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Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Donald Trump is helping romance

The Sacramento Bee managed to get a headline totally backward:
How Donald Trump is killing romance
Nope. President Trump is helping romance, and thinning the herd of its liberal wackos.

The story concerned online dating (which is hardly romantic).

From the Sacramento Bee:
“Did you vote for or do you support Trump? Then I’m not your man. It would never work,” one user says in the opener to his bio on Tinder, a popular mobile dating platform that boasts 26 million matches per day.
“Trump voters please swipe left, and go to your room and think about what you’ve done,” wrote another Tinder user, referring to the way to dismiss a potential date in the app.
“What I’m looking for . . . well, in this crazy day and age, first and foremost, someone who did not vote for Trump,” says a profile on Bumble, a dating app in which women make the first move.
Since his election, the president has become a new measure of compatibility – much like someone’s age, religion, wanting kids or simply finding things in common. Dating, online and off, is more supercharged with politics than it’s ever been, said online dating experts who specialize in matchmaking.
“His presidency has created this new deal-breaker,” said Laurie Davis Edwards, a relationship coach and founder of the website
“I’ve never seen it like this before, where people say ‘no’ to Trump supporters, or they only want to date other Trump supporters,” she said. “It tells me that people are valuing politics much higher as a preference than they were before. ... It’s another example of how massively our dating culture has changed over the past four years, partly because of politics and also because of technology.”
I loved the insipidness of the article -- which went on and on. Considering most newspaper readers are technologically challenged old people, I wonder what was the point of pursuing this puppy.

But serving readers is last on the to-do list of newspaper personnel.

What little I know about these apps is people are seeking a quickie, not candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach.

But maybe I am wrong about that. Maybe these are pristine people of virtue who are saving their virginity until their wedding night -- and it is the 1950s again when girls married at 18.

What I do know is weeding people out for their politics is a great service to the weeded.

They will not hook up or otherwise be involved with someone who obsesses over politics, and has little tolerance for opposing opinions.

You want to know how much my wife and I talk about politics? None. Occasionally, I will tell a political joke, and she may laugh. We have other things in our lives. She knows where I stand.

Oh, I am far from romantic.

But as Forrest Gump said I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is.

Politics is not your mother or your father or your wife or your kids.

It's arguing over whose road gets paved.

I mean it is fun to follow. Sure. But there is more to life than politics. Much more.

So Pajama Boy and Trigglypuff can voluntarily exit the dating pool. May they find one another at last, and live miserably ever after -- consumed by politics.

Now to fill the bird feeder and take a car ride.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Wow! My President has helped old Joe out in Omaha avoid wasting time with a whacko. Way to go Mr. President!

  2. Watched an old movie last night called Spring Madness. About kids graduating Harvard and a few buddies want to spend two years touring Russia afterwards. The girlfiend of one is intent on marriage and the movie is basically about the various conspiracies her girlfriends cook up to prevent the boy leaving. The subtext of the film that you aren't supposed to notice, but be propagandized by is the implied normality of Soviet communism and the possibility of the superiority of communist economics. Many of the young men who took tours like this never made it home. This is not mentioned in the film. Maybe people didn't know about this yet, but maybe they were in denial, too. One thing that is not in doubt is that politics played no role in the romances seen in the film. It was all interpersonal. The young man in question ends up staying in the USA to become a newspaper reporter (naturally), but he was willing to sacrifice his relationship with the girl to go to the Soviet Union and was only saved by the hijinks of her friends and her own determination.
    I'm thinking that if politics had come into play we would have seen a different movie. She would have let him go and married an all American boy and raised a healthier family. I think it's great that the progs are doing this. Anyone who is superficial enough to let one vote determine how they fashion the rest of their life has every possibility of laying down other markers by which to end a marriage and ruin a family. They are doing a community service in announcing themselves thusly.

  3. "What I do know is weeding people out for their politics is a great service to the weeded."

    Spoken as an wise old school (now banned, of course) sociobiologist.

    I probably have more meatspace at Dollar General two times a week than these hipsters have in a year. That's why they can't interact with people socially and go autistic at the drop of a hat--there's more to human emotion than the written word.

    I still remember the perfume that my first girlfriend splashed on. I'll bet everyone else does as well.

    1. You'd lose with me. I met my first girl friend 47 years ago, and I don't remember her perfume. Still, Don's point is that if politics is #1 on a person's list for eligible mates, RUN, do not walk, for the nearest exit.

    2. I still remember the perfume that my first girlfriend splashed on. I'll bet everyone else does as well.

      You'll lose that bet. I'm pretty sure I never met your first girlfriend :-)

  4. Well, I'm old, but if I was a bit younger, politics would be important in hooking up. I would not want to risk having a child raised by some moonbat HiLlARy loving kook, or worse, a prison bound Bernie fan. Most likely the child would be murdered before it took it's first breath, but that is not the point.

  5. While most of the hoopla is reserved for "dating sites" where people go for instant gratification and little long term commitment.
    little noticed are the plethora of "matrimonial sites" where people go seeking a lifetime partner.
    Might be interesting to see which political affiliation utilizes which service more often.
    I met my wife of 18 years on a matrimonial web site back when internet dating was still cautiously laughed at (not sure it has improved much).

  6. Being happily married, I could care less about what is happening with dating services, however I am very political motivated because all levels of government are now more than ever before telling me what I can and cannot do.
    I recognized the rapid growth of prescription drug misuse/addiction, opioids in particular, in my county in 2011 and proposed a program which, as it turned out, my state was in the process of implementing something similar, and 6 years later has not been actually implemented according to my county executive in a reply to my questions via E-mail. Yet they pass regulations and expect citizens to jump.

  7. I have a son who entered college early. He is a mature, level-headed guy, so I wasn't too worried, but here was our advice to him before he left home:

    --Don't tell anyone your age.
    --Don't tell anyone you've never smoked pot.
    --Don't seek out pretty girls on Saturday nights at parties; seek them out Sunday mornings in church.
    --Spend time getting to know girls before considering a "next step" in the relationship. Data suggests as many as 20-25% college-aged girls are on antidepressants, which could mean issues (many of which are due to the antidepressants!)
    --In these times of Title IX, think twice about being alone with a girl, as who knows what tales she might tell - and what she might falsely accuse you of - later (as it turned out, one of his friends actually suffered a false rape accusation during the first semester, so he quickly realized we weren't exaggerating the threat).
    --Believe it or not, we said: One great way to start to ascertain how compatible you are with a girl is to bring up politics--gingerly at first--to see what you can elicit from her.
    --When you do not return a girl's interest or feelings of affection, always be kind and gentle and honest.

    It might seem shallow to use politics as a sifting tool, but honestly, people on the left are so bat-sh*t crazy these days that I fear for my son's future if a delusional feminazi tries to sink her hooks into him.

    In 1956, my Dad, a Democrat, married my Mom, a Republican, and it was no big deal. Today? It's at the very least a hurdle.

  8. My Dad used to wryly laugh at each election. He knew that my mother would cancel out his vote; he decided politics on issues and facts. My mother decided on the basis of what the candidates looked like. It didn't seem to matter much, it was only politics, and love conquers all.

    That was then.

    Now my son is married to a sociologist. He's never been political; to her, everything is political. There's no wry amusement about anything, and menace fills the air if any non-PC thoughts are expressed. I try to support my son- while keeping my mouth shut when she seems to want a fight. My grandkids are in the middle.

    When politics gets between a man & wife, and causes bad blood between them, it's bad. Makes me more concerned than ever that we're getting closer to another civil war.

    I've seen the elephant. Really, really don't want that to happen. Wish I had some brilliant ideas, but I'm fresh out.

  9. Good for romance, huh? There's the 2020 reelection slogan: MAFA.

    "Make America Fecund Again".

    Well, what did you think it stood for?

  10. As long as she has big bewbs you are on the right track.