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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trump united the three Abrahamic religions against terrorism

While the media keeps flailing away at make-believe stories about the new French president's handshake and whatever, President Trump just re-shaped the world. The leader of the free world visited the home of Mecca, Jerusalem, and the Vatican as he worked to bring the world's major religions together to combat terrorism.

God sends the least likely angels.

The free world listens to Donald Trump as world leader are desperate for someone to lead the way to smite the terrorists. While the House of Saud hardly qualifies as a free nation, that is the direction it is headed. And the Saudis gathered a group of like-minded Arab and other Muslim rulers together to hear Trump out.

Their attendance acknowledged we cannot continue down the path of allowing terrorists to tear the world apart. We must arrest their development, as well as destroying the Islamic State.

Bibi and the Israelis delighted to welcome Trump who arrived on a direct flight from Riyahd, which in itself is a feat of diplomatic perfection. Trump became the first siting president to pray at the Western Wall. We are not used to presidents who pray. let alone at the holiest place in Judaism and Christianity. As a child, I remember our elderly pastor visiting the Holy Lands.

His meeting with Pope Francis, while obligatory for a president, was marked by the pope blessing the first lady's rosary. She is only the second Catholic first lady. They spoke in Italian, one of six languages she is fluent in. ( English, French, Italian, German, Serbo-Croatian, and her native Slovene.)

While the Church does not recognize the Trump marriage, the pope certainly does -- as well as the importance of this historic religious triple play by the president. As the first pope to meet an Orthodox Patriarch in a thousand years, Francis certainly was happy to be part of this tour, as were Bibi and the Saudis.

The world sees what the American media closes its eyes to.

President Trump's visit with NATO allies and his attendance at an economic summit will further assert his leadership.

Writing in the Washington Post, Newt Gingrich said:
This week, as President Trump gave a historic speech in Saudi Arabia before the leaders of more than 50 Muslim-majority nations, journalism’s first draft missed the history almost entirely.
While the media focused on the ephemeral questions — whether the president would use campaign rhetoric in a diplomatic setting, or how the trip would affect the Obama legacy — they largely missed the real drama of the moment: a titanic shift in U.S. foreign policy occurring right before their eyes.
Trump stood before an unprecedented gathering of leaders to do something far more significant than utter a single phrase or undermine his predecessor’s record. He was there to rally the Muslim world, in his words, “to meet history’s great test” — defeating the forces of terrorism and extremism. He did so in a way that no American president ever had before. While extending a hand of friendship to Muslim nations, he also issued them a clear challenge: to take the lead in solving the crisis that has engulfed their region and spread across the planet. “Drive out the terrorists and extremists,” he urged them, or consign your peoples to futures of misery and squalor.
At last the long national nightmare of the eight years ending 20 January 2017 has ended.

History will not be kind to an American mass media that bet on the wrong pony, and tried to ride that unicorn in a tournament against Trump.

Readers and I already laugh, and mock, and sneer at the High and Mighty dullards in the Fourth Estate.

From Gingrich:
Journalists and Washington bureaucrats, who are so deeply embedded in the establishment that they can’t see out of it, may see Trump’s call to action as a distracting sideshow from a status quo they can’t imagine changing. And yet this week, it already has. Foreign leaders and the American people alike can see in this trip the core of a new, reality-based foreign policy.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. President Trump's No Apology Tour. He is a mover and a shaker on an international scale. He basically told everybody to get on the bus or be run over by it. He has already told Russia and China to decide where they stand on the matter. If only we had elected him eight years ago.

    One point of semantics, though: Given the fate of the S.S. Titanic I would have rather Mr. Gingrich used something like "seismic shift of exceptional magnitude." - Elric

  2. Don, I take your point. However, regarding articulation of it, please permit me to mention that "Abrahamic religion" is a cleverly deceptive term of art of proselytization by the Asharite/Salafi Jihad. It means to them that Abraham was a Muslim and the so-called religions that descend from him as perversions of Islam -- i.e., Judaism and Christianity -- should remerge in their source, Islam, or face extirpation. The phrase is an invitation to step into a trap and specifically a legal/theological trap. It is propounded for the same reason Jews propounded the phrase "Western Civilization," namely, to assert their claim to be its source in the stead of Christianity, and implying thereby that Christians should return to the original, true religion from which they stupidly separated: Judaism.

    1. I agree. I'd like to go on and point out that syncretism gets and deserves no respect. My parents were missionaries in Africa. They maintained their identification as Americans the entire time and got tons of respect. Missionaries who LARP the native cultures trying to virtue signal to people and claim some internalized understanding of the natives get laughed at behind their backs. Be who you are and people will respect you and what you say. Trump is who he is. He's not sucking up to these people, he is treating them as he would want to be treated and they see this and respond in kind.

    2. Judaism and Christianity have a couple thousand and 600+ years on Islam.

    3. Islam is not a realigion. It is a political ideology masquerading as a religion. GOC

  3. The point of the world looking for a leader is the killer.

  4. Because of the irresponsibility of the elite media, the American people have gone from wanting freedom of the press to freedom from the press.