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Monday, June 05, 2017

I refuse to be "one" with London

Pardon my bluntness, but I am not "one" with London today. I prayed for London before. To what avail? They learned nothing from 7/7, Westminster, and other attacks.

On Saturday night, three Muslims plowed into people on a bridge in London, and stabbed a few more people. I feel sorry for the victims, but London? No. I don't. Londoners elected an anti-Western Muslim as mayor.

If people are going to be that stupid, then why bother trying to help them?

The problem is not political correctness but cowardice. I saw plenty of London Blitz photos and references on Twitter yesterday -- often with barbs aimed at our president.

This was how Londoners told themselves they were brave.

But on Saturday night they ran. Went home. Tweeted nasty things about our president for calling it terrorism.

They were terrified of course when they ran from danger, but courageous when out of harm's way.

Really, I do not care what they say about my president.

Londonstan no longer matters. Visited it in 1977, and always intended to go back, but now: why?

The British -- and many if not most Americans -- would rather live in terror than discomfort.

Asking Muslim immigrants to leave most of their religious baggage at home before entering our country makes people uncomfortable.

So, we have these lefty cretins who just a few years ago wanted the United States to "do something" (vague as to what that was) about female genital mutilation in third world hellholes now protesting efforts to ban it in Michigan, Minnesota, and other places that Muslim migrants are turning into third world helholes.

This is not religious discrimination. We made the Mormons give up polygamy before we let Utah become a state.

Sure, some religious sects are allowed to run their own communities. The Amish aren't marrying off 9-year-olds and scissoring their private parts. And they drink beer, so there's that too.

But sharia law? No way. They can bring their prayer rugs but they will have to leave the law to civil authorities.

Of course, the globalists chant Ellis Island, Ellis Island, Ellis Island.

Let me tell you about Ellis Island. It was a screening center. We used it to keep out the miscreants, the physically unfit, and other drags on society, including anarchists.

America was not holding an Open House for Europe. We had quotas. We only wanted people to come to America who wanted to be American.

Britain did the same thing.

It no longer does.

It gets bombed.

People run home. calm down, tweet mean things about Trump, then send flowers, teddy bears and balloons top the site of the tragedy the next day.

Keep Calm?


Get angry. Demand leaders protect the damned nation from invaders. Close the Chunnel. Send the police to "no go zones" and clean out the varmints. If necessary, intern the 25,000 Muslim terrorist suspects at billionaire J.K. Rowling's palatial mansion. They are her kind of people.

Until then, I ain't standing with London.

Too dangerous. When Londoners decide to fight terrorism, let me know.

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  1. I have a letter written by my grandfather. On his first day in America, he left Ellis Island with his sponsor and signed up for English lessons. He never got too good with it, but well enough to support his family as a waiter.

  2. Our political and intellectual "betters" have dumped on the citizenry for far too long, in the U.S. and in Europe. They sowed the wind and the average man I the street reaps the whirlwind. Islam is incompatible with Western civilization. Send them back to the Muslim countries from whence they came. ASAP. - Elric

  3. The Brits disarmed their subjects. The Muslims didn't.

    1. The London bobbies seem to be getting their Dirty Harry groove on though, despite their limp-wristed superiors.

      Those terrorist SOBBs went down in a "hail of more than 50 bullets".

      For the English, that's going Bonnie and Clyde on their asses.

  4. If Brits won't fight, forget them. Some will, the renegades, but the manginas won't.

    1. Soviets had barrage battalions of Chekists behind them, to shoot them down if they dared to retreat.

      Western European elitist governments do that to their own people if they dared to make an ADVANCE against the enemy.


      At the moment.

  5. When they fully and critically saturate the urban areas, and then some committee that represents the Western world decides "it's enough", it will look like Mosul on kerosene and liquid oxygen.

    I'm talking over here.

    The UK is gone.

    1. Actually, the inner city clusters of the individuals in question in Western European cities might make the problem easier to handle, once the resolve is there.

      Electric fences round the perimeter. You want out, you get out ... in small groups, with an armed escort to take you to the border.

  6. My wife's grandfather came from Lithuania, and he had to sign under oath that he wasn't going to overthrow the government, had to tell them where he was going and who he'd be staying with, where he would be working, etc. and the whole document was in English. Now, we don't care about any of that, nor does all of Europe. London had it coming, and so do we until we can get our arms around this mess.

  7. I await the debate in the UK over implementing common sense gun regulations. Not what they have now, which requires otherwise adults to cower in fear under tables, looking for chairs and bottles to defend themselves. Just not holding my breath.

  8. I'm trying to think of a good analogy to describe just how feckless I think is the British approach to protecting themselves against terrorist attacks. So, I got to thinking of Great Britain as an airplane, and British customs & immigration as the equivalent to the TSA. As I see it the situation, in the interest of security---while ignoring the historical precedents established by previous terrorist attacks---British authorities have decided to allow potential terrorists to board their island airplane but they promise (cross their hearts, hope you die) to watch those suspicious characters oh so carefully to make sure they don't bring the plane down in a fiery explosion. Now, from the point of view of protecting airline passengers from a mass death, does this make sense to you? It sure doesn't make sense to me. Wouldn't it make more sense to keep the terrorists off the planes in the first place, with something like a, ummmm.....a "Travel Ban"?

  9. A correct diagnosis is essential to insuring correct treatment.

    It's Islamic terrorism. Name it as such.

    1. The Muslim mayor of London seems to be madder at Donald Trump than at the terrorists. The way he's flinging tweets across the Pond you'd think it was Trump, not fellow Muslims, who murdered those people in cold blood. I guess that's one way to deny personal blame or responsibility for the attack, but as more and more details come out, it becomes clear it was the direct result of a catastrophic failure of British intelligence, compounded by decades of a misguided national immigration policy.

    2. The Mayor of London had better own the fastest speedboat in the British Isles, and be ready to take to it at a moment's notice.

      The English are slow to boil, but scald when they do. The lampposts on London Bridge may sport new decorations in the years to come.

  10. I will start caring about Islamic terrorism in
    Europe when Europeans start caring about it.

  11. Europe has had a death wish since about 1900. I think it's time we stopped interrupting their suicide attempts.

  12. Actually the Brits suffered comparatively little in WWII according to AJPTaylor, one of their greatest historians​. Without supplies from the US and Hitler's failure to easily do them in at Dunkirk or his later failure to keep bombing airfields instead of cities they might have lost everything. Although they all love the RAF, the Brits seem to sense this emptiness. There are hundreds of monuments to WWI, one in almost every town in the UK, but hardly any to WWII. "Bomber" Harris the British originator of civilian incineration by air was denied a place in the House of Lords after the war,most believe for this unsportsmanlike conduct which was criticized by armchair analysts after the war when Nuremberg​ was heating up.
    The Royals​ did celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Somme though. There working class men purposely recruited as friends from individual towns so they would march into fire in formation without wavering, walked across wide open fields wearing 60 pound packs into a relentless cyclone of German machine gun fire cross streaming from invisible bunkers 400 yards distant. The bullets sounded like heavy rain on a dusty road. The Gunner's fingers bled from burns as their triggers nearly melted from the unaccustomed continuous fire. 20,000 of these men were killed in a single day and 40000 wounded. Eventually a million died on the Somme and nearby battle fields in only a few months of useless fighting.
    The passively under orders in that experience is what we see born again today in facing this threat from Islam. Just like proper men didn't want to be rebellious then and died​ for king and country, now they would rather just put up with the new bearded Huns and not resist too much, if those are the orders.
    May is also not of the old stripe. When her ancestors fought invading Roman legions the women painted their faces blue and formed a semicircle on their side of the battle line holding their children to their breasts shaming men who turned tail, force them, sometimes with clubs, back into battle. Now May is shaming those remaining few who want to fight while some twit singer stands beside her preaching open borders and love before fleeing on her jet for a gated mansion. The problem they have is a character issue. I hope it never flowers here, but I see it's tendrils crawling alongside our old values of individual freedom, once so firmly rooted.