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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump's pen-and-phone repeal Obamacare

Congressional leaders are slow-walking President Trump's call to repeal and replace Obamacare.


No problem.

President Trump will just get the states to do it.

From the Washington Times:
The Trump administration on Tuesday encouraged states to ask for Obamacare waivers to set up high-risk pools, creating a pathway for interested states to begin to adopt key parts of the GOP’s repeal plans even before they pass a bill through Congress.
Officials said the flexibility is needed to save Obamacare from its own shortcomings, saying states need to start experimenting with what works for them, rather than being bound to the top-down model of the Affordable Care Act.
“The failure of the individual marketplace under Obamacare is driving insurers out of counties and states at an alarming rate, leaving millions of Americans without choices for affordable health insurance,” Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said. “The innovation waiver process provides Americans relief from the damage Obamacare continues to inflict on health insurance markets.”
It’s a major shift for the waivers, which under President Obama had been viewed by liberal-leaning states as a way to experiment with going beyond Obamacare — perhaps by trying single-payer insurance or letting illegal immigrants buy plans on the Obamacare exchanges.
Under Mr. Price, however, HHS wants states to start thinking like Alaska, which is establishing a “reinsurance” program to subsidize insurers and prevent rate hikes, as Republicans who control Congress and the White House focus on cutting costs in lieu Mr. Obama’s pursuit of universal health coverage.
Obama said he had a pen and a phone.

Now President Trump has those.


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  1. States are, and should be, the tip of the spear.
    Not Oregon, though; they've proven themselves to be the butt.

  2. Congress should enact a complete repeal of Obamacare. Set the date for total dismantlement of it for, say, December 31st. That gives them 7 months to craft a sensible health insurance bill. If they can't get it done in that time the states already have their own regulations in place. Other than forcing states to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines the U.S. really doesn't need a national health insurance law. - Elric

  3. our current system is a situation where safety and security were placed above liberty resulting in a sort of slavery to "health care". Being lied to by elites didn't start during the Trump administration. It has been going on since elites began to exist. We were lied into a system of medical licensing and belief in that lie continues to progress to the point that society is no longer sustainable. We are approaching 20% 0f GNP going to "health care". Can you imagine being forced to pay a tithe of 20% to a church?
    The university health system of my state, and probably yours, if you look it up, is the largest employer in the state. Combine that with the state universities and you have a hegemon bigger that the hated First Estate of France prior to the Revolution. I think eventually people will wake up to the fact that the university elites are more than just a bunch of eggheads who think little of us. In fact, they are running your life in ways you cannot imagine, and imagine this: they aren't satisfied with the amount of power they have. Let that sink in.