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Friday, June 16, 2017

Jobs for jihadists in London

Muslim terrorists have struck Britain three times so far this year (Westminster, Manchester, and the London Bridge).

That is not by happenstance. Government programs make it so.

Not only are British politicians importing thousands of Muslims to their non-Muslim land, but they also ban police from certain Muslim neighborhoods -- no go zones that are breeding grounds for jihadists.

Not only that, but at least one self-declared jihadist received a job working security for Crossrail (Britain's high frequency, high-speed rail system) after threatening the prime minister.

From the Telegraph:
An Islamic State fanatic emailed the Prime Minister's office threatening to "wage jihad" before being given a job guarding the Crossrail project, a court heard today.
Shamim Ahmed, 24, who once threatened to blow up a bookshop for selling the Charlie Hebdo magazine, wagged his finger at Judge John Bevan QC and warned him: "Give me 20 years, I will come out the enemy."
Ahmed had sent death threats to staff at The French Bookshop in South Kensington on January 17, 2015 with the subheading: "Protect your neck while you are still alive."
The former security guard accused the bookshop of selling the satirical magazine "against Muslims" just days after the massacre and said they would face 'major retaliation' if they continued to stock it.
He then made two threatening phone calls to the shop on 22 January, telling the owner: "I'm going to come and stab you, I'm going to come right away and blow up the shop: I'm not afraid of the police, I'm a Muslim."
This is lunacy.

Maybe there is method to this madness.

Maybe British politicians see mayhem as their friend, because protecting the country and its culture from invaders who refuse to assimilate does not seem very high on the British government's list of priorities.

My greatest fear is soon this will be the saying in the United States: "I'm not afraid of the police, I'm a Muslim."

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  1. They're already saying it. They're not afraid of the police. Many of them want to die a martyr's death. I'm pretty sure there are no-go zones in the U.S. Dearborn, Michigan comes to mind. And they're still bringing more of them into the country. It's cultural and eventually national suicide. How can we get them to stop? - Elric

    1. As long as there is a Democrat Party in the US, they will never stop coming. In France they vote 100% Socialist and will do the same here. With a few exceptions, most are without ambition, always consider themselves "other".
      The Democrat Party has abandoned the ideas of "country", "nationality" and "assimilation" per se because it is losing power among older, wealthier, whiter citizens. Muslims in the UK and France end up mostly packed into Urban jungles partly because they are poor and undereducated, but not only do they rarely exert enough effort to escape their milieu but their Mullah rulers find it easier to control them there and discourage any effort leave. Similar things will likely happen here in Urban settings.

  2. "I'm not afraid of the police, I'm a Muslim."

    OMG! How can any British cop look at themselves in the mirror after seeing that.

  3. Pair or triple up the police, arm them with guns, including long guns, and suddenly they will be feared.

    1. The Brit cops don't want to carry guns my friends there tell me. No specific reason given. Lately, you may notice in both France and the UK, none of these terrorists at the scene have been captured alive. The cops are shooting them dead, even using automatic fire,- possibly a first in the UK- and there have been no SJW complaints​. Perhaps neutralizing the threat of suicide vests is the reason, as the Israelis know, but it just may be this is the "message" the police authorities now wish to send that their politicans are too cowardly to say in public: assault and die.

  4. oderint dum metuant

    1. One of my faves

    2. I like it, too. But I'm partial to "Islam delenda est".

  5. The Brits are being sold down the river by their government. So is most of Europe, too.

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