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Saturday, June 17, 2017

How to save the USA in six words

A Democratic Party activist's attempted massacre of Republican congressmen should jolt real, patriotic Americans to demand better behavior from our politicians, our pundits, and our power brokers.

The way to stop the insanity is to stop acting insane. While I know there are many things to do, the first step is paramount.
Stop making everything a moral issue.

Stop it!

Health insurance is not a moral issue. It is a service.

In America, anyone can buy health insurance. Those too poor get Medicaid. Free. No premiums, no co-payments, no limits. Those not quite poor get subsidies for their children through SCHIP. Old people get subsidies through Medicare.

States regulate prices.

There is no moral right to health insurance, life insurance, or car insurance.

Stop it!

The Paris agreement on climate change is not a moral issue. It is an agreement.

Given how little this would affect climate change, the argument against signing is well-reasoned and logical. Overstating the case is counter-productive.

We have no moral obligation to give other countries a dime.

Stop it!

Immigration is not a moral issue. America controls America's borders.

Ellis Island was not an open arms invitation to the world, because it was a way station where we screened the people we did not want. Anarchists, criminals, and other burdens on society were sent back where they came from.

There is no moral right to come to America as a visitor or as an immigrant.

Stop it!

Budgeting is not a moral issue. It is a constitutional duty of Congress.

There is no right to perpetual funding.

Stop it!

I invite readers to list other issues that politicians try to turn into moral issues.

There are moral issues, of course. Ending slavery, and ending second-class citizenship are good examples of this.

But when people pretend political issues are moral ones, they target opponents as infidels.

That is dangerous. That gives license to violence.

The Democratic Party activists rioting in the street since the election finally devolved on Wednesday as one of them hunted for Republican congressmen.

Stop it!

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  1. How many times growing up did you hear ... from instructors, from coaches, from preachers ... the words: "Don't sweat the small stuff." ...?

    When you're in a battle for survival, it don't matter a hill of beans whether your deodorant's makin' it or not.

  2. You're absolutely correct, Don.

    However, liberalism and the Democrat Party can only exist by turning everything into a "moral" issue.

    It's how they can recruit naive children and have them totally indoctrinated by the time they reach voting age.

    The left isn't going to give this up and lose their power.

    1. Remember the Left's "Strawberry Statement" back in the day? Cultural Appropriation Time.

      "If you won't stop, we'll make you stop."

  3. It takes a bit for a civil war to get started. The marxists have been working overtime. History shows that hard leftists aren't salvageable. Perhaps it's inevitable. There's a lot of comparisons to the Spanish Civil War. Neither side really took prisoners. Couldn't feed them, for one thing.

    Think about where the food comes from. How delicately balanced our food distribution system is. Starvation goes hand in hand with a civil war. What will happen to the urban Black welfare recipients?

    1. They will riot, loot, and wage urban welfare against those whom they believe have food in their homes. It will turn very ugly very fast, with the federal government's only option to declare martial law and send in the National Guard to restore order.

  4. It is the Left that said "Everything is political." Now they claim morality is theirs, and "there is no God". Digging a hole for themselves, as I see it.

  5. "That gives license to violence."

    Abortion is THE moral issue of our time. A life or (mostly) death moral issue.

    Even for that violence must not be sanctioned if we are to remain a society based upon the rule of law.
    Yet it's the leftists desperate to move society away from that bedrock principle.

    1. Any society that kills babies is doomed. The Bible points out that God is aware of innocent blood. Infant sacrifice to Molech is just a drop in the bucket compared to Planned Parenthood. Selling baby parts? Words fail me.

  6. It's not a moral issue. It's a power issue.

    The foot soldiers allow themselves to be brainwashed into thinking it's a moral issue.

    Which is weird because the Left has no morals and doesn't really believe in them.

  7. You know what is curious? How the media drones on and on about stopping would be terrorists. And yet when we think about it...whats the difference between terrorists becoming "radicalized" and the guy that shot our Congress people?

  8. Words have meaning. When a person with a bully pulpit screams that someone is treasonous, the line is crossed and, IMO, if they and others continue to do so and some nut kills someone CITING that charge, the person(s) doing the screaming should be charged with reckless endangerment. I will defend anyone's free speech, but as with yelling fire in a crowed theater, there are limits.
    BTW, treason is a constitutionally defined crime, the only one in our Constitution. Per the Constitution in Article 3, Section 3: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court." So who did these actions in concert with an enemy; and who is the enemy? The Constitution defines enemies based on a Congressional Declaration of War. So who have we declared war on since WWII.

    I fear we are at a stage that the nuts on the Right will see a justification for killing those on the Left because of the Left's actions. This can become a cascading event leading to a hot low level Left/Right civil war where the rule of law disintegrates. Think of the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland and our own Bloody Kansas before the Civil War. The Left's leadership, elected and the punditry, refuses to condemn the day to day progressive hate speech, while at least the Right's leadership condemns it and does not indulge in the hateful speech we see from the Left.

    Regardless of one's ideology, if others are verbally charged with treason and destruction of our democratic form of government from your bully pulpit, you ARE responsible for those on the edge overreacting.

    We condemn ISIS for this saying they create domestic terrorists, so what is different if American leadership does it.

  9. Funny. The most immoral among us making everything into a moral issue. Funny, but not in a ha-ha kind of way...

  10. -- Stop making everything a moral issue. --

    Mr. Surber, you are so frequently both penetrating and sensible that the above made me wonder whether this column was subcontracted.

    I’ll grant you that if the Left were to stop claiming that everything they demand is a moral issue, our national blood pressure would rapidly return to normal or close to it. But it will not stop, for the simplest of reasons: The tactic is getting its strategists what they want.

    A first-order disaggregation of the Left’s pyramid of allegiants makes plain why this is so:
    -- The great mass of common-citizen liberals / progressives adopted their politics from feelings rather than reason or evidence.
    -- The Left’s activists (e.g., its street demonstrators) are fewer in number, albeit still significant. These use their activism in left-liberal Causes as a religion substitute.
    -- The Left’s strategists and tacticians – the pinnacle of the pyramid – are utterly amoral, wholly determined upon power, and are aware that only moral issues can both animate the lower tiers of the pyramid and induce hesitation, self-censorship, and guilt in Americans not aligned with them.

    My colleague Dystopic has explored this matter in a number of pieces. His most recent one is eminently worth your time.

    Wishing you all the very best.

  11. One thing missed in the health care argument is the fact that the Federal government took over the industry 100 years ago. Thus, you literally have to petition the government for the care you normally should receive without their intervention. Patients come to me asking for medications for a variety of conditions, I have to look at government guidelines from both the state and Federal authorities to determine if they should have given drugs. Why??? Am I more intelligent than the average American (well I am but that is not the argument), anyone can treat themselves and avoid costly doctor visits and intrusion into their lives. Don't believe me, look around the world. Many countries do very well with over the counter treatment. Strain your back, why do you have to go to the ER to possibly get some relief? Imagine the cost, ER at least $2500, and in my state, my great Democratic governor just signed a bill markedly limiting what pain medication you can get. So get the government out and watch out the price fall may hurt you.

  12. Muzlims are expert at making everything a moral, offense to allah, issue. Once again, the fascism of the left merges with the fascism of islam.

  13. But, but, if they're not moral issues, how can the left continue to accuse Republicans of wanting to kill people and starve children??
    That's the majority of their argument!

  14. At it's heart the Democrat Party is amoral. Yet they attempt to hold us to moral standards which they dictate. This I believe was one of Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals."

  15. The main problem with the US can be summed up in your computer. Windows puts up a massage satin unused icons on your desdktop. Why? What business is it of Bill Gates as to what I have on my computer. In the South, we call this the Yankee problem. People, mostly from the north, trying to constantly tell us how to live, think, and act.

  16. Another six word phrase that would be helpful:
    Leave me and the States alone!

  17. prosperity itself is not a moral issue. limiting one's prosperity by making it more difficult to prosper is immoral however. stop it.

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