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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Obama's legacy: cop killing

Barack Obama ended his presidency with a scorched Earth policy on race relations, ripping a half-century of comity between the races by demonizing police officers.

America is paying the price. Homicides have sky-rocketed in Democratic-controlled cities such as Baltimore, which rushed to persecute six police officers when a career criminal injured himself and later died while in police custody. Officers are standing down.

And cop killing has risen.

From Fox News:
Police officials say an internal FBI report released in April highlights what they have been saying all along: The “Ferguson effect” is negatively impacting law enforcement and could eventually lead to an increase in crime.
The report suggests the media, politicians and Black Lives Matter have weakened police officers and turned people against them – which in turn has caused an uptick in attacks against police. It has also emboldened people into refusing to comply with police orders, the report says, causing a “de-policing’ in law enforcement agencies across the country, “which the assailants have exploited.”
“The study amplifies things we have been saying about what was going on across the country…the trends…since Ferguson.” Ken Winter, executive director of Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police, told Fox News. His organization posted the report on its Facebook page, calling it an “interesting study.”
It gets worse:
The April report showed 64 law enforcement officers were killed in 53 incidents in 2016. About 42 were killed the year before. In 2016, 28 percent of the assailants “expressed a desire to kill law enforcement officers prior to carrying out their attacks,” the report said.
“Specifically in the Dallas, TX, and Baton Rouge, L.A., attacks,” the report added, “the assailants said they were influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement, and their belief that law enforcement was targeting black males.”
This is the result of the Democratic Party's unstated policy of bifurcated law enforcement. Limo liberals are willing to let the gang bangers do what they want in the ghetto as long as they leave the limo liberal neighborhoods alone.

I wonder how much of the illegal drug money winds up in Democratic Party hands because sales are pretty high in the areas they control (or in the case of West Virginia, controlled through 2014).

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  1. That last point is a good one. The Democrat party often acts like a crime family.

    And the first para is what Drudge predicted - a scorched earth exit.

  2. The Dems clearly hate black folks. They don't want black folks' areas policed, and they do want Planned Parenthood abortion mills there.

  3. Lots of welfare money the gov spreads around goes to buy drugs and the drug dealers buy the politicians who get more welfare money spread around.