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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Wall Street bribes to Democratic women are 43% smaller than men's

Wall Street paid Hillary Clinton 43% less to give speeches than it is paying Barack Obama, proving even political corruption is sexist.

Hillary received $225,000 a speech from Goldman Sachs as company officials rewarded her for her service as Secretary of State.

But another Wall Street firm, Cantor Fitzgerald, will pay Obama $400,000 for a speech as his reward for putting exactly ZERO crooked bankers and traders in prison while he was president.

In contrast, Bush 43 sent nearly two dozen crooked CEOs to prison and made ZERO Wall Street speeches.

Some people may say that the sex discrimination against Hillary reflects a real glass ceiling when it comes to paying officials for looking the other way a la Captain Renault in "Casablanca."

However, in defense of the crooks on Wall Street, Obama served them twice as long as he spent eight years looking the other way as president, while she held a Cabinet post for only four years.

Also as Secretary of State, her control of the Department of Justice was limited to having it destroy evidence of her personal criminality while refusing to indict her.

Still, her Wall Street speeches were given in expectation that she would serve her masters well as president. Thus paying her 43% less reflects a sexist attitude that women are more easily bribed than men.

In winning the Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton made advances for all Democratic women by showing they can get paid off by Big Money just like Democratic men can.

But she was unable to achieve Equal Bribes for Equal Corruption.

Perhaps Chelsea will be the one who breaks that barrier.

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  1. The inept mulatto man was more productive than the woman. He earned more. She'll probably just end up soiling the furniture through her Depends. That nursing home smell, you know.

  2. I'd bet The Donald could do a great (GREAT) 5-minute riff on that, and get a lot of attention for it. NYT would bring out its biggest type for that.

  3. Or maybe Zero learned the shake down trade from the reverends. Jesse and Al have made a career of it.

  4. Apples and oranges.
    Obambi pretended to be potus.
    She pretended to be sos

  5. I could hear the cursing and glassware shattering all the way up here in WV after Hill found out about Soetero's fee.

  6. He treated them like second class citizens, so...

  7. Perhaps Chelsea....


  8. “I think that the ‘deplorables’ comment could well have changed the course of human history.”

    Jonathan Haidt