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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump needs to take a break

President Trump's supporters seem fatigued. Part of taking the government out of my life should be taking my president off my TV. Two years of constant media attention have worn me out. A week without The Donald would do him, me, and you a world of good.

Michael Savage mentioned this, but in a more melodramatic manner.

He said Trump must salvage his presidency.

Dude, the election is more than three years away. A second term is almost a lock.

Nevertheless, from World Net Daily:
“Right now, truthfully, the administration is in trouble. It’s not because they did anything wrong; it’s because of the appearance that the radical left has created,” Savage said.
“The mad, mad bees of the left are swarming and stinging.”
Savage said Trump should begin with curbing his use of social media and his reliance on family members for advice.
“Number one, stop the impulsive tweeting. It’s unnecessary, it doesn’t help. You can make mistakes when you tweet,” Savage said, pointing to tweets about the firing of FBI Director James Comey Tuesday as an example.
“I think he should calm down. I think he should withdraw from the picture for awhile. I think he should let all the president’s men stand up there and take the heat,” he continued.
“I think he should get out of the spotlight for a while.”
Oh rubbish about the president being in trouble. Trump supporters and other normal people dismiss the hijinks of the left as the juvenile delinquency it is.

But since JFK's debut on January 20, 1961, the American presidency has been a television show. And TV series need to go on hiatus occasionally. A president's approval rating generally rises when he is off the tube.

As Savage pointed out, there are plenty of surrogates now who can carry his water on cable news. He can look more mature if he stays out of the spotlight.

Besides, it is harder for the media to hunt him when they cannot see him.
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  1. Trump Re-election slogan 2020: "How's ya LaSalle running?"

  2. Obstructionists gonna obstruct.
    America h8rs gonna h8.
    Trump's on the right path.
    If NeverTrumpers say Trump needs to lay off the tweeting, it means the twitter haiku is Trump's most effective weapon.
    And the Comey firing tweet was priceless.
    Snowflakes getting extra hysterical and doubly hypocritical?
    Its a sign of progress.
    Not enough winning yet, President Trump.
    Dont slow down.
    (One day they say he needs to hurry up, the next day they say he needs to slow down).
    One day they say fire Ciomey, the next day, they say, omg, I cannot believe he fired Comey.
    And they hope we forgot that they said Comey needed to be fired.
    Muslim for Trump

  3. Tired of winning, Don?

  4. Trump will only really be in trouble if he fails to get his legislation passed. Unlike under Nixon, there will be no Republicans of consequence who will support a prosecutor. The left always loses support when it appears hysterical or resorts to violence. The foam flecked jaws of CNN do not weaken the resolve of the faithful in the arena . Besides Trump doesn't have the nature to retreat. When he he sees the galley slaves of Consuls Bezos and Zucker hammered to ramming speed, he is no melancholy Anthony inclined to retire in refuge to the West wing of his White palace. He attacks. He has set his life upon a cast and will stand the hazard of the die. No coward he.

  5. I have taken several "media vacations" of anywhere from 1 to 5 days after the election. No news, no internet, variations of the two, no television at all, etc. It does a body and brain good. And you can catch up on anything of any importance fairly quickly. President Trump should do the same and he can still work on what is necessary instead of what media is running.

    1. I am sure Trump will take a day off in 2025.
      The great thing about Trump is nobody can keep up with him

  6. Just turn off your TV, Don. Get off the grid, get off the net, take a week off and go fishing.
    I wouldn't recommend you do what I did, which was spend a week in a hospital, 'cuz that's gonna be expensive.'s pretty quiet, less'n ya hook yourself. Or someone else. We'll manage.

  7. If Trump had listened to Savage he wouldn't have beaten $124 million Jeb! and the 15 other tomato cans the GOP put up to make Jeb! look good nor would he have beaten $1 billion Hillary in the GE.
    So Trump sure should not start listening to Savage now.

    1. Lola - Savage is a rabid Trump supporter. He has been behind Trump from the beginning. GOC

    2. So? He gave him tons of 'advice' during,the campaign, like 'stay off of Twitter,' that thank God Trump didn't listen to.
      Let Trump be Trump.

    3. DSW,I read the Savage piece. First Savage claimed he and he alone got DJT elected. DJT made numerous appearances on his show (ratings) now Savage repays him by telling him he and only he can save his presidency. Advises him to stay off twitter. Hell that sounds exactly like his haters. Trump has one speed petal to the metal. When Savage become a multi billionaire and the President, maybe he will be in a position to offer advice.

  8. People who sleep 4 hours a nite are more successful than people who sleep 10 hours a nite. The media and the left are in the later category. They cannot keep up with President Trump.

  9. The mad bees of the Left may be about to suffer catastrophic colony collapse.

    With Comey gone, the Clinton emails may get a full airing.

    1. Totally agree, Dave. The Demmies better start prepping The Rock for 2020.

    2. Maybe the mad bees of the Left are so stirred up because President Trump is giving them a colony-oscopy. - Elric

  10. More time on the golf course and more visits to Trump properties is just what the doctor ordered, so he is doing that - but he is not sleeping. But since he has invented the phrase, "priming the pump", I am sure that that is really going to help his ego.

  11. President Trump should cease advancing when he receives a verified Treaty that he has negotiated the terms of. Until then it is Forwards! Advance!

    -Mikey NTH

  12. I think Trump and his entire team ought to begin freezing out the mainstream media until they straigthen up and fly right, and start acting more like journalists than paid liars and attack dogs for the dnc/communist party. The media needs Trump and co. far more than the other way around. I think Trump and the team are just way too patient and polite. Trump should tell the Lester Holts of the world that if they interrupt them one more time, the interview is over GOT IT? Sean Spicer esp ought to do this. The WH press just treats him like a punching bag. How about a 2-month time out and we'll try it again in July -- and if the median isn't more civilized and calm, then another 2-month time out. They should change the paradigm and make access rare and a treat.