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Friday, May 19, 2017

Tweets I did not send

Twitter hates conservatives. To paraphrase Glenn Reynolds (whom Twitter temporarily suspended) why are we providing free content to those twits? So here are tweets I didn't send tody

Cue Biden looking out the Oval Office window.

He became a Muslim?

Abortion -- going the way of the girdle.

Illegal aliens, doing the jobs Americans won't do.

And if he closed his eyes, he would be invisible.

Nixon took 49, Jim.

Et tu, June Chu?

Surprisingly, Edward-Isaac Dovere does not teach at Harvard. Works at Politico.

TRUE. So true that they would have been better off majoring in Gender Studies.

I still think Edward-Isaac Dovere is overpaid.

Well Harvard is a bastion of conservatism...

Even Aunt Esther ain't buying it, you fish-eyed fool.

Weiner cooked.

No prison time. Democratic Party privilege.

I have the T-shirt.

To ride the waves or enjoy the buoys?

And there go all my Navy veteran readers...

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  1. I think Weiner will turned to schnitzel by the buoys
    during his prison sentence.

  2. You're safe, Don; sailors have a sense of humor.

    Yale dean shows why Ivy League schools have lost our confidence in them. Of course, Mizzou has, too.

  3. Taking some liberties with the ratings there, Don.

    Diabolical liberties.

  4. Really like this new semi-regular "Tweets I Did Not Send" feature.

    Like to suggest another one, aimed at the MSM's anti-Trump Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein.

    Here it is in a nutshell:

  5. Nixon may have won 49 - but he also committed Real Crimes.

    The Dems are hoping nobody will start acting on their criminal careers.

  6. Abortion -- going the way of the girdle.
    Pssst, girdles are now called “bike pants” made by Spanx ;~)

    Btw, I have that same t-shirt, except it doesn't say Bobcat, it says Pat Paulsen. His slogan was: If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve.

  7. "Even Aunt Esther ain't buying it, you fish-eyed fool."

    I know what you did there, Don. ;-)