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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Today in Fake News (a lengthy post)

So many lies, so little time. I hope I do not run out of pixels.

I open my coverage of today's Fake News with the memo no one has seen.

From the New York Times:
Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation
OK. Show us the memo.

The New York Times said there was a memo.

Show it. Post a picture of it online. The Times does PDFs of every other document it cites in an exclusive. This story quotes this memo, but the newspaper does not produce any memo.


From the New York Times:
Mr. Comey shared the existence of the memo with senior F.B.I. officials and close associates. The New York Times has not viewed a copy of the memo, which is unclassified, but one of Mr. Comey’s associates read parts of it to a Times reporter.
Fake News.

Comey did not verify the existence of this memo to the Times reporter, who instead relied on the word of an anonymous third party (Carlos Slim?) who read something over the phone that the Times says is in a memo written by Comey. That's it. No verification. No proof. Nothing. This is a lower standard than the National Enquirer uses.

The memo does not exist.

But the press pretends the smoking memo exists -- and the press pretends Trump officials who trust the press enough to talk to the press off the record.

From the Daily Beast:
Trump Officials on Comey Memo: ‘Don’t See How Trump Isn’t Completely F*cked’
The president reportedly asked the FBI director to stop investigating Trump’s top national-security aide — a bombshell that has an already-beleaguered White House begging for mercy.
Politico hopped right on:
It was, in the words of one senior White House official, the worst day of Trump's presidency. 
Every day is the worst day of the Trump administration, according to a press whose worst fears came true on November 8 when my best dream came true.

So now we have Fake News reaction to Fake News.

And it is Fake News. Until the New York Times produces an actual memo, or identifies an actual person saying the memo exists, this is Fake News.

As Gregg Jarrett of Fox News pointed out:
Under the law, Comey is required to immediately inform the Department of Justice of any attempt to obstruct justice by any person, even the President of the United States. Failure to do so would result in criminal charges against Comey. (18 USC 4 and 28 USC 1361)  He would also, upon sufficient proof, lose his license to practice law. 
So, if Comey believed Trump attempted to obstruct justice, did he comply with the law by reporting it to the DOJ? If not, it calls into question whether the events occurred as the Times reported it. 
Obstruction requires what’s called “specific intent” to interfere with a criminal case. If Comey concluded, however, that Trump’s language was vague, ambiguous or elliptical, then he has no duty under the law to report it because it does not rise to the level of specific intent. Thus, no crime.
There is no evidence Comey ever alerted officials at the Justice Department, as he is duty-bound to do. Surely if he had, that incriminating information would have made its way to the public either by an indictment or, more likely, an investigation that could hardly be kept confidential in the intervening months.
Comey will appear before congressional committees as the Swamp Creatures try to bring down The Drainer.

The committee chairman must first demand that Comey show them the memo.

No memo, no scandal, no need for a Comey dog-and-pony show.

Next item, Spygate. Vlad Putin ended that nonsense.

From Reuters:
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that U.S. President Donald Trump had not passed on any secrets to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a meeting in Washington last week and that he could prove it.
Speaking at a news conference alongside Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Putin quipped that Lavrov was remiss for not passing on what he made clear he believed were non-existent secrets.
"I spoke to him (Lavrov) today," said Putin with a smile. "I'll be forced to issue him with a reprimand because he did not share these secrets with us. Not with me, nor with representatives of Russia's intelligence services. It was very bad of him."
End of story. President Trump -- as I have said for more than a year now -- wants to work with Russia, Israel, and other nations to stop the Islamic State that grew into an international threat on Barack Obama's sleepy-eyed watch.

Politico spun this mocking of the press bizarrely:
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia is willing to give Congress any records of President Donald Trump’s communications with Russia’s foreign minister, according to the Associated Press.
Putin, who called the widening scandal involving Trump allegedly sharing intelligence with Russia “political schizophrenia,” said he’d provide the records if the White House approves.
The schizophrenia is from a press corps and opposition party that six months later belongs in the loony bin because they still refuse to accept the ass-whupping Americans put on them six months ago by electing Trump president.

Like the Comey memo, the Putin tapes are imaginary.

Finally, there is this from Brian Ross of ABC News:
The life of a spy placed by Israel inside ISIS is at risk tonight, according to current and former U.S. officials, after President Donald Trump reportedly disclosed classified information in a meeting with Russian officials last week.
Nice scoop, Brian. Almost as good as the time you told us the Aurora theater killer was a member of the Tea Party.

Meanwhile, the sun is out, the sky is blue. There's not a cloud to spoil the view. And Trump's reigning -- reigning in D.C.

Readers know what's next for me on this Top Down Day. See you in about two hours.

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  1. This may or may not be why Trump said something to the effect that Comey had better hope there were no tapes of their conversations. Trump could see the attempt blackmail coming from a mile away.
    As for spies being put at risk, I wonder where all of the press outrage was when Spy magazine outed undercover operatives the work over all those years back. In diapers? And I will go ahead and note that they don't seem to give a rat's ass about American spies, but get their panties all in a wad over Israeli ones. Hate America First is still their motto.

  2. It's become the best comedy since Ubermoronn went off MSLSD.

  3. (Long?)

    It seems head ex NYT apologist and Fox Trump hater Judith Miller just felt the need to walk back (by 4th person techniques) the trustworthiness of this week's printing of bile, hate, and clickthrough awards.

    She did eventually conclude, however, in her best matronly #7W warm brown way, that we will endure because the good journalists always find the truth.

    Someone has been snorting Lisinopril and Ambien at the home with Woodward/Bernstein. Weeeeeeee.

  4. I'm beginning to wonder if someone has been lacing the water coolers at the WaPo and NYT with LSD. They have gone completely off the rails. Before long they'll be foaming at the mouth. - Elric

  5. What keeps me sane is this blog, most of the commenters, and my vision of the inner sanctum of POTUS DJT laughing their asses off many times a day at the total chaos and meltdown of the media, GOPe and liberal politicians. At some point, the hammer will drop.

  6. The Media have been shooting themselves in the feet for so long it's amazing they haven't bled to death. (I can still hope.)

  7. I think we're going to have to build a satellite "campus" of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. I propose the Eastern Panhandle, fairly close to DC. Build it in Bunker Hill, just to rub it in as the journos start being admitted, to remind them we fought for our freedom, not like those weasels.

  8. MSM has gone totally bat sh*t crazy! I think they want a cival war.

    1. Sadly, they just might get it if they keep this up.

  9. Former Democrat President proven to have shared secrets with the Russians.