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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Americans need not apply

I support countries importing skilled workers from other countries to do jobs that local people cannot do.

But let us follow the rules, please. The technology industry in America is abusing the H1B visa program that brings in foreign workers.

With a tip of the cap to Polizette, American Technology Consulting of Iowa took out an ad on ZipRecruiter seeking a Java developer to work in San Diego.

When Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, saw it, he saved it too.

"It’s explicitly against the law. This isn’t some gray area. But it does tell you what this company is about," he told Lifezette.

From Polizette:
Tara Jose, the president of American Technology Consulting, blamed the ad on a third-party vendor that improperly included the H1B language. She said her company ordered the ad changed immediately and audited other advertisements in its name. From now on, she said, ATC will place its own ads directly.
"Being a U.S. citizen myself, I completely agree with you," she said. "Once we became aware of it, it came down immediately. That's not what we do at all … It's unacceptable. It's not what we do or how we work."
Jose said her company has workers of a variety of backgrounds and does not turn away citizens seeking jobs. The company's website has a slideshow presentation explaining how H1B workers can transfer their visas from their current employers to ATC.
The Department of Justice is cracking down on H1B abuse. I agree with Krikorian that this should be investigated. Let a jury decide if this was an innocent accident.

Why would a vendor out of the blue say H1B only?

For the record, this blog hires only Americans. And veterans.

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  1. H1b is responsible for depressed wages in the high tech businesses. That shortage BS is just BS.

  2. The "body shop" companies with all H1-B employees are the problem.

    There are plenty of legitimate companies that employ 99% Americans and have an occasional H1s. There are plenty of talent around the globe - not just models - who want come and work and build a family in America because of what America represents. They help build our economy. I am fine with that.

    My problem is with companies that are 90%+ H1-Bs. This is ridiculous. 90% of employees imported is a bridge to a different country, not a scarcity of talent. Many of whom are a revolving door after 3 or 6 years and return with valuable skills to build an economy in another nation. Not so helpful to us.

    There should be a very low limit on the number of H1-Bs in a company. That will fix the problem and still allow companies to hire talent from abroad when they really need it.

    It's the difference between having 6 draft picks or 1,000. If you have 6, you make them count and everyone benefits.

  3. Come on, Don. Lay yourself off and lower your costs by hiring a low paid immigrant.
    We won't complain about the poor quality at all (NOT!). Mike

  4. So, Don, you're a two-fer! Good on ya!

  5. In 2006, I saw a sign in a restaurant advertising for employees IN SPANISH ONLY. I have been p!ssed about it ever since knowing they didnt mind my business but I wasnt welcome.
    I have noticed the depressed wages in the tech sector for some time. My wife is an animator and I have seen wages never rose after the 5ech crash of the early 00's

  6. "jobs that local people cannot do." No such thing. That's just a myth corporations use to justify hiring foreigners at 2/3 the pay, 1/2 the benefits, and no payroll tax.

    Funny thing is, you still see liberals making the same argument even when Americans are actually doing the job and are fired and forced to train their foreign replacements (or be fired for cause and leave with nothing).