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Monday, May 29, 2017

This may be worse than leakers

How do we know there are leakers in the White House?

Is it because the media tells us so?

Don't make me laugh.

If by now you still believe in the media, I have this nice oceanfront property over on Railroad Street in Poca, West Virginia, that might interest you. Ideal for building a 1,000-room hotel to handle the crowd on Poca Heritage Day.

What do we know?

We know that the Obama administration spied on thousands of Americans in defiance of the law and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. We know he sought permission to spy on Trump campaign staffers last June, and that he received permission to wiretap Trump Tower in New York City in October.

What would keep Obama from setting up a wiretap of the Oval Office and other offices in the White House?

It is interesting that the nine-day tour of the Middle East and Europe resulted in no leaks along the way.

Now it may be that there are leakers.

It may also be true that there are leakers and wiretaps.

At any rate, President Trump must remain constantly on his guard.

I would spend time at Camp David. That is the last place Obama would think Trump would ever go, so maybe it is a safe place.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. I've thought that the White House offices might be bugged and the leaks from staff talking about meetings or the Executive Office Bldg. I don't think the Oval Office is as it was thoroughly sweeped. But not necessarily the rest of the White House complex. Leaks seem to be second hand or even third hand in the way they are worded. Except for transcript leaks which could be from clerical staff holdovers.

  2. 1. The leakers didn't make the cut to go on the junket.
    2. Mara-a-Lago, I don't think Soros' puppet managed to get any bugs there.

  3. The Donald should require the WH staff to wear leak-proof plastic overpants. To remind them.

  4. The government is much more sloppy than most people realize. These conversations are all made into records partly to cover the president's own butt. They get shuffled here and there all the time and are not hard to get at. The second hand nature of the distortions may be on purpose to later deny actual information was released.
    One of the reasons the NYT hated GW was that he met with Cheney completely alone in a room off the Oval. Nothing ever seeped out from those discussions, to newspaper of record's chagrin. The NYT was reduced to character assaination without even fake quotes. That approach was largely ineffective and Trump should take heed.
    I hope DT gets more secretive in his official Oval work. The Emperor Tiberius retreated to Capri to avoid the Roman swamp and left his ruthless associate Sejanus in charge at home. Let Trump rule from the Lago and leave his own Sejanus in DC till he and his personal presidential loyalists at NSA have found and drowned the rats involved. He likes the Lago anyway.
    At the same time he should travel more to the heart land states who elected him and be as open and engaging as he was in his campaign. With popular support the media​ opposition will be made to seem less unimportant. And his political opponents​ in the R party will be pushed to support him more than they are now. Without a continuous campaign not much gets done in DC.

  5. Gateway Pundit was reporting on a report of flashing red lights in the White House.

    Probably, it was just the indicator lights flashing on the bug detectors as Trump did a sweep after returning.

  6. The Cone of Silence, Chief.

  7. Who swept for bugs in the WH? The ones who planted them.
    ~Carolina Kat