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Thursday, May 11, 2017

We were right on Obamacare. Will the media apologize?

Aetna's decision to pull out of Obamacare in 2018 marks the collapse of the worst domestic policy since the National Recovery Act set minimum prices on everything. The Supreme Court had the sense to kill the latter. Economics is taking care of the former.

We said this would happen. We predicted this calamity. We rejected the false promises of $2,500 a year premium reductions for a family of four, of keeping your plan, and of keeping your doctor.

The Fake News media called us racists and rubes who were conned by Big Business.

We were right.

Where is their apology?

Where is their humility?

Where is their admission of failure to hold a president accountable and to double-check his claims?

America paid dearly for journalistic malpractice.

From Fox Business News:
Health insurance company Aetna announced Wednesday it will completely withdraw from the ObamaCare marketplace in 2018, a decision Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price perceived as a sign of continued instability in the health care sector under the Affordable Care Act.
“Aetna’s decision to completely withdraw from the ObamaCare exchanges adds to the mountain of evidence that ObamaCare has failed the American people. Repealing and replacing it with patient-centered solutions that stabilize the marketplace to bring down costs and increase choices is the only solution,” Price said late Wednesday.
The company will not offer insurance plans in Delaware or Nebraska, the remaining two states where it was slated to provide coverage under the Affordable Care Act next year.
It's gone.

The marketplace has spoken.

Obamacare is dead.

I demand an apology.
On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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Now President Trump has to clean up the mess Barack the Failure made of America's health insurance.


  1. Of course the media will not apologize. They're part and parcel of the Democrat-Leftist Party. They will continue to lie and make stuff up, denying truth all the way.

  2. I would ask Santa for something else Don.

  3. To paraphrase Erich Segal, "Being a Prog means never having to say you're sorry."

  4. You mentioned the NRA (National Recovery Act). I watch a lot of old movies. If you do you find that in the early thirties the big media were all into that as well, with the NRA logo plastered all over the screen prior to the titles. they never apologized for that after it was declared unconstitutional, either. Another thing you discover is that Mussolini was a god to the left in the early thirties, as well, and Russia was Nirvana. Sure Garbo could poke a little fun that way in Little Ninotchka, but no one ever seriously questioned communism.

  5. Secretly, I thibnk no one is happier than the Demos, it's going away.

    The longer it lasts, the more the Demos get beat with a big club.

    1. Super important point. All the Democrats had to do to get out from under the unpopular disaster that is Obamacare (ACA) is put on their I'm-shocked faces and proclaim how horrible AHCA is -- and nobody (meaning the MSM) talks about how the ACA is sinking. There was no way around the Democrats doing that (just like they can call for Comey to be fired over and over and as soon as he is, put on their I'm-shocked faces, etc.).

      What I would add, though (and taking note some recent poll says AHCA is even more unpopular, thanks to the Media push, than is ACA, which Media and the Democrats are working to make out as the greatest healthcare system the world has ever imagined, one where, according to leftists, which too many people actually believe, rape and such were covered by ACA but won't be covered by Trump's plan), what we really need, is someone in the GOP to explain, like Mr Suber is doing, that Obamacare is going under and the AHCA plan is an attempt, without Democrat help, to try to keep the parts people say they want, even though some of them are pretty liberal, sure, and save healthcare, that no plan means no Obamacare -- and the Democrats won't help because they would rather play politics with people's lives.

      We must fight back!