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Saturday, June 03, 2017

929,000 news stories about covfefe

Readers know well my credentials as an expert on typos. Poor proofreading skills and an inability to touch-type often leave grievous errors in this blog.

But they also know my criticisms of Fake News media are meticulously accurate, as I shoot these fish in the barrel. Few items are as petty as covfefe. As of 4 PM Eastern, there were 929,000 news items on the president's misspelling of "coverage" in a tweet.

NPR reported: "The Tweet Heard Around The Wrold." The last word's misspelling was intentional. Oh what jokesters.

USA Today reported: "This week in OnPolitics: The Day After Covfefe."

CNN reported: "Trump typo 'covfefe' stumps spelling bee champ."

By the way, during a panel discussion on covfefe, CNN misspelled "chief" in a chyron.

The New York Times reported: "Less Tweeting, Lawyers Beg. ‘Covfefe,’ the President Says."

I get that the press would make fun of a presidential typo, although I would not advise it. Think about what Jesus said about who gets to toss that first stone.

But I do not recall much press merriment when Obama pronounced "corpsman" as "corpse-man" when describing Jeremiah Wright.

Given the testy relationship the press has chosen to have with the president and his supporters, a wise editor would yank his reporters by the collar and say, enough.

Choose your shots.

But too many journalists these days are pedantic idiots with bylines.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. covfefe means "coverage" in Austrian.

  2. Once again...Trump owns the narrative.

    There is a Covfefe fairy.

  3. You make typos Don but your stuff is always Worth reading. Nothing they say or do has any value. They are like the morons in stadiums who do the wave over and over for no other reason than someone else is leading. They are sheep by nature.

  4. Some how given how tech savvy President Trump is, I don't see him poking a screen. My take is he uses voice to text. The down side is some times back ground noise scrambles things, and Covfefe is the result.
    My E-mail used to be littered with memes about how our minds can decipher a scrambled word with no problem. If most of the words are correct, and there is one scrambled, our minds capable of sorting it out and making sense of it, some times with out us realizing we did it.
    So I ask you, how big are the problems of his world? how likely the possibility that President Trump is a puppet of Putin in the same way Barry was a puppet of Soros?
    If this is the most important thing the press has then we need more covfefe of covfefe.
    No covfefe of climate change because it is total BS.
    No covfefe of the White House leaks because they want the leakers to win.
    Barry was right, it is the press corpse, because real reporting is dead.

  5. There are 50 states where "coverage" is spelled "coverage" however in the other 7 states it is spelled "covfefe".

    1. I thought it was the capitol of our 57th state.

  6. Let's just hope The Donald's on a diet, cos we don't want him tweeting that he wants a full lunch.

    Of course, if he said he wanted it at California, the guys in the silos would probably be only too happy to comply.

  7. It's all Trump's BIG and EVIL PLAN to distract the media, and Boy! How WELL it's working. (They'll never figure it out. Never. Not gonna happen. Because they're convinced they're so smart, Heh, heh, heh.

  8. More covfefe fun here, in Steven Hayward's Week In Pictures today:

    The Week in Pictures: Covfefe Edition

  9. Steven Haywood at Power Line has some pretty good confefe pictures
    The Week in Pictures: Covfefe Edition

  10. A friend shared this:'Fe

  11. Kov fe'fe means "I will stand up" in Arabic. So the tweet makes perfect sense and the press has been trolled once again. Snopes however says that it's a stretch because kovfefe has to be broken into two words in order to get Google translate to yield the I will stand up result. So a small stretch or one hell of a coincidence, you decide.

  12. I think DJT was going to type "bullshit" but thought it was unpresidential so he made up covfefe instead. It is now my slur of choice towards libs, as in "I'm sick of your covfefe!" And it doesn't sound harmful to children, either.

  13. As one intrepid poster said, "covfefe" was probably Podesta's, Hillary's or Comey's email password.

  14. Covfefe? Ain't that page 42 in "The Joy of Sex"?

  15. Trump was trolling the media (and the Left in general) with a great acronym that few know. "COVFEFE" stands for "Continuous Overt Vilification For Every Fabricated Event". And that's exactly what Trump does - gets immediately out there with the truth for every fabrication the media concocts! #MAGA!