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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Democrats hold referendum on Trump. Lose twice

States held two special elections to replace Republican congressmen who left and joined the Trump administration.

Once again Democrats walked away with moral victories -- confounding the experts who, once again, had predicted an actual victory for Democrats in one race.
This is CNN.

From New York magazine on May 22:
In Most Expensive House Race Ever, Ossoff Takes the Lead
The contest will almost certainly be close, but at the moment it looks like it may be Jon Ossoff’s to lose.
From Media-ite on May 23:
While Nobody Was Watching, Jon Ossoff Opened Up a Big Lead in Georgia
Between Donald Trump, Russia, James Comey, Saudi Arabia and Israel — nobody really seems to have had much bandwidth for Jon Ossoff and his special house election in Georgia.
Now, however, a new poll from Survey USA for Georgia’s local WXIA is showing that the boyish political newcomer has opened a seven point lead over his Republican opponent Karen Handel.
The poll’s ultimate analysis of the results concluded that the race was “close enough in a low-turnout, stand-alone runoff to be anyone’s call, though clearly Ossoff is in a better position than Handel,” the station reported.
From Newsweek on June 10:
An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released Friday showed the 30-year-old ex-filmmaker and national security aide with a 7-percentage-point margin over Handel, a 55-year-old conservative businesswoman. Ossoff had a big advantage among female and young voters in the survey, which included responses from 1,000 registered voters collected earlier this month. It also indicated that about 5 percent of people were undecided.
Ossoff and Handel are running to replace Tom Price, who represented the district for 12 years before Trump tapped him to become Health and Human Services secretary earlier this year. Ossoff was the top vote-getter in the April special election for Price's seat, but he didn't get a majority, triggering the June 20 runoff.
The race is seen as a referendum of sorts on Trump's presidency so far, given the area's historically conservative slant and continued involvement by high-profile politicians. Vice President Mike Pence visited Georgia on Friday to campaign for Handel, and Trump himself even stumped for her in April.
Now that Ossoff lost big time, Democrats can claim it wasn't a referendum on Trump at all.

And it was not.

The Georgia race was a referendum on the Democratic Party. They had the money. They had the media. They had the messaging.

The only thing they did not have was the message.

The Democrats demonize Republicans, and try to turn every election into a contest between blacks and whites, women and men, gays and straights, illegals and legals, and now, Muslims and infidels.

The party has no message except equal pay (the law since 1963), civil rights (the law since 1964), gun control (the law since 1968), and abortion on demand (the law since 1973).

The question from America's middle class to the Democrats is -- what have you done for me lately?

Ossoff lost like he was a male Hillary. He relied on a big campaign staff paid for by the corporate and Wall Street interests who want business as usual in Washington.

I don't know enough about Handel to comment. She raised a lot of money, too. We shall see how she pays that back.

But at least she lives in the district.

And she is not a Democrat.

By the way, there was another race in South Carolina.

Looks like the Democrat there came closer than Ossoff did in Georgia. He still lost. Er, had a moral victory.

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  1. Maybe this is how we end up achieving economic equality. Rich-ass democrats go broke funding idiotic campaigns.

    1. NO because the money goes straight into the pockets of other communists ie the enimedia.

    2. Enimedia. I'd spell it enemedia, but that's a GOOOOOD and accurate word for them.

  2. Replies
    1. When I get tired of the winning I'll switch parties for a week..... Then I'll get tired of the whining.

  3. I knew when i saw that the nyt had ossoff as winning, he would lose. Thats the kiss of death, all Dons followers know that!

  4. ACME corp is doing great business in safes and dynamite selling to the Dems... TG McCoy

  5. At least the local economy benefitted from the liberals cash.

  6. The Daily Crawler wins the headline-of-the-day award: RAN HIS OSSOFF

  7. The caption of that picture should read "Who farted?"

    -Mikey NTH

  8. Coming Soon: Dems Angle For Soccer Mom Vote; Accuse Reepubs of "Running Up The Score"; Demand Mercy Rule Legislation

    Mr. Ossified will be receiving his participation trophy shortly.

    What was it Vince Lombardi said about winning? I ain't tired yet, Mr. T!

  9. I'm relieved that I won't be seeing Alfred E. Ossoff on TV a thousand times an hour. I slept well last night for the first time in over a month.

    Well, he can always go back to being Nancy Pelosi's pool boy...

  10. I guess the anthropological field studies in flyover country aren't paying off yet.

  11. I live in SC-5, and I'll venture to say that the election of Ralph Norman was relatively close is because we had a relatively acrimonious 2-tier Republican primary. My guess is some Tommy Pope supporters stayed home.

    1. Thanks. Always better to hear from local people on such matters