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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Trump uses the Saudis against Iran

I am no fan of the House of Saud, however Saudi Arabia has its uses as a pawn in the international chess match with Iran. President Trump will stop in Riyadh as part of his tour of the seats of the three Abrahamic religions: the Vatican, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, which is home to Mecca.

The Saudis and their allies (some would say collaborators) are pleased.

From the National, a United Arab Emirates publication:
Describing the visit as historic, Adel Al Jubeir said Mr Trump’s time in Saudi Arabia would include a bilateral summit, a meeting with Arab Gulf leaders and another with leaders of Arab and Muslim countries.
"It’s a clear and powerful message that the US harbours no ill will" toward the Arab and Muslim world, he said.
"It also lays to rest the notion that America is anti-Muslim. It’s a very clear message to the world that the US and the Arab Muslim countries can form a partnership," Mr Al Jubeir said.
"It will lead to, we believe, enhanced cooperation between the US and Arab and Islamic countries in combating terrorism and extremism, and it will change the conversation with regards to America’s relationship with the Arab and Islamic world."
Muslim sects are battling over control of Mecca and the religion itself. The main difference is the Saudis are tolerant of infidels, while the Iranians want to kill us all.

Barack Obama pushed the USA to siding with Iran, giving the Islamic state hundreds of billions of dollars while agreeing to allow Iran to go nuclear.

From the story:
The United States is leading an international coalition against ISIL of which Saudi Arabia is a member, and both countries have voiced concern about Iranian attempts to expand its influence in the Middle East.
Mr Al Jubeir praised the Trump administration’s tougher stance against Iran.
"I don’t think this administration is about rhetoric. I think the administration has taken firm steps in terms of making it clearer to Iran that its behaviour has to change."
Riyadh and Washington had a testier relationship under former Democratic president Barack Obama’s administration, which Saudi Arabia felt placed less importance on the Saudi-US relationship than on securing a nuclear deal with Iran.
Considering those nukes are more likely to be pointed at Riyadh than at Tel Aviv, I can see why teh Saudis are pleased that Trump is president, and not HRC.

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  1. The Saudis do have some sense.

  2. Wasn't it hundreds of millions - like $700 mil?

  3. "The main difference is the Saudis are tolerant of infidels, while the Iranians want to kill us all."

    For a certain definition of tolerance. The Saudis are small dogs with big wallets, and they physically possess Mecca and Medina. If they ever had the field cleared of Muslim challengers and were undisputed leaders of all Muslims - then they would be the biggest Chauvinistic jerks you would ever see.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Wahabbis? Ring a bell? Please. The House of Said will all be beheaded some day.

  4. Trump has it backwards. The Saudis are not our friends and the Iranians are not our enemies.

    1. I'm pretty sure the Iranians ARE our enemy.

  5. Both the Saudis and the Iranians are our enemies. Those two countries are the biggest sponsors of terrorism in the world. GOC

  6. Now that we found the oil, we no longer have to lick any sandals over in the ME. Behind closed doors, DJT should teach them to sit, speak, roll over, and shake. I will NEVER forget how many of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi. They ain't our friends. And Iran? Turn it into a parking lot before they do the same to Jerusalem.

  7. Saudis are not our friends. Iranians are not our friends. The only friend we have in that part of the world is Israel, and even they are not 100% on our side.

    Saudis are not tolerant of infidels: how many churches are there in Saudi Arabia? How many women stroll about without their menfolk, wearing whatever they like? How "gay-friendly" are they?

    They export wahabbism around the world. They are weasels, smiling while they reach around your back with a knife.

  8. Certainly there are several aspects of President Trump's visit - cooperation in war on terror, goodwill, etc. - but remember, Donald Trump is a businessman. He is set to follow through on a multi-billion dollar arms deal that Obama had blocked. Cue Big Dan the Bible salesman: "It's all about the money, boys!" And that's fine. Why should the Russkies be making all the arms sales? Our defense industries are tops, and some large arms sales will help them ramp up production in anticipation of the U.S. rebuilding our arsenal. - Elric