Demos a better shot.

    With no incumbent, they still lost.

  6. I know it is legal, but why did they run someone who did not live in the district?

    Johnny Football was not available.

    1. My wife and I (who live in GA6) are asking the same question. Surely they could have found a better-prepared and more-qualified candidate who lived in the district. My guess is that someone at the DNC owed Hank Johnson a favor (Ossoff worked for Johnson), or they put Pelosi's Pool Boy up there to try and get the young girl and lonely housewife vote. It worked in DeKalb County, but he got his rear end kicked in Cobb and they offset each other, and Handel beat him in Fulton.

    2. Because the cuckolded white male is the poster child for Democrats. In short, he fit the stereotype they wanted.

  7. All good comments, y'all, especially the demo breakdown stuff. Cue up Charlie Daniels' The South's Gonna Do It Again. This tactic to try and erase history (flag, statues, etc.) ain't workin for ya in Dixie, Demmies.

  8. The Washington journalists remind me of the Washington Generals