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Friday, June 30, 2017

WaPo develops the Ultimate Fake News

CNN had its worse month ever beginning May 30 when we discovered Kathy Griffin thought beheading to June 23 when CNN retracted ROOSHEN story.

The Washington Post then told CNN to hold its beer.

Burka Merkel dares to slam Trump

Germany has no-go zones for police that are patrolled by the sharia police as Angela Merkel -- the worst chancellor since Hitler -- sells her nation's people and heritage out.

Naturally, she thinks the plant nutrient carbon dioxide is a bigger threat.

LOL National Review whines about civility

David French harrumphed today: "The president has a huge impact on the country’s political culture. Trump’s misuse of the bully pulpit ensures that that impact is negative in his case."

He didn't get a harrumph out of me. I know better. National Review spent two years calling President Trump names.

Defiant Girl Acosta proves Trump is no tyrant

CNN is the Coward News Network. When Saddam Hussein threatened network to shut down its Baghdad bureau, CNN agreed to ignore his atrocities and report only the good things Hussein did, which kept the bureau open.

Therefore, the hard time CNN tries to give President Trump is a sign that our nation is healing from the Chicago-style politics of the past, because if Trump were a strongman, CNN would cower.

Hope for Europe

Patrick Buchanan, the last of the Monroe Doctrinists (we'll stay in our hemisphere, you stay in yours, Europe), had an interesting take on the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France.

In electing Macron, the French rebuked Marine Le Pen's nationalism, but that does not mean French nationalism is dead, according to Buchanan.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

NYT is such a success that it will lay off 100 copy editors

From CNN:
New York Times touts subscriber growth with a jab at Trump

Fake News.

Isle be darned, global warming is wrong

Al Gore assured us the seas were rising and swallowing the land.

But CBS reported:
New island appears off the coast of North Carolina
Whoa. This changes everything.

No Sanctuary for Criminals Act

When President Trump announced his bid for the highest office, the media almost universally condemned him as racist for saying Mexican illegal aliens include rapists and killers.

We ignored that and elected him, and today the House will vote on a bill that fights the rapists and murderers that Mexico exports. (NAFTA by the way was supposed to end illegal immigration.)

The bill also will fight MS 13, the Central American export that Barack Obama called children we should let in.

How Donald Trump is helping romance

The Sacramento Bee managed to get a headline totally backward:
How Donald Trump is killing romance
Nope. President Trump is helping romance, and thinning the herd of its liberal wackos.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Call the wambulance for CNN

CNN can dish it out, but CNN cannot take any criticism.

The network's in-house apologist -- Sniffles Brian Stetler -- wrote that President Trump was being mean for calling the network Fake News after it ran Fake News last week and libeled a Trump official -- again.

Canada isn't taking rejected refugees

When President Trump signed a 120-day moratorium on refugees (as well as a 90-day halt on visas from six war-torn countries and Iran) Canada's prime minister vowed to take them.

That was a lie.

NYT recycles old positive news as a scandal

Fresh from libeling Sarah Palin in an editorial, the New York Times breathlessly reported this morning:
Trump Campaign Chief’s Firm Got $17 Million From Pro-Russia Party
So? Clinton's 2008 campaign strategist took millions in the same election. Gore's too. The election was in Ukraine, not Russia.

Politico reported on this eight years ago.

Media cries for CNN

CNN's retracted story last week was a national embarrassment to journalists.

Sadly, the grown-ups of the trade have not stood up for the truth and spoken up against this nefarious spread of Fake News, once again, by CNN.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Palin sues NYT (UPDATED)

Six years after the fact, the New York Times falsely and maliciously blamed Sarah Louise Palin for the shooting of Democratic Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. (Post updated at the end.)

The libel occurred in an editorial -- even though the New York Times itself had, in its news pages, reported that the shooter was a nutball who had nothing to do with Palin.

She's suing. And guess what? She has a case and she and her lawyers can have a field day in discovery and deposition.

Trump doesn't lie about Muslims. Lefties upset

President Trump skipped hosting an end-of-Ramadan dinner. The Left is alarmed.

Wrestling's newest villain: Progressive Liberal

In my youth, pro wrestling had great villains. Nikolai Volkoff.  Sgt. Slaughter. The Sheik. And my favorite of all, The Iron Sheik, Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, the 1983 WWF World Heavyweight Champion.

So welcome the latest wrestling heel -- the Pajama Boy from Paducah -- Progressive Liberal.

Fake News complains when people call it CNN

Jeff Zucker, head of CNN, looks like Baghdad Bob

And Zucker sounds like him, too.

Hannity: Bring me the head of CNN

The price for failure in regicide is one's own head.

Figuratively, that should be the price Jeff Zucker pays for six months of CNN pushing Fake News about a non-existent connection between Russia and President Trump

Monday, June 26, 2017

Three news fakers depart CNN

CNN retracted its Fake News about White House officials being investigated by both the Senate and Treasury department. When it retracted that Fake News, I wrote:
Who got fired?
For until CNN starts firing someone for all this Fake News it peddles, CNN will continue to peddle Fake News.

New cover for "Trump the Press"

What do you think of it?

Any suggestions?

Republicans better start working with Trump

Democrats are in retreat following Comey calamitous testimony, and the voter rejection of about $50 million worth of their campaign ads in four congressional districts.

Now Republicans worry that they are blowing it.

Court to Trump: Go ahead and protect the borders

The Supreme Court showed it still has enough sane members to preserve our democratic republic.

The court rejected the crackpot theory that there is some sort of right to come to America no matter how likely it is that you may blow things up.

The Resistance pansies

Headline of the day:
Actor who played assassin of Trump-like Caesar tells of cast 'exhaustion and fear'

Sunday, June 25, 2017

CNN action shows Democrats gave up on Russia

Barack Obama's administration made up the Russian-Trump lie to justify spying on Team Trump.

Hillary bitterly clung to the story to stave off angry donors who invested a billion bucks and all they got was a I'm With Her shirt.

The Resistance Media hung on to it in the hopes of bringing down President Trump

But last week's Toss Off Ossoff election -- and Comey's admission under oath that there was nothing to this -- forced Democrats to abandon their big, fat, stupid lie.

Today, CNN ordered its staff to back off on Russia.

Get help, Democrats

How sick is the Democratic Party?
Portland Police Chief Says Antifa Protesters Used Slingshot to Launch Urine and Feces-Filled Balloons at Riot Cops
The Fascist Wing has taken over the Party of Andrew Jackson.

Urine trouble, Washington

Five months after the once-respected Jake Tapper and Carl Bernstein at CNN reported on a dodgy dossier about President Trump hiring hookers to whiz on a bed Obama slept in, we find out from whence that cockamamie collection of claptrap came.

Camp Hillary.

White House reporters demand to be on TV

White House Correspondents' Association President Jeff Mason is upset because the Trump administration pulled the plug on daily press briefings, which had become so popular that the cable stations drew higher ratings than the afternoon soap operas.

Boo hoo hoo.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fake News scandal at CNN

Breitbart caught CNN investigative reporter Thomas Frank reporting Fake News.

Frank's story said the Treasury Department and Senate Intelligence Committee were investigating Anthony Scaramucci, an adviser to President Trump during the presidential campaign..

That is a lie.

Frank did such a lousy, slipshod job that CNN retracted the Fake News, and burned the URL for the story the next day.

BREAKING NEWS: Stephen Colbert tells a funny joke has a world exclusive that changes everything!

Stephen Colbert has told a funny joke!

Trump cuts refugee stream in half

Good news from the Los Angeles Times:
Number of refugees admitted to U.S. drops by almost half
No wonder Merkel is displeased. We have slowed the race to become a Third World nation.

Junk science courts hit Europe

Criminal lawyers say you can indict a ham sandwich.

Now civil lawyers say you can sue a peanut butter sandwich and win -- in Europe.

Friday, June 23, 2017

In wake of Democrat shooting a Republican, Washington Post dials it down -- NOT!

Jason Samenow, the Washington Post's weather editor and Capital Weather Gang's chief meteorologist, wrote a column today: "I worked on the EPA’s climate change website. Its removal is a declaration of war."

Baltimore is a no-go zone

Londonistan is pock marked with areas police fear to tread. Politicians made it plain that police are not allowed to treat all people the same. A Muslim mayor puts Muslims above the law.

Democrats are doing the British one better. According to police, Baltimore is one big no go zone.

Best 2 minutes, 20 seconds you will spend today

Thursday, June 22, 2017

CNN, MSNBC boycott Trump. Hilarity ensues

Fox News has struggled since firing Roger Ailes and canning Bill O'Reilly. Can't do worse than those self-inflicted wounds.

CNN and MSNBC said hold my beer.

Judge boots Saint Preet

Oh how the media protested when President Trump fired Democrat Preet Bharara. The media portrayed him falsely as the bane of Wall Street.

But Saint Preet was a sham political appointee hired from the staff of Democratic Senate Leader Crying Chuck Schumer to shakedown corrupt corporations to "donate" to Democratic Party "charities" to avoid criminal prosecution. I explained that already.

Now a judge has shown what kind of half-assed lawyer Bharara is in court.

Company rewards Trump states with jobs

In 2008, Barack Obama carried North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In 2016, President Trump flipped those five states on his way to a 30-state victory, the most states won in 20 years.

Now those five states are in the running to land a $10 billion in a display-making factory.

Russophobia is a loser

After nearly nine months of blaming Russia for their election debacle last November in which they outspent the least liked presidential candidate in history and lost by 10 states, Democrats now fear Russia really could cost them in 2018.

Because blaming Russia for Democratic ineptitude is making the party look foolish.

Go ahead. Ban cultural appropriation

Readers of "Trump the Establishment" may remember this paragraph:
Cultural appropriation is the successor to multicultural diversity, which holds that newcomers bring new customs that we should incorporate into our nation. Cultural appropriation admonishes us for incorporating new customs. Liberalism is not supposed to make sense.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Handel's revenge on Planned Parenthood

Republican Karen Handel not only became the first woman to win a congressional seat in Georgia last night, but she exacted revenge on Planned Parenthood -- which had relentlessly worked to get Handel fired five years ago.

11 reasons to pull CNN's credentials

Why you should care about increasing secrecy in White House and Senate
Inch by inch by inch, the Trump administration is rolling back press access, which means less information for the public.
And by press access, CNN means CNN.

Fox News and the rest of the TV outlets get called upon at press briefings. The reason CNN does not is because CNN no longer bothers with even the facade of fairness.

Keep giving Democrats bad advice, media

The media erased any doubts about a media bias this morning in its coverage of the two special elections for Congress. One race they ignored completely. In the other, they ignored the result.

The media's concentrated on the Georgia congressional race, in which big corporations and rich people from the Left Coast poured in $40 million or so on behalf of Democrat Jon Ossoff. Kellyanne Conway tweeted last night: "laughing my Ossoff."

But he was cool with funding Planned Parenthood

Kevin D. Williamson took some time out from bashing Trump supporters as Nazis and begging us to send National Review money to pen a hate-filled article: "Planned Parenthood’s Century of Brutality."

But he was cool with funding Planned Parenthood -- with my money.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Democrats hold referendum on Trump. Lose twice

States held two special elections to replace Republican congressmen who left and joined the Trump administration.

Once again Democrats walked away with moral victories -- confounding the experts who, once again, had predicted an actual victory for Democrats in one race.

The hate crime fallacy

My nomination for the week's dumbest headline is from Heat Street:
Linda Sarsour Was Wrong: Slaying of Muslim Teen in Virginia Was Road Rage, Not Hate Crime

Americans need not apply

I support countries importing skilled workers from other countries to do jobs that local people cannot do.

But let us follow the rules, please. The technology industry in America is abusing the H1B visa program that brings in foreign workers.

Carrie Fisher story is why people hate the media

Carrie Fisher's death on a flight home on December 23 was a drug overdose, according to news reports.

I really did not want to know this. She was a druggie. I knew that. Why rub it in?

But my beef with the media goes beyond that.

Monday, June 19, 2017

CNN's Acosta's butt hurts

Teacher did not call on Jim Acosta of CNN today. So he threw a Twitter Tantrum.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha (wipes tears from eyes) hahahahaha.

Special prosecutor for Mueller gains momentum

On Thursday, I posted "Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Mueller" -- a voice in the wind.

Today, Glenn Harland Reynolds -- founder of Instapundit -- carried the idea to the pages of USA Today.

We have them on the run -- which makes them dangerous

Fear not, readers. This morning brings good news that rises above the stench of the swamp and the howls of creatures protesting the sudden dehydration of their turf.

CNN treated Saddam Hussein better it does Trump

If Mark Twain were alive today, he would say there are lies, damned lies, statistics, and worst of all: newspaper stories.

However, roughly 200 million Americans would agree with him (press credibility is at 34% according to Quinnipiac University's poll in March) so we don't really need his guidance.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

UPDATED: What passes for a reporter at the Washington Post these days

Abby D. Phillip today tweeted the home address of Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., placing his life and the lives of his family in jeopardy from any felon who wants to get even.

Phillip may have been an idiot about it, or maybe it is some punishment for BWR.

Never Trumper learned nothing

Max Boot is one of those neoconservatives against PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP who are a drug on the market in DC, and not really wanted most elsewhere.

(I shout his name because I like annoying his critics.)

After a Democratic Party activist went hunting Republican congressmen, you would think people like Boot would pipe down -- or at least dial back the rhetoric.

But no, there is Boot with another personal attack on PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP.

Three trials. Three verdicts. All correct

Three cases ended this week in a symmetry of possible decisions: guilty, not guilty, and hung jury. All three drew comments, of course, as people talk even though rare are the people who followed these cases in court.

I did not follow them, so why not comment on the comment, eh?

Go ahead, punks. Make Trump's day

Democrats are daring President Trump to fire Mueller and Rosenstein.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (inhales) hahahahahahahahaha.

A Father's Day story

My research takes me hither and yon, and today it took me to a profile of Donald Trump Jr. by Alex Williams in the New York Times on November 19, 2006.

Junior had just shared his first anniversary with his wife, Vanessa.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Trump the Civil Rights Commission

President Trump needs to disband the U.S. Civil Rights Commission after the agency went one step beyond the Twilight Zone, and smack dab into the outer limits on Friday.

Press reads too much into Trump's illegal aliens move

President Trump rescinded Barack Obama's goofy Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, which allowed people to come to America illegally, give birth on American soil, and then claim legal status because, hey, their kid is an American, right?

I get that Democrats need votes, but Congress -- not the president -- enacts laws.

How to save the USA in six words

A Democratic Party activist's attempted massacre of Republican congressmen should jolt real, patriotic Americans to demand better behavior from our politicians, our pundits, and our power brokers.

The way to stop the insanity is to stop acting insane. While I know there are many things to do, the first step is paramount.
Stop making everything a moral issue.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Trump: Liberate Cuba

Obama unilaterally threw away more than a half-century of Cuban policy. He did so to appease his professors at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard. He is indoctrinated, not educated.

President Trump today unilaterally changed Cuban policy back to what it was under Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43.

Trump realizes he is not smarter than nine presidents.

Charleston Gazette, still crazy after all these years

Jobs for jihadists in London

Muslim terrorists have struck Britain three times so far this year (Westminster, Manchester, and the London Bridge).

That is not by happenstance. Government programs make it so.

Trump brings government into 21st century. Literally

President Clinton didn't. Bush 43 didn't. Obama sure as hell didn't.

But 17 years after Two Thousand Zero Zero, the party's really over.

NYT discovers Republicans aren't wimps

The New York Times expected Republicans to fold like chairs on the Second Amendment after a Democratic Party activist tried to hunt them down at a ballpark on Wednesday. The Democrat shot and severely wounded Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

Nope. This is the Party of Trump. We hit back twice as hard.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

CBS spelled Obama T-R-U-M-P

When last we looked, several Arab nations were pissed at Qatar.

CBS decided to capitalize on this with a Fake News headline:
Trump sells Qatar $12 billion of U.S. weapons days after accusing it of funding terrorism

Time to end The Resistance

The Resistance is putrid.

Yesterday morning, an activist in The Resistance tried to kill as many Republican congressmen as he could while they practiced for a baseball game.

Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Mueller

Now that James Comey has proved himself to be a sniveling weasel who misled the Senate on May 3 to believe the FBI was investigating President Trump, "special prosecutor" Robert Mueller or his co-counsels are leaking that they are investigating Trump for "obstruction of justice."

Team Mueller leaked this to the usual anti-Trump papers.

Democrats need to Kumbaya

Today marks the second anniversary of billionaire Donald Trump's official entry in the 2016 presidential race, which he would win by the largest margin for a Republican since Reagan was president, and his vice president won 40 states.

On the day Trump entered the race, National Republic called him a baboon and a buffoon, also wrongly asserting that his wife was a surgically altered trophy wife. The New York Daily News depicted him graphically as a clown on its cover the next morning.

What will they try next on Trump?

Wile E. Coyote had more luck with Acme products than the press and Democrats are having with their schemes to derail President Trump.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I blame Tim Kaine's rhetoric

Democrat James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, shot Republican  House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana this morning.

Politico tried to shame Republicans for blaming Democrats -- even though Hodgkinson was a member of Democratic groups that are rabidly anti-Republican.

CBS questions the legality of Comey's leaks

News Busters caught a moment of introspection on CBS News on Tuesday afternoon as CBS anchor Scott Pelley and reporter (and lawyer) Jan Crawford shot the breeze on air while awaiting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to speak before a Senate committee.

Pelley brought up fired FBI director James Comey's leaks, and the two delved into the legality of his leaking a memo to himself.

I don't care about press access

From the Hill:
Senate Republicans crack down on press access
From Politico:
Reporters protest restrictions on TV interviews in Capitol
From McClatchy:
Reporters complain they were blocked from interviewing senators on camera

NBC stuck with Megyn Kelly

"NBC is Megyn a big mistake" was the title of my post when the network signed her in January.

Fox News did not even hold her to waiting till fall to go on NBC.

I don't want to call a woman a white elephant, but that is what the lady is right now.

NBC could change that.

But as Elizabeth Warren's people say, "How?"

Let's avoid a Year of Five Presidents

In the 20th century, I would not have to write this. But Stalin's seeds of division were planted in the universities before I was born (three months after his death) and have come to fruition -- Venus flytraps that eat the minds of students.

A professor had to go into hiding for fear of his students and colleagues who objected to his presence on campus on a day when No Whiteys Were Allowed.

Happy Flag Day

God bless America -- and our president, Donald John Trump.

Happy birthday to him, and the U.S. Army.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Smooth as bourbon Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions today proved why he is a good lawyer who would have made an excellent federal judge. Speaking before a Senate committee out to destroy President Trump, a friendly and calm Jeff Sessions politely submitted to their phony inquisition.

Now that is something I could never do. I would rant and rave. Not General Sessions.

Yearbook censor suspended

While the Fake News media raised a bigger uproar defending a play that depicts the assassination of President Trump, a real act of censorship went largely unnoticed and uncommented upon.

Comey said he pledged "honest loyalty" to Trump

In the swamp version of "Julius Caesar," James Comey wants to cast himself as Brutus, the reluctant assassin.

I think he is more like Scooter Libby or Martha Stewart, who both went to prison for lying to a government official.

Ice cancels search for signs of global warming

Some 40 scientists with $17 million in Canadian tax dollars to blow over the next four years decided to take a cruise in the Arctic Ocean to prove that man is causing the Earth to burn out of control.

But Arctic ice forced them to shut down their little trip.

Democrat learns how to lose Jewish votes

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio is the latest to learn that feuding with Donald Trump always backfires.

Brown spoke to Zionist Organization of America last week, and trashed Trump.

The group blasted Brown afterward.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Advertisers already are dropping Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly couldn't beat a "60 Minutes" rerun in the debut of her newsmagazine despite her exclusive interview with Vladimir Putin. He owned her.

Now an advertiser is pulling out because she interviewed Alex Jones for her upcoming episode. In fact, because of the interview, that advertiser is pulling out of all NBC ads, including those online.

CNN blames its woes on Trump

Brian Stetler, CNN's media critic, tried to blast President Trump on Sunday.

It backfired. Anyone with a laptop and a few minutes to waste could easily show Stetler engaged in the half-truths that lead the American people mistrust CNN and its colleagues in journalistic malpractice.

How hippies changed the world

BBC 4 has a series "The Summer of Love: How Hippies Changed the World."

The changes were not for the better. My research shows that.

No, Peggy, Trump gets the norms of DC. He rejects them

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal delivered the reliably safe Washington Establishment take on James Comey's destruction of the Myth of the Russian Bigfoot.

She ignored it, changing the subject to presidential norms.

34th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

People in Pittsburgh are having a good Monday, thanks to the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup.

But I am having an even better Monday, thanks to Jeffrey J. Stuart, who wrote the 34th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment."

Conservatives win big on Caesar backlash

Whoa. Delta Airlines and Bank of America withdrew their sponsorship of New York’s Shakespeare in the Park on Sunday because the bozos in charge of this festival decided it was cool to depict the assassination of President Donald John Trump.



Remember, one of President Trump's campaign songs was "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister.

And we're not.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trump sends CNN to Siberia

President Trump just paid back CNN. The butt-hurt is loud, whiny, and entertaining.

This week, CNN turned into the Comey News Network, installing a Comey Countdown Clock two days before his testimony before the Senate.

AP surprised Trump is keeping his promises

Hey, Associated Press, I read your headline:
Trump wages battle against regulations, not climate change
What is your point?

Will Comey Toast stop impeachment?

The worst situation in the world is to be an innocent man accused of a bizarre crime.

The absurdity of the situation lulls a person into a false sense of security, which means he delays preparing his defense until it is almost to late. Think of Woody Allen blind-sided by Mia Farrow's allegations of child abuse. Little did he realize how easily she could brainwash his kids.

Commie laughs at Hillary

Van Jones was the only Obama administration official who admitted to his communism. He didn't make it past that first September.

But he has a CNN gig, and he took a great dig at Her Royal Clintonness.

RIP, Batman

OK, I was not going to do an Adam West dies post.

Then I saw this.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Comey killed The Resistance

Thursday marked the eight-month anniversary of the greatest presidential election in my life, but it took testimony from James Comey to finally kill that silly, sanctimonious, and self-indulgent Resistance.

Washington had bet their swamp on Comey giving devastating testimony that would lead to the indictment and impeachment of President Trump.

Leave Britney alone, Russian hackers

Russians could not hack the election for Hillary (which is why she is angry).

Was it deliberate or incompetence?

Comey the Clown show in 13 posts

Dan Abrams is "chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News" with a blog on the side, "Law Newz," featuring posts by him and others.

The blog's handling of the Comey the Clown show amused me -- and exemplified the media's Hair on Fire coverage of all things Comey.

Ivanka's revenge

Remember the #GrabYourWallet boycott of Ivanka Trump's product line of shoes, jewelry, and such?

Not only did it lead to a six-fold increase in her sales, as people went online to purchase her products, but it might be a factor in the financial troubles of one chain of stores that boycotted Ivanka.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Trump's role in the Trump administration

President Trump had another winning week

Which means you did too.

87th Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

Thank you, Lynne, for the 87th Amazon review of "Trump the Press." It was short and sweet -- like my wife.
Five Stars
Like it so much I bought two.
Thank you very much. This leaves the book 13 reviews shy of 100, which is a magic number in Amazonland. Hint, hint.

Race card expires for Democrats

The media slowly is admitting that the Democratic Party is in trouble. Kicking the working class to the curb in favor of minorities with grievances turned out to have a shelf life.

The post-Obama party finds itself out of power in all three branches of the federal government, as well as most states.

33rd Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

Having written the 86th Amazon review of "Trump the Press," Brian Beirne wrote and posted the 33rd Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment."

I was thrilled.

From Brian Beirne:
Love a book with a Happy Ending!
I enjoyed this well written account of the 2016 Presidential election. Make sure you read TRUMP the Press by the same author for the story of the Republican primary first. Lots of insight into what went on. Lots of fond memories. A few things I didn't know: the 'basket of deplorables' comment by HRC was at a donor event and wasn't supposed to get out (reminiscent of the Romney 47% comment), and John Podhoretz, whom I read in the NY Post and was a very notable NeverTrump-er, makes most of his money from Commentary magazine which is heavily subsidized by donations (might call it 'failing'). He fits squarely into the Republican 'establishment' that wanted Trump to fail. Include George Will and Bill Kristol in that group. Don't miss this book.
Again, it was my pleasure. I like that he got what the book was about. He brings the bok within 17 reviews of the magic number of 50. Hint, hint.

Meanwhile, the House quietly passes a reform

Countrywide Financial Corporation's Chief Executive Officer Angelo Mozilo bought off Democrats in the Senate with cheap loans. Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut was one of them, using his position as banking committee chairman as a rainmaker.

After the 2008-2009 financial collapse, Dodd and Democratic Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts wrote the Dodd-Frank bank reform that let big companies like Bank of America off the hook.

Disbar Comey?

The swamp critters put Wally Gator on the stand as they tried to bring President Trump down in their latest attempt at presidenticide.

Comey, though, could not perjure himself by implicating the president of anything more than saying hello. A few Trump Republicans were wise enough to drag the ghost of attorneys general past by asking Comey about Loretta Lynch.

Had Hillary won, Lynch would have been the first black woman to sit on the Supreme Court. Instead, she should hire a criminal lawyer, just in case.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

86th Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

Brian Beirne made my day by posting the 86th Amazon review of "Trump the Press."

From Brian Beirne:
Outstanding account of the 2016 Republican primary
Very enjoyable. Good account of the 2016 Republican primary race. Written very well.
Thank you very much. This leaves the book 14 reviews shy of 100, which is a magic number in Amazonland. Hint, hint.

Quoting Trump is hate speech

Marxists have a new thought crime: Quoting President Trump.

Media whinges that Trump undercuts their a-thor-A-tay

Neil Cavuto of Fox News and Fox Business News was the latest to dump on President Trump for tweeting.

Cavuto's statement shows why.

Tweeting on Saint Comey Day

Twitter was ablaze with Comey today. We needed some Russian hookers to put the fire out. Instead, I did this.

USDA encourages food stamps for illegals

The Associated Press is upset with President Trump because his crackdown on illegal aliens is forcing illegal aliens to stop breaking other laws.

Waah -- lefty reactions to Comey testimony

Attention Whore James Comey released today his opening remarks to the Senate tomorrow, and admitted President Trump has done nothing wrong -- at all.

No impeachment, boys. Sorry.

Liberals are whingeing like the little girls they are. The whole party is nothing but trans-tweens holding a slumber party.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Washington Post's next Pulitzer winner is...

Dumbest damned story of the year.

So far.

Sessions drains a slush fund

Firing Pheet Bharara as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York was the first step toward ending a corrupt slush fund scheme and restoring a constitutional government.

Bharara was crooked politician who instead of sending corrupt CEO to prison for their misdeeds accepted payoffs. Oh not directly. He was not that stupid. No, Bharara allowed the crooked CEOs to buy their way out of jail by "giving" billions to  Democratic Party-approved "charities."

Republicans plan to trump the press.

Looks like Republicans are going after the nattering nabobs of negativism in the 2018. I have two suggested slogans.

"Trump the Press" and "Trump the Establishment."

The Fourth Estate must be held accountable, and Republicans can promise to do that.

The resistance is evil

The arrest of Reality Winner for disclosing America's secrets reflects how far down the toilet the resistance and its leaders -- Hillary and Obama -- are willing to take the nation.

A month after the election, Winner, 25, joined a contractor for the National Security Agency -- making her an Obama Era employee.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

More tweets not sent

I tweet a lot, but save the best for my blog.

Jeff Bezos wants food stamps

Jeff Bezos, the second-richest man in the history of the world, wants food stamps.

High wages, low unemployment bother globalists

Remember when the globalists insisted illegal aliens were not taking jobs from Americans?

Remember when they said

Now that The Donald has spooked millions of these invaders to go back where they came from, the truth is coming out.

DC press corps just got a warning

On Monday, the feds charged Reality Leigh Winner, 25, a federal contractor from Augusta, Georgia, and charged her "with removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet, in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 793(e)," according to the official press release.

Uh-oh. HuffPost has caught on to The Donald

HuffPost (nee Huffington Post) has caught on to President Trump's way of distracting the press.

Any time the press nears a substantive issue, he throws them off-scent with a tweet.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Thursday, June 01, 2017

32nd Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

Tweets not sent

A reader asked me to number these. So I am.

Enjoy, and remember, use Twitter only to retweet because Twitter hates conservatives and wants us all fired.

Not that I do. I still give them tweets occasionally, but never these 27.

The attempted coup continues

From the Sun:
Nigel Farage ‘named as a person of interest in massive FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia’
The headline shows the press, Democrats, Republicans, and the federal government not only want to destroy President Trump, but any and all associated with him.

Obama-appointed judge lets Katie Couric off the hook

Barack Obama appointed Democrat John Gibney Jr. to a federal judgeship in eastern Virginia in 2010 as a favor to Democratic Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner.

Gibney just tossed out a lawsuit against Katie Couric for defaming the Virginia Citizens Defense League in a Fake News documentary for Yahoo News.

Kellogg's dumps Breitbart, consumers dump Kellogg's

The story at Breitbart was very restrained. In fact, the story barely mentioned how Kellogg's tried to hurt Breitbart six months ago. Its headline read:
Kellogg’s Laying Off More Than 400 in Texas

Thank you, readers

Today is Don Surber's Readers Day.

I thank them for reading my blog, reading my books, and overlooking my typos.

Or is that typoes?


Without readers, a writer is useless. You are the reason I write.

Thank you.