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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Liberal replies to Paul Ryan

Via Michelle Malkin, how liberals respond to a call by House Speaker Paul Ryan against the nail-bombing of children.

And the fans weigh in...

There is a word that describes people who politicize everything, 24/7.


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  1. From the time of Aristophanes demagogue politicians have been despised; for good reasons then, no different now

  2. "Dhere is a word that describes people who politicize everything, 24/7.


    Let me introduce you to David Frum.

    -Mikey NTH

  3. The issue was about the murder of innocents and the politicization of everything 24/7 and our first comment was about demagogue politicians (Trump). Talk about tone deafness.

    1. Dons post is about insensitive and selfish Democrats playing to their base in the face of tragedy to enhance their own positions in what has become a party of trough fressers. To me they resemble their counterpart characters in A's plays. I don't consider Trump a demagogue.

    2. Sorry. Another anon commenter called Trump a demagogue a while back. This is part of the confusion when one allows anonymous commenting. I've asked Don't not to allow it before. Perhaps he'll start to require consistent pseudonyms after a few more episodes like this.

    3. OK good point . I'll put some initials or something.

    4. I slap my name on my anonymous comments because I don't feel like going thru Wordpress' rigamarole to set up an account. And I never post anything via my Facebook account because employers might object, and I'm not wealthy enough to do without work. Hate to have to be like that, but eight years of Obama have destroyed freedom of speech and thought in this country.

  4. Much better to kill them before the gop kills them slowly or islamic terrorists can blow them up? Everyone of these idiots support planned unparenthood.

    1. Right! Anyone who supports PP supports murder of the innocent. -- BJ54

    2. How much more innocent can anyone be but a new born? So, yes, anyone who supports planned unparenthood does support murder of the innocent.

      "Suffer the little children to come unto me..." does not mean you need to expedite it.

    3. Comrade, not to make such statements against The Party. You have reservations at Treblinka. The beds are sturdy hardwood and the chef prepares only the finest moldy bread crusts. Your guards - uh, I mean staff - are always willing to assist.

  5. They're all Bozos on the
    Dem/Lib/Progressive/Media bus.