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Friday, May 12, 2017

Trump trolls Time magazine

The cover of Time magazine shows President Trump from behind, as do a couple of photos with the cover story. This is now a thing among Marxist journalists as they attempt to find a Dukakis-on-a-tank or Barack-on-a-girl's-bike photo of the 45th presidency.

Don't fret the photos. The story came out just the way President Trump planned.

President Trump let the enemy in the tent to do a story billed as "Donald Trump After Hours," which under any other president would be a puff piece about the president behind the sense. But the press will remain his mortal enemy as it seeks a civil war with the decent people of America who elected Trump president.

In a truce, they followed Trump after dusk (which means Trump worked from dawn to dusk that day, as per usual). He took them to his dining room where his wide-screen television showed clips of the Senate hearing that day on Russia. The reporters were a little uncomfortable.

From Time magazine:
A clutch of aides follow him, including McMaster, Pence and press secretary Sean Spicer. The President raises a remote and flicks on the screen, sorting through old recordings of cable news shows, until he comes to what he is after: a clip from the Senate hearing earlier in the day, as broadcast on Fox News. The first clip he shows is of South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham speaking to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Graham asks if Clapper stands by his statement that he knows of no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Trump waits quietly, until Clapper admits that nothing has changed. Trump pantomimes a sort of victory.
“Yes. He was choking on that,” the President chortles. “Is there any record at all of collusion? He was the head of the whole thing. He said no. That’s a big statement.” 
The reporters were quick to add a but, but, but...
Trump leaves unmentioned the fact that there is an ongoing FBI counter­intelligence investigation into possible collusion, which has not yet reached any conclusions. Nor does he note that Clapper, out of government for nearly four months, could not possibly know everything the FBI has learned, and likely would have not known all even when he was in office. Trump also leaves unmentioned that he had a meeting that day with his new Deputy Attorney General about firing Comey, the director of that investigation.
Of course the campaign ended six months ago, which means they spied on the campaign and found nothing. How are they going to find anything now? Collusion does not exist. Obama lies so he could spy.

But the next three paragraphs were the payoff The Donald sought:
The next clip starts to play, this time showing Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley asking Clapper and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates if they ever requested that the names of Trump, his associates or members of Congress be identified by name, or unmasked, in a legal intelligence intercept. “Watch them start to choke like dogs,” Trump says, having fun. “Watch what happens. They are desperate for breath.”
Clapper, on the screen, pauses several beats to search his memory. “Ah, he’s choking. Ah, look,” the President says. After a delay, Clapper finally answers, admitting that he had requested an unmasking, which would have been a routine occurrence in his former job. The running Trump commentary continues. “See the people in the back, people are gasping,” he says, though it’s unclear who he is referring to on the screen. He also mentions the sound of photographers’ cameras clicking on the television.
Moments later, the President watches as both Clapper and Yates testify that they had reviewed intercepts containing the unmasked identities of Trump, his associates and members of Congress. This, to Trump, is yet another victory, the lead-lined proof of his still unproven claim that Obama surveilled him before he was sworn in. “So they surveilled me,” he says. “You guys don’t write that — wiretapped in quotes. They surveilled me.”
There was no but, but, but this time. How could there be? The reporters changed subjects in the next paragraph:
The powers of the presidency are vast, but Trump has discovered in these first months in office that they do not include­ much influence over how his words and actions are consumed by the American people. Among the many frustrations, none seems to burn quite as much as the disrespect he feels he has received from the press, which has steadily failed to reflect his version of reality. The story he wants told is not the one the nation reads and sees.
The press knows the Russian thing is junk.

But they hold out hope that the House will impeach him, the Senate will convict him, Congress will force Pence to appoint Hillary as veep, and Pence will resign. Mama Marx will save America from being Great Again.

Trump is going nowhere, and we will Make America Great Again.

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  1. Great headline: "Trump trolls..." It seems Donald has at least one thing from the Russians.

    1. His trawler is about the size of the USS Ford and is catching a lot of stuff that make carp seem like good fare. Total waste of production, but dang good entertainment.

  2. TIME exposes itself, not that we needed this to know what TIME is.

  3. The press knows the Russian thing is junk, but they seek to hide the misdeeds illegality AND unethical behavior of grifter granny and obambi!!-!!--!!!!!!!