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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CBS questions the legality of Comey's leaks

News Busters caught a moment of introspection on CBS News on Tuesday afternoon as CBS anchor Scott Pelley and reporter (and lawyer) Jan Crawford shot the breeze on air while awaiting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to speak before a Senate committee.

Pelley brought up fired FBI director James Comey's leaks, and the two delved into the legality of his leaking a memo to himself.

Via News Busters:
PELLEY: Jeff Sessions, of course, the senator from Alabama, one of the first members of the Senate to endorse the Trump campaign, and therefore he was rewarded later with the position of Attorney General. And he may be thinking twice today about whether that was a reward or not. Jan, one of the things that Jeff just mentioned and is likely to come up today is the fact that James Comey acknowledged freely that he leaked his personal memos that he wrote to himself about his meetings with President Trump to the media and there's been a lot of discussion about whether that was legal or not. 
CRAWFORD: Right. And I'm sure that people will bring that up and whether or not the Attorney General believes that his former FBI director broke the law when he took notes of that meeting and then turned them over to a law professor at Columbia University with the intent that he would then disperse them to the media.
I mean, is that lawful? Arguably that's a government document. He wrote it on a government computer and a government vehicle. There is an open legal question about whether or not pure information is considered property. But there is an argument that that memo is government property and he had no business giving it to a law professor to leak to the press. Certainly, it raises questions of whether it was inappropriate. 
PELLEY: But there is no question about whether there was classified information in those documents. There was none, and therefore —  
CRAWFORD: Well, certainly the former FBI director says it was not classified. I mean, that's another question. Did he ask for it to be reviewed, a classification review before he turned it over to the law professor?
I like that last bit. Pelley said well the material was not classified, but Crawford cut him off, pointing out the only person who said it was not Comey. She raised a good question: "Did he ask for it to be reviewed, a classification review before he turned it over to the law professor?"

Somebody is on the ball at CBS, and it does not look like it is Pelley.

Now, the material may not be classified. Run it through a board for a review, right?

Oh wait.

That document does not exist. Or maybe it does. Or maybe it did exist but the dog ate it.

Comey has been playing a lot of games with leaks and such. Finally someone on one of the Big Three networks is asking whether those games are legal.

Maybe Comey needs to lawyer up, too.

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  1. Comey believes that the ends justify the means and he is above the law, like Hillary, whom he protected. He must have thought he hit the lottery when his good friend Mueller was appointed special prosecutor. He may come to regret his antics, as there may be nobody willing to protect him after all is said and done. As the swamp slowly drains the nastiest critters are being exposed. - Elric

    1. I surely do hope he regrets it, and that he's made to regret it.

  2. Maybe Comey already has immunity.

    1. Oh, I thought you said "immaturity." I was going to agree.

  3. I have been saying, since Comey last testified, that the only reputations he has damaged has been his, Mueller's, and Lynch's. That Trump was cleared.

    Wile E. Comey ordered one too many ACME products.

    -Mikey NTH

  4. When Black Rock starts speaking treason, it's over.

  5. Hasn't CBS gotten rid of Scott Pelley yet? I thought the Pompous One was being exiled to 60 Minutes.

  6. "Or maybe it did exist but the dog ate it."

    Oh come on, that excuse would never fly.

    Nah, dude was attacked by a feral goat. Or mutant termites. Those suckas'll eat anything.