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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Not giving Twitter free content

Another collection of Tweets I did not tweet.

1. Remember what happened to the last German chancellor who dissed a president.

2. Conservatives are way better at this boycott thing than liberals ever are. Ain't that right, Target?

3. Of course, the industry can get around Trump's refusal to order them about, and voluntarily do as Obama ordered them to do.

4. I don't know which is dumber, a Stalinist dumping on Russia now that it is no longer communist, or a fellow who demanded I not question his patriotism now questioning mine.

5. Remember how the press dumped on the Bush twins for underage drinking?

6. The Left begins to learn beheading as it prepares its eventual conversion to Islam.

7. If the media didn't hate ordinary people, he would have failed.

8. How awful of those peasants to demand that reporters do things that, ugh, commoners do.

9. Oh no, cheap clothes. The cruelty of cotton.

10. Why do you think they call their annual holiday Mayday?

11. Everybody in the press who got the vapors from that Fake News about a "body slam" is silent this week about Romero. But hey, there is no bias in the media.

12. Release is Thursday and from the one chapter I read, military fiction readers should enjoy it. Retired infantry LTC, defense lawyer in civil cases, and a very good conservative writer.

13. Those who got freedom last, treasure it most.

14. Must have read the part of the Constitution that says the House -- not the Senate -- impeaches. Senate then decides whether to kick the president out.

15. Mmm bop.

16. When they told him he would meet Justin from Canada, the pope thought they meant Bieber.

17. Remember Einstein's Theory of Relativity March? Only Georges Lemaître's Big Bang March was better.

18. Britain's Obama.

19. Barbecuing creates zero carbon. Coal plants create no carbon. Learn some science.

20. And yet you sought a job with people you consider crypto-Nazis.

21. Last weekend, sword dancing with Saudis. This weekend, Rolling Thunder. Next weekend, over Niagara Falls in a barrel? Gentlemen, I think we have our first Cabinet secretary who will attend the Burning Man festival.

22. Great parody account.

23. Louis knows science.

24. The Washington Post's full motto should be: Throw Shade on Democracy, Because Democracy Dies in Darkness.

25. The Transminored.

26. It was. That is what Muslims gave us.

27. They make a handsome couple.

28. Oh, they believed her. That was her problem!

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  1. Way better than my feed; Every 3rd tweet is that Griffin woman.

    OANN is looping every 8 minutes.

    On to Miami Vice on Betamax tapes.

  2. Who or what is/are Hanson? Don't answer that, 'cause I really don't care.

  3. I understand you don't want to help twitter because of their political bias. On the other hand, they give everyone free content. And twitter is the best way for the public to receive communications directly from President Trump. In that regard twitter is even better than the white house web site.

  4. Re Kathy Griffin

    These are the same people who ran a nobody rodeo clown out of town on a rail for wearing an Obama mask.

    1. Griffin is just showing her solidarity with Islam.

  5. Polish jokes ain't what they used to be. The Poles are fantastic stewards of freedom.

    The politico/restaurant tweet shows the helplessness of liberals. They can't think without direction from their gubment masters.

  6. Don, you really need to number the twits. That way we too can have fun with em.
    As for the coal Plant vs bbq grill and carbon nontroversy, nuthin equals nuthin. That means my grill produces exactly as much Carbon as Jeffery Energy Center just over the hill. Now, there are millions of grills in the United States but only a few thousand coal generation plants. See the issue? We need even more coal fired power plants producing zero coal!
    OK, maybe my grill produces a tad more carbon. I had it hot enough that every thing on it was reduced to plasma, and when it cooled, it looked to be 100% carbon.