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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump handled Comey firing well

Not often do I disagree with Victor Davis Hanson. He is a former classics professor, military historian, and astute observer of all things Trump.

But Hanson got the Comey firing wrong in one important aspect.

Hanson was of course all for the firing.

President Trump needed to can Comey for incompetence. I am being polite. His call not to indict Hillary bordered on corruption. Perhaps aiding and abetting the corruption of an Obama regime that went rogue on Day One.

But Obama led to President Trump, who won because Washington politicians failed the American people. He is their champion by virtue of not being a politician. Anything that he does that is not normal by Washington standards cheers the people on.

I thought Hanson understood.


From Hanson:
President Trump’s firing of James Comey revealed strange timing, herky-jerky methods, and bad political optics.
Certainly, in the existential political war that Trump finds himself in, it would have been wiser, first, to have rallied his entire White House team and congressional leaders around the decision and established a shared narrative, to have been magnanimous to the departing James Comey, and to have had obtained private guarantees from a preselected successor that he or she would serve and be appointed within a day or two.
But otherwise the firing was overdue.
Hanson made the mistake of judging the action by Washington standards. You bring the guy in. You let him resign gracefully to spend more time with his family.

Trump is not Washington. He went to human resources -- deputy AG Rod J. Rosenstein -- and told them to get rid of the man. Letters were written, meaning to send. That Comey was not called while he was on the West Coast was a fitting touch. It kept Comey from cleaning out his files, et cetera.

What is with this rallying "his entire White House team and congressional leaders around the decision"? The former work for him and the latter have been calling for Comey's head for nearly a year, going back to Comey's Fifth of July stabbing of justice in the back by not recommending Hillary's indictment.

Outside of Washington and Hillary Country, people view the howling -- the cries of impeachment -- as evidence of swamp draining. The cries of foul come from hypocrites who blamed the election outcome on Comey and the Russians. This bull-in-the-china-shop action by Trump is exactly what we signed up for.

President Trump has every right to flip Washington the bird. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell made Trump wait a full three months before approving every Cabinet member. That is an outrage. Congressional leaders are swamp creatures who felt insulted by his Inaugural Speech.

They should.

This is a messy?

It should be.

When you drain a swamp there is a lot of stink and a lot of mud. This is not for the faint of heart.

To be sure, Hanson gets the big picture.
Yet the real felony remains the exemptions given to high officials such as Lerner, Napolitano, and Rice who have wreaked havoc because they assume they will never be fired. Even a badly conducted severing of a culpable government head is always preferable to an adroit exemption from any consequences. The one is rare and salutary, the other is commonplace and insidious. 
Cry not for the firing of James Comey, but for the thousands of Americans who suffer from these incompetent and haughty officials who are never held accountable.
He is only docking President Trump on style points.

But President Trump's style should be erratic, mercurial, and seemingly ad lib. Hanson understands the Kabuki theater of Washington.

That belongs in the past, which gave us felons like Lerner, Napolitano, and Rice.

Trump is giving us WWE Smackdown. We need it. Here in the boonies we judge him by his actions -- and by the reactions of the corrupt media and corrupt politicians. When they squeal, we know Trump did it right.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. These people are extraordinarily cruel to President Trump. Comey led the gang by dragging out this farcical investigation instead of ending it and clearing Trump. If he was genuine, he was incompetent. How long does it take to find out things when you have every conversation on tape? The last cabinet member was sworn in last week (trade) which makes it THREE months. Then it is funny that after Comey goes, things are now coming out about the Seth Rich non investigation. It is said that a lot of people were frightened of Comey. Now he says that Trump asked him to drop the investigation into Flynn. This is a red herring to get focus off the Rich investigation. Now we see the true nature of Comey slithering out. Pres Trump removed Flynn, and they are still persecuting Flynn because Flynn wants the muslim brotherhood to be investigated.

  2. Trump should speed up the firings.

  3. The only thing I fault Trump for is Commissioner Koskinen of the IRS is not behind bars yet

  4. Victor David Hanson is smart and he's written about Trump in a fairly perceptive and even-handed manner. But he's a NeverTrump at heart. That is behind the "Trump should have been magnanimous to DC Swamp rat Comey" narrative.

    1. I wholeheartedly disagree: the guy on my local radio show has Dr. Hanson on for a minimum of a half-hour every week, and he has defended Trump ad nauseum with conviction, and truly understands the man and why he got elected.

      We have got to stop this bullshit of calling everyone a cuck or neverTrumper every time someone gives him a knock on the knuckles. So many on the right are getting to be as hive-minded as the left, and it sucks.

  5. We must never forget the NeverTrumpers who fought Trump every step of the way, thus supporting hillary. Everything these people write has to be taken with skepticism.

  6. This demand to impeach Trump is not a spontaneous uprising, but a planned event.

    Trump was supposed to have inquired about Flynn in his dinner with Comey, but Trump did not. They still played their hand, though.

    Now, we have this Comey memo that no one has actually seen.

    It will culminate shortly in an orgasmic anti-Trump crescendo that will have no effect and no consequence.

  7. When would have been a better time to fire Commie? The day prior.

  8. IF "optics" make any difference whatsoever. We won't know until November, 2018. Remember how the Falcons won the Super Bowl?

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  10. If the standard for how you are doing is whether the people who want you dead are happy, we are in a lot of trouble. Trump, as opposed to our recent neocon idiot presidents, seems to understand that this is not how one takes account of things.

    1. I think I understand your post, IA, and will attempt to expound.

      The basic goal is to keep the people who voted FOR you happy, which means following through on your promises. I like what I've seen so far. So, apparently, do a lot of other Trumpkins, if the polls are to be believed. We remain united as the Hate Circus entertains its Proggy Patrons in DC and the coasts.

      One other thing: I'm not sure the Libs grasp how close we would be to a Second Civil War if, either by assassination or nefarious procedural means, Trump is removed from office. We will not go quietly. Fair warning.

  11. The Leftist/Democrat attacks against President Trump are well-orchestrated and well-financed. Follow the money. Most of it is coming from Nazi collaborator George Soros. Hillary is merely a figurehead, a rallying point. President Trump should summarily fire anyone who was appointed by or supported Obama and/or Hillary. That should be fairly simple to determine. There should also be an intensive investigation into the leaks. These are felonies and at the minimum seditious if not treasonous. The leakers must be made public examples and punished to the maximum extent allowed. Some of the swamp critters will not slither away silently. They must be dealt with appropriately or they will return. - Elric