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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Comey killed The Resistance

Thursday marked the eight-month anniversary of the greatest presidential election in my life, but it took testimony from James Comey to finally kill that silly, sanctimonious, and self-indulgent Resistance.

Washington had bet their swamp on Comey giving devastating testimony that would lead to the indictment and impeachment of President Trump.

But the funny thing is when you put a lawyer under oath, he tells the truth.

Unless his name is Bill Clinton.

Unlike "anonymous" leaks -- surely the reporters know their names -- under oath, Comey had to answer questions beyond the spinning story.

Which depressed The Resistance (including Never Trumpers) because his testimony showed there were no Russian bogeymen under anyone's bed.

From Jonathan Turley:
The testimony of James Comey proved long on atmospherics and short on ethics. While many were riveted by Comey’s discussion of his discomfort in meetings with President Trump, most seemed to miss the fact that Comey was describing his own conduct in strikingly unethical terms. The greatest irony is that Trump succeeded in baiting Comey to a degree that even Trump could not have imagined. After calling Comey a “showboat” and poor director, Comey proceeded to commit an unethical and unprofessional act in leaking damaging memos against Trump.
Comey described a series of ethical challenges during his term as FBI director. Yet, he almost uniformly avoided taking a firm stand in support of the professional standards of the FBI. During the Obama administration, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave Comey a direct order to mislead the public by calling the ongoing investigation a mere “matter.” Rather than standing firm on the integrity of his department and refusing to adopt such a meaningless and misleading term, Comey yielded to Lynch while now claiming discomfort over carrying out the order.
When Trump allegedly asked for Comey to drop the investigation of Michael Flynn or pledge loyalty, Comey did not tell the president that he was engaging in wildly inappropriate conduct. He instead wrote a memo to file and told close aides. He now says that he wishes he had the courage or foresight to have taken a stand with the president.
However, the clearest violation came in the days following his termination. Comey admits that he gave the damaging memos to a friend at Columbia Law School with the full knowledge that the information would be given to the media. It was a particularly curious moment for a former director who was asked by the president to fight the leakers in the government. He proceeded in becoming one of the most consequential leakers against Trump.
Some are saying Trump should dismiss Robert Mueller as there is nothing to special prosecute.

Oh but there is.

James Comey's multiple ethics and likely legal violations.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. The foot-shooting continues.

  2. Comeymas morning broke with the Dems waitng in their jammies to see what was in the big, pony sized, package.
    Lots of manure, no pony, from Santa Comey...

  3. I kinda wondered how the party out of power was going to impeach a sitting President, anyway. There are plenty of DC hack Republicans who would love to be rid of Trump, but their constituents would "primary" the dog poop out of them if they voted for impeachment.

  4. Maybe broke it.

  5. Jim Comey got his big career break as an apparatchik fixer for the Clintons. It all started with him clearing Clinton of pardoning Mark Rich. After filling his pockets at a defense contractor plane manufacturer and got a straight access line into Hillary's state department for questionable deals and contracts, he got the FBI job to continue "fixing". Remember Comey's brother, an non accountant, works for the accountancy shop that does the Clinton Foundation tax returns as a real estate adviser. A forensic audit on Comey and his brother would be interesting.

    1. Democrats are just one big happy family. Comey is a close friend of Democrat hatchet man Patrick Fitzgerald:

      --On December 30, 2003, after then-Attorney General John Ashcroft recused himself from the CIA leak grand jury investigation of the Plame affair due to conflicts of interest, Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey, acting as Attorney General in Ashcroft's place, appointed Fitzgerald to the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel in charge of the investigation.[3][4] Fitzgerald was well-known to Comey and was in fact already godfather to one of Comey's children.--

    2. Why, since Armitage was, early on, known to be the leaker, why was Fitzgerald's "investigation" allowed to continue?

      It looks like these Special Prosecutors (or whatever they're called right now) are merely Federal Jobs Programs for people with law degrees.

    3. They are there to embarrass (and harass) Republican presidents...which is why Trump was well justified to be upset over Jeff Sessions peremptory decision to recuse himself over the alleged Russian interference in the election---without telling Trump beforehand---and to appoint a special counsel in his stead. By their very nature, these guys have big egos, a thirst for power, and a resolute unwillingness to focus narrowly on their assigned tasks, as if they thought of themselves as some heroic criminal attorney out of an Earle Stanley Gardner novel.

    4. The only source that Trump was angry over Sessions recusal is the MSM stories based on anonymous sources. If you still rely on them it is no wonder you've missed how Trump and Sessions have been outsmarting the Dems, GOPe and MSM at every turn while letting them believe the are getting what they want.

  6. Don, I'm pretty dang certain you are jumping to gun on calling the Resistance "over and done with". I say they won't give up because their "elites" and "establishment" and their base won't let them. Gotta keep those people riled up, doncha know.

    1. I think Don might be jumping the gun on any chance of Comey being held accountable, too.

  7. Comey didn't tell the truth because he's a lawyer -- he told the truth due to the previous testimony he gave last month back when he thought his plan to blackmail Trump to keep his job was working. If it hadn't been for that he would have lied and said Trump obstructed justice. Trump outplayed Comey -- let him believe he was going to keep his job, then after he testified that there had been no interference in the election, Trump fired him while he was in California so the DOJ could clean out his office (which is where Trump got the tapes and why Comey knows the tapes exist). The tapes provided Trump with more insurance that Comey wouldn't try to pull some kind of 'confession' that he lied in his previous testimony because of pressure from Trump.

  8. What Comey, and many other Liberals did/do, is what I call #LiberalHypocrisy. Feel free to use that when you take a dig a Leftists on Twitter. Makes 'em rage.

  9. "the eight-month anniversary of the greatest presidential election"

    Are you kidding me??? "eight-month ANNIversary"? Seriously?

    ANNIversaries (from the Lating "anno", meaning "year" can only be measured in years.

    Did someone hack your blog?


  10. No Don. Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation is still calling for Trump's impeachment and claims it is because of Comey's testimony. SJWs never stop! GOC

  11. Not only did Comey not kill "The Resistance" - nothing can. It is impervious to reason or logic. It is a manifestation of pure, unbridled hatred with no basis in objective reality.

  12. I was a long-haired flower child back in my college wild oats days who demonstrated against the Vietnam war. National rallies are hard to organize in the summer because most students have dispersed. Many have jobs while others are on vacation with their families or are having fun with friends. In the fall, by the time they're settled in for the semester,the weather is turning up North with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and midterms approaching. That's why most major demonstrations are in the spring: the weather is warming up and there's nothing else going on in their lives to interfere with their "resistance."