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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Democrat learns how to lose Jewish votes

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio is the latest to learn that feuding with Donald Trump always backfires.

Brown spoke to Zionist Organization of America last week, and trashed Trump.

The group blasted Brown afterward.

Brown likely faces Republican Joshua Mandel next year in a rematch of their 2012 battle, which Brown won 51% to 45%. Mandel is Jewish, so it made sense for Brown to speak to a Jewish group.

Unless of course you insult the group.

Formed as the Federation of American Zionists in 1897, the Zionist Organization of America was pro-Israeli 51 years before the United Nations recognized the state of Israel.

In a speech to the group, Brown decided to attack President Trump and his White House.

"There are a whole lot of members in the Senate, in both parties, that are very concerned about the bigotry and the anti-Semitism in the White House," Brown told the group.

Evidently, Brown thought he was talking to idiots.

Trump is the first president who has a daughter and grandchildren who are Jewish. He is very pro-Israel as well.

From Axios:
It didn't go down well. Brown, whose office did not respond to a request for comment, signaled to the conservative audience that Steve Bannon was the guy he was referring to when he mentioned "anti-Semitism in the White House."
"I think we know the history of Breitbart," he said.
Sadly for Brown, group members do. Andrew Breitbart founded the site. Not only was he pro-Israel but proudly Jewish.

Axios continued:
A source said there were boos and hisses, and a video shot at the event bears that out, with the crowd cheering every time Brown mentioned Bannon's name and the Ohio Senator admitting he wasn't telling the audience what they wanted to hear.
ZOA's president Mort Klein is a close friend of Bannon's. Arthur Schwartz, an external advisor to ZOA said in a statement: "We were deeply disappointed by Senator Brown's attacks on President Trump, Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka and others that serve in this White House. We work closely with Mr. Bannon and Dr. Gorka; they are true friends of the Jewish state of Israel. The same cannot be said of Senator Brown, a supporter of the catastrophic Iran Deal."
Brown is one of those lazy liberals who never does a minute's worth of research.

Nor does he hire staff members who do.

Democrats think they can just smear Trump supporters as Nazis, and count on Jewish votes.

He also thinks no one knows that the Democratic Party supports Iran, giving it billions of tax dollars and looking the other way as it built nukes.

Democrats also oppose Israel. They want to go back to 1947 borders.

Now, not only does he now risk the Jewish vote, but the evangelical vote in Ohio also is at risk.

I grew up in the Protestant church in the 1950s and 1960s hearing about the Holy Lands. You had better bet some of the biggest supporters of Israel are Christians, who do not want the land Christ -- a Jew -- walked returning to Muslim hands.

Brown ought to apologize, but he is plain too dumb to do the right thing.

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  1. As the Democrat Party veers ever more to the Left it is increasingly anti-Semitic. There is a cost to be paid for that. - Elric

  2. Sherrod, you need to use a larger caliber and aim higher. No, I'm wrong, you DID THAT.

  3. Why should an American election turn on the attitude of the contestants to some foreign country? We have enough problems of our own.

    1. Right on. If some candidate, like Obama, thinks Iran or NK should be free to have nuclear arms if they want them, what business is it of ours? We've got our own problems. [/s]

    2. I agree that the US ought not to be telling other countries just what to do. BUT, there is a reasonable possibility that the Norks and the Iranians will use their bomb against the US, or against other countries that are of daily importance to the US. No one worries about Brazil getting the bomb, because they do not have a historic eminity towards the US. NK is a danger to Japan, SK, the Philippines, and if they keep going the left coast of the US. Iran is just a trouble maker. I think that if they get too uppity, we should make South Korea an island and Iran a wholesale glass supplier.

  4. I sometimes wonder about Democrat's forgetting that video and the internet exists. Teapartydoc: Obama seemed to think it was important since he interfered with the last Israeli election. Democrats have carried the US Jewish vote for some time; why I'm not sure.

    1. Jews are overwhelmingly liberal. They elect liberal Jews like Debbie Whatshername Slutz and Schmuck Schumer. Most of my Jewish friends and acquaintances are liberal Dimocrats. How they can rationalize that with the rising anti-Semitism in the Dimocrat Party is beyond me. Of course Ditzy Debs Jewish constituents are old foggies spending their declining years in Florida and don't know any better.

  5. I sometimes wonder about Democrat's forgetting that video and the internet exists. Teapartydoc: Obama seemed to think it was important since he interfered with the last Israeli election. Democrats have carried the US Jewish vote for some time; why I'm not sure.

  6. It's said Trump is Jewish on his father's side.

    In any case, it will take some doing to pry the Jewish vote away from the Democrats, but, if it can be done, the current Democrat party will manage it.

  7. Someone should have told Brown that Jews who belong to ZOA are different from the self-hating ones living on the UES of NYC and in LA.

  8. This just shows both the problem and the power of the Media -- that's the Media which tells Democrats that they are superior and that everything the Media says is both true and embraced by the whole world as absolutely wonderful, that no member of the Democrat Media complex has ever been wrong, that every Republican is a racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, greedy, Islamophobic, religious fanatic who wants to poison the environment.