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Monday, May 15, 2017

WSJ poll shows even Hillary voters don't care about Comey

The Wall Street Journal reported its poll showed only 29% of the public approves of President Trump firing James Comey, who served at the will and pleasure of the president.

But the poll showed only 38% disapprove. In other words, even the 48% who hate President Trump so much that they voted for Hillary cannot work up a good spit about this media melodrama.

Indeed, one-third of the country said don't know/don't care/no opinion.

Given how many hours cable news gave this soap opera, that is a pitiful return on investment for the Opposition Party, as the press now labels itself.

They could not throw the election, and they cannot throw the presidency. Ha ha ha ha.

From the Wall Street Journal:
The new Journal/NBC News survey found that more than nine people in 10 had heard about Mr. Trump’s decision to fire the FBI chief, but there were few signs that it had changed impressions of the president.
Some 39% of poll respondents said they approved of Mr. Trump’s overall job performance, while 54% disapproved — almost identical to the results of a Journal/NBC News survey in April.
Less than 40% said they viewed Mr. Trump in a positive light, while about half said they held a negative opinion of him, a slightly weaker showing for the president than in April.
Well, he has never been liked and he never will be liked.

New week. New story for the media to blow out of proportion in a vain attempt to impeach him.

Please pass the popcorn.

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  1. They'll try to pin the NSA ransomware thing on him. My money is on the Barack/Hillary supporter who INTENTIONALLY leaked the code, in exchange for chaos and a phat check. If employee bank account and Bitcoin sweeps are not currently being performed, heads need to roll.

  2. A lot of sound and fury, signifying...nothing.

  3. And they haven't been able to buy a special election either. Hahahahahaha

  4. And in other news:
    90% of Americans have heard of the Wall Street journal and fewer than 9% have any positive sentiments about this fake news organization

  5. "Some 39% of poll respondents"--and they made sure not to poll anyone wearing a MAGA hat, an NRA button, or an AMerican flag pin. So if, of the people they cherrypick to question, "39%...said they approve" (Or, "Less than 40% said they viewed Mr. Trump in a positive light"), that's a pretty decent percentage--they must have been expecting a much lower approval rate.

    1. I was polled once when I had a land line. The caller said they'd like my opinion on a number of current issues and events. Me: Ok,let 'er rip. First question, "are you more of a liberal or more of a conservative?" Me: Definitely more of a conservative. Caller: Ok, thanks. That's all we need. Me: Wait a minute, I thought you wanted my opinion on a number of current issues and events. Click. End of call.